Building "300$ Per Month" Profitable Niche Websites Part 2

Ok, for those who had not read the First Part Of Building Profitable Niche Websites? I recommended reading it before going through these steps, so you can better understand the process of building profitable niche website.

Last time I was stopped on third step which was Go slowly & smartly, so let me continue myself from the same, because I personally feel, that this is one of the powerful step which can bring the perfect values and top search ranking on your websites.

Target less competitive and high searches keywords, for your websites, I said less competitive which mean your competitors must be very limited or very less. Because less competitors that mean goggle will easily placed you on the front page or may be on top 3 search results.

I always used my favorites three organic traffic source which comes with 0$ investment and guess what they will bring traffic to your website for lifetime, you will get free traffic from them for lifetime and on absolutely 0$ cost.

Social Book Marking : Social bookmarking mean bookmarked your websites on most using social  bookmarking websites, which result comes with back links and referred visitors to your websites

Article Back linking:- Daily write and submit 3 to 5 genuine articles for your website and submit them to top article directories, and these directories allow you to put your website back links toward your website, which mean you can enjoy lifetime free visitors from there as well J

Video marketing : – Youtube is best place to do video marketing of your website content, or any video related to your website can be uploaded there with your website reference, and you can get good number of visitors from there on auto pilot.

2 more parts will be published very soon.

How You Can Build 300$ Monthly Profitable Niche Websites ?

I was getting dozen of email daily, about how to build profitable website which can earned more then 200$ to 300$ every month with very little efforts.

So I finally take decision to share my personal used strategies about making profitable niche websites, which can be your precious property on internet.

There is many things on which you need to castrate before starting any profitable website, and as it’s an very wide concept, so I will braked these post into 4 Parts. Today from this article you will get the First Part Of Building Profitable Niche Web Site

So let’s start the First Step

Target Correct Audience : That’s the first thing, I think before starting any website, and I feel its very important because you must need to know, what’s your targeted audience, and how they can behave on your websites, about there needs, there ages, how rapidly they growing and of course last and important is what’s future of your audience.??

Picked Correct Domain: Yes, its very important, your niche or keyword must be reflected into your domain name And try to use shorter, eye catching, easy to remember Domain only. Most of time you can get very high natural traffic, by choosing correct domain name.

Let’s take one example, if your website is related to Kitchen, and you choose domain name like,net,org,info,us extension.

Go Slowly & Smartly: Make sure, to build your website very slowly and with effective and unique content. Make sure that always go step by step format, don’t think that you can reached last step instantly, keep patience for archiving high goal with steps by steps formats.

It’s the end of First Part of Building Profitable Niche Websites; there is 3 more parts which I will post in future

Thanks & your comments and complement will be appreciated

Top 10 Social Networking Sites of 2010

Social Networking Sites is very effecting for every website to get good rank in Search engine, back links, Page Rank, Alexa ranking improvements.

 As we all know, Twitter, Myspace and facebook are most promising social networking sites, which can bring you good number of unique and quality visitors. These 3 social networking websites getting more then 1 million daily new users registers daily. And I feel it’s a best way to reached with your targeted audience.

1. Facebook. Although it hasn’t always reigned supreme, in recent months Facebook has come head to head with Twitter. Facebook is more stable technically and offers many features that Twitter doesn’t.

2. Twitter. Twitter has definitely gotten a lot of face time in the news lately, however, it still has some work since its in its infancy. Luckily for avid users, the creators are continually working on new features and better functionality.

3. LinkedIn. Many business professionals use LinkedIn. It’s a great resource for posting an online resume and highlighting your business skills.

4. Myspace.  Up until this last year, Myspace was easily the number one social network. However, Myspace is falling behind — some might say it’s been left in the dust. Although it’s in decline, Myspace still holds value for musicians and artists.

5. Ning. Although Ning has millions of users, it’s little known and utilized by most people. Ning has revolutionalized social media in a lot of ways in how it boasts thousands of niche networks within itself.

6. Bebo. One of the better known social network sites among the smaller sites, Bebo, like Myspace, gives users the option to customize their profile. Bebo has recently increased traffic because of new features that let users see their friends’ activity on other social networking sites.

7. Orkut. Although its little known in the U.S., Orkut is extremly popular in other countries, including Brazil and India. Most suprisingly is that its owned and operated by Google.

8. Hi5. Hi5 has been floating around as a social network for a while, but has never been able to keep up with the competition of Facebook, Myspace and others. It has most of the same features as Myspace and Facebook, but is more popular in Central America.

9. Friendster. Many people think that social networking began with Myspace, but it really originated with Friendster. It remains a top-notch social network similar to Myspace and Facebook, despite being overtaken by them a few years ago.

10. Xanga. Of the ten listed here, probably one of the lesser known, although its been around for more than 10 years. Xanga is different in how it focues on photo, video and weblogging

Work From Home, Can Make You Good Earning Very Month ?

That’s the question, which i hared from many peoples on internet, even i am getting mails from many peoples regarding same question.

Let me give you the exact answer of it 🙂

Yes it’s possible, you can be depended on Work From Home jobs for your all expenses and your every month income. But Work From Home business took lots of patients, handwork to setup for getting monthly income. Internet marketing had very wide sections to make good monthly income every month.

Your first step is to be choose you’re the specific internet marketing which suits your interests, passions or which attract you lot. there is many potential markets available are Cpc Network Revenue, Affiliates Network, Selling services, Domain Parking, selling your own products, websites developments etc.

Second Step is to stick with the one which you choose, and give your 100% to improved it, and research about that. And keep in mind, that don’t distract yourself from it, because its can be happened that other niche will attract you, or will indicates better result from the one in which you already are.

Third is keep patients and do as much hardwork, you can.. don’t think that you can make instant money within couples of weeks or months. Internet marketing tooks time, its not instant money making machines.

Earn good residual income with Youtube traffic Secrets

Do you know, how powerful youtube is ?  If no then keep read this article, because I gona tell you some of my own used youtube traffic secrets which even making good residual income for me today.

What’s Youtube is? And how it can make good residual income for you every month?

Youtube  allow any peoples from world to upload and share Video clips across internet through websites, blogs, mobiles, email etc

 So you have a Power to upload any most impressive Video clips into youtube, and if you will give your watermarked, web url at the end of Video or inside description of video, then you can received an good number of youtube visitors toward your websites, or any URL which eligible for credits.

Just imagine, if you’re Video received daily 1000 Views, and only 10% visitors will come to your website, then you will get 100 daily visitor daily for free 🙂

Just multiple your efforts, and upload daily 5 to 10 videos in upload into  Youtube, then after 1 month, you will get massive amount of visitor toward your websites, and its all YOUTUBE traffic.

 10 Video = daily 10000 Views

 10% traffic convert and visit your website you will get 1000 Free Visitors Daily.

looking to hear about your feedback, Your comments and feedbacks, uncourage me to write more about MAKING MONEY FROM INTERNET