Some Quick Tips To Make Your Online Exam A Success

images (10)Through the most useful invention of the Science that is the internet the lives of the people have become easy and cozy. The people do not have to go here and there to get something but they can get it sitting at their home with few clicks. The educational system also got a new horizon by the help of the internet. The exams can also be given online that is through the internet maintaining some rules. There are various settings available for online exams but one of the most common settings that apply for online exams or quizzes is the one through blackboard. You need to be aware of the facts that an online exam consists of either single attempt or multiple attempts, specific settings for date and timing, time restriction, automatic submission and password protection. Things to keep in mind before you start the online exam:

  • Browser: Make sure that you use a blackboard certified or a compatible browser. You can do this by simply reviewing the OS/Browser matrix or you can also run the blackboard system test. It is often useful to check if the system software is up to date. If you are a windows user you can run automatic updates and in case you are a Mac user you can run software update.
  • Antivirus: make sure to have your antivirus installed and running while you take the test.
  • Wireless internet users: it is advisable that you use a hard wired connection instead of a wireless connection.
  • Pop-ups: ensure the disabling of pop-up blockers before you start an exam online. Make sure you close any other unnecessary program that is opened at the time as these may deliver pop-up notifications and interfere with the exam.
  • Other links: avoid clicking on any other links during the exam and be sure not to minimize , maximize, resize or launch a images (11)new internet browser window.
  • Force completion: While taking the exam check the status of force completion. It will give you a clear idea about whether or not the test can be saved and resumed at a later time.
  • Timed test: check if the test is timed, if so it will show the required designation, and the time left once you start the exam.
  • Timer settings: check for the timer setting. If it indicates that the test will be automatically saved and submitted, it means once the time reaches zero the test with the answers will be submitted without any interference from you, but if the timer setting notifies that after time expires you may continue or submit means you will have to press the save and submit button once the time expires.

The success will be within your grip if you consider these tips to be followed.

These are some of the quick tips of exam that once followed will give you a basic knowledge about the do’s and Don’ts of the online exams.

The Pros And Cons Of The VoIP Software

downloadIn this era of technology the name software is the most prevailing and it has been used mostly in the world of technology. Software is basically a set of instruction that can only be read by the machine and through the instruction the machine can perform the specific performance. There are many types of software like the application software, system software, computer programming software and so on. There are many sub parts of the above mentioned software. All of them are widely used by the computer users to make their system more perfect and rich.

What is the VOIP software?

The Voice Over Internet Protocol or in short the VIOP software is used for the voice data transmission over the internet. It enables the user to send the voice data as the package through the internet and the IP. This is the most used software by the people for the wide range of its use. The technology is used for making the internet calls and receiving them. This is the less expensive way to communicate than the traditional phone calls. One can add the VOIP software for the MAC to make the system enable to get the benefit of internet calling.

How can the software be used?

It is not a very tough task to start using the VIOP software in the system. The conditions in which one has to fulfill to use the software are:

  • The internet connection via the broadband or the dongle or cable is needed as all the applications are based on the internet.
  • The MAC, running the OS X 10.3 or above is needed to run the VoIP applications.
  • The microphone is needed to make calls and receiving them.
  • The speakers are needed to listen to the caller’s voice.

images (9)The pros and cons of the software:

The VOIP software is the most used software by the people as it has lots of facilities which are very interesting but according to the VoIP reviews there are some limitations also in the software. These are the pros and cons of the software:

  1. It is basically a free software and does not need to be registered again and again.
  2. The software allows the person to make calls in the list using the same software for free.
  3. It is not limited in the users using the same but it will not be free if the others will be communicated with this one.
  4. The VoIP reviews say that it is the cheapest way to communicate as it is free to make calls from the internet. The expense is much less than the traditional way of calling via phones.
  5. The facility of making video calls is there with some application and it is the most interesting feature and this way of communication made the system more popular.
  6. The emergency calls cannot be made from this program unlike the phones.
  7. The entry for the digits like the codes etc. cannot be done via the system.