Hydra Affiliate Network 2009 Total Earned Revenue Stats

Welcome to 2010 & Good Bye to Golden 2009, Yep 2009 was really a golden year for me, i had earned an good profit in 2009 by working with some big affiliate networks of United States, California & New York.

I was generated some $13660.00 USD with Hydranetwork, by using all Pure SEO Traffic And Article marketing, and yes i was also used some Youtube Video marketing in it, i am happy with $13660.00 i generated all that revenue only with Free Organic Traffic 😀

That’s my earned revenue from only Hydranetwork, just because of there dedicated affiliates managers, there 24X7 Supports toward there publishers, and my affiliate manager Angela cordon was always helping me to choose top rated and highest epc offers. i ll appreciate there supports, and hopefully  ill reached more then $30000.00 this year 🙂

Hydarnetwork rated in USA top 500 Companies and they are a leaders in affiliate industry, and they had excellent support toward there publishers, and i suggest you to worked with them, if you still not found any good platform to start your affiliate marketing

2009 Hydranetwor account Earned Revenue

Free Organic Traffic Source Article Backlinking

Do you need free of Organic traffic which converts something similar as PPC paid traffic like Adwords, YPN ? I guess you will take interest in it, because after spent lots of $$$ on adword, ypn, media company ppc, I feel that organic traffic is only reliable, and the good thing about it, is that you will get unlimited quantity of free traffic is Free.

I am not mean that Adword, YPN or other marketing ways are useless, but there is difference of your investment risk, I feel ppc is only for them you can take these business risk very lightly.

But organic traffic will only cost you your efforts, hardwork & your ability to attract as much traffic is possible. And the good thing is that you will get the result of your efforts for lifetime, there is nothing will get waste if you are very dedicated with your efforts.