Hydra Affiliate Network 2009 Total Earned Revenue Stats

Welcome to 2010 & Good Bye to Golden 2009, Yep 2009 was really a golden year for me, i had earned an good profit in 2009 by working with some big affiliate networks of United States, California & New York.

I was generated some $13660.00 USD with Hydranetwork, by using all Pure SEO Traffic And Article marketing, and yes i was also used some Youtube Video marketing in it, i am happy with $13660.00 i generated all that revenue only with Free Organic Traffic 😀

That’s my earned revenue from only Hydranetwork, just because of there dedicated affiliates managers, there 24X7 Supports toward there publishers, and my affiliate manager Angela cordon was always helping me to choose top rated and highest epc offers. i ll appreciate there supports, and hopefully  ill reached more then $30000.00 this year 🙂

Hydarnetwork rated in USA top 500 Companies and they are a leaders in affiliate industry, and they had excellent support toward there publishers, and i suggest you to worked with them, if you still not found any good platform to start your affiliate marketing

2009 Hydranetwor account Earned Revenue

Free Organic Traffic Source Article Backlinking

Do you need free of Organic traffic which converts something similar as PPC paid traffic like Adwords, YPN ? I guess you will take interest in it, because after spent lots of $$$ on adword, ypn, media company ppc, I feel that organic traffic is only reliable, and the good thing about it, is that you will get unlimited quantity of free traffic is Free.

I am not mean that Adword, YPN or other marketing ways are useless, but there is difference of your investment risk, I feel ppc is only for them you can take these business risk very lightly.

But organic traffic will only cost you your efforts, hardwork & your ability to attract as much traffic is possible. And the good thing is that you will get the result of your efforts for lifetime, there is nothing will get waste if you are very dedicated with your efforts.

Auto pilot blogs can make you long term income from internet

 Recently I was searching about income from autoblogs, of most searched niche like digital gadgets, pharmacy, anti ageing, dental & teeth whiting things, and many more which is searched by million peoples daily on Goggle and other search engines.

 I found out that an autoblog can give 2 stream of incomes, first is CPC network revenue, and on second hand you can take any affiliates offers, which related to that specific niche on which  your autoblog.

But autoblog never worked as its actually mean AUTO + BLOG, its not like you just get the related information from other website and gathered them at one site for information.

For getting success in auto blogging and webmaster must need to be worked hard on SEO, marketing of there autoblog, connecting them with high page rank websites and to do social book marking about them.

That can help you to earn an good monthly earning every month, but for that you keep need to care your every autoblog as your children’s 😉

SEO Tips For Getting Organic Traffic From Google Search Engine

Do you know, more then 60% of your visitors found about your websites on Goggle Search Engine? Ya its true, Your website value will be double if you are getting most of traffic from search engines, because you are targeting by those audience which actually looking for your website, service, products or any other service which offered by your websites.

So you must need to optimized your website content according to your targeted audience needs, I do list few seo tips which help to archived your targeted audience.

  • Focus on Keywords, and searched phrase: – You must need to focus on those specific searched phrase which your targeted audience is searching, so your site will get good ranked in search engines for those searched phrase.
  • Eye catching title for your websites: – Your Title must be very eye-catching and it will attract your visitor to read at lest 5 to 6 lines of your post.
  • Back linking & Social boomarking :- Connect your sites with as much same niche related websites, and add them on high page rank social bookmarking sites as well.

Earn 50$ to 80$ daily with any Email & Zip Submit offers


Hi i was not able to update my blog, just because of BCA 3rd year exams, So without wasting your any more time let me introduce you one new way to generate 50$ to 80$ daily average per day from Email submit and Zip Submit offers. 

For getting understand this ways I am explains you this in serial steps. 

1 Open Yahoo home page or Google News, find out most catching news you saw at very top of every news related website. 

2. Create one custom landing page, and placed One Easy Attractive question (Very stupid easy question) related that Eye catching news. 

3. Place one Email submit or Zip Submit campaign on that same page, just below that question related that Eye catching news. 

4. Start driving traffic on that landing page from Google Adwords Set ( 0.05 EPC ), or use Yahoo answers, News forums, Twitters etc, make your that sure your audience is must be from same country. 

You will see 50$ average income in your account within 4 to 6 hours, repeat the same process daily and get some good revenue by doing this daily

500$ in 10 Day

1000$ in 20 Days

1500$ in 30 Days

That is long term process, and that will never die 🙂 you will get good money daily by doing this, if you still had any question, then shoot it out in comment box i will try my best to answer you ASAP.

Best Free Mozilla Plug-in For Page Rank, Alexa, Yahoo back links info

Picking a right keyword is always worth and can help to get better results in search engines and internet, its hard to check the Page Rank, Alexa, Yahoo back links of individual competent websites, and esarch engine is teh only palace to find teh excat ranking of specfic keywords.

What if you will get Page Rank, Alexa, Yahoo back links, Domain age, indexed pages, Youtube with all big social bookmarking links connectivity information on same search engine ?

And what if i said its cost you nothing..!! FOR FREE

take a look what exactly i mean 🙂


Yes you will add this Mozilla Plug-in in your Mozilla Browser and can enjoy the free service

Click Here to Download

How this tool can help you ?

  • You can search best competitive keyword
  • It worked in your own Google Search Engine
  • You can choose best keyword domains names
  • Can check PR, Alexa and many other thing instantly
  • Best tool for keyword Analise and for ranking factors

Your comments and complement will be appreciated

Cheapest Godaddy Coupon for buying any extension domain name

Mostly peoples used Godaddy for buying Domain,  because  Godaddy is one of the most reliable & genuine  Domain Registration company on internet. But after reading this post, you can save your good rebate on your domains. because i am going to share my domain buying strategy on Godaddy.

AT which you cost you will get .com Domain ?

Its Only $6.99 USD per year Registration

Now what coupon you need to make your domain price $6.99 USD ?

Just open the Google.com and search Godaddy official website, as you can see in the image, you will find first sponsor LINK, this link had Godaddy cheapest Coupon included in it.

Godaddy Coupons

After click on sponsor LINK, you will redirect toward Godaddy website, where on left side top you will see the all time best offer of godaddy.

godaddy cheap coupons

NO one can offer you that price, and this is the all time offer by Godaddy, and its had no expiry date, so you can enjoy domain registration at only 6.99$ only, which of course better then any Godaddy coupons.

You will only see the 6.99$ discount price at Checkout confirmation page ( where usually you entered coupons )

Godaddy free coupons

At last & final you will get charged only $6.99 USD for your domain + 18 CENT ICAN charges. With that you can save lots of $, and i suggest you to Registered an domain for at lest 5 Year, because at the time of renewal you wont get $6.99 USD offer again. thanks

Your Comments and complement will be appreciated 🙂

Start Link Building with Targeted Audience

Hi ,

That my first post at this Blog, so you surly get some useful tips and trick about link building, there is tremendous articles are written on servile forums, blogs which claimed that Link Building play very important role for website success and better ranking in search engines.  So before taking your any more time i will exposed some tips which makes Link Building effective & rapid.

What exactly Link Building Is ?

Link Building is the process in which Webmaster or Web owner will left maximum Back Links ( www.your-site.com ) of there Websites on maximum websites. by doing this he expect unique visitors or traffic from the websites where he left his back links.

Some tips which makes Link Building an effective source for long term traffic

  • Targeted Audience : You must need to chooses the correct and targeted websites for back Linking , which are very similar to your category or Niche.
  • Quality Comments : Make sure to that your comment not have any kinda advertising, or more then 1 web Url, sending multiple links on comments comes under spam comments, and author can removed them anytime.
  • Google, Yahoo, MSN News : Search any keywords related to your website in Google, Yahoo or MSN News, and  find out whats current updates about your niche, you will find many articles, news, reports about them. Target them as your Back linking Source
  • One Way back Links : One way back linking is always worth higher, so make sure to do only one way back linking.
  • Catchy Back link Title : With catchy back links tittle i mean Attractive + Post or article  related Comment$ 150 Dell Laptops, Free Dell Coupons, 60% Off on Dell laptops etc.

    always dilivered an unique visitors to your back links.  For Examples the article where you going to comment is related Dell Studio Series, then your bank Link tittle must be like

Your comments & complements and suggestions will be appreciated.