Get Exporter Code to Withdraw Your Paypal Payment in Indian Banks

Now every paypal users from India, need to have Import Export Code, to withdraw there payments in Indian Bank Account or credit cards.

What’s Import Export Code is?

 Import export code is used to trade with international companies, my father is in handicrafts business, and they used to export there handicrafts in Canada and USA.

Its very strange that Reserve Bank India, pressuring freelancers, programmers, web designers and individual companies who only depend on PayPal for there income, are also need to Apply Import Export Code.

 Process for applying Import Export Code ?

 Import Export Code is 10 digit code which issued by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, you can simply download there form there website

 Are you eligible for Import Export Code?

To to Import Export Code, you need to have serval

  •  Bank Certificate
  • PAN card copies
  • Date of birth certificate
  • 250 INR Demand draft in favor of DGFT

The whole process will take 2 weeks and you will received your Import Export Code at your resident address

If you had any question, just asked in comment box, thanks

Connect Goggle BUZZ IT With Your WordPress Posts

Google recently launched BUZZ IT, it’s a new social media sharing experiment by google which create good competition for Twitter and Facebook.

BUZZ IT worked very similar as twitter and facebook, its connect your Gmail contacts & friends in social network. That mean what ever you post inside BUZZ IT, it automatically views by all your Gmail friend or peoples who listed in your contact list and peoples also can comment on them J

Now how you can connect BUZZ IT with your wordpress blogs, so your all published post will share with all your Gmail contacts, friends for commenting?

Download this Plug-in which is coded by Arpit Shah an Indian software engineer

And simply activate it, then it will show inside your Setting panel, and you can choose the visibility of BUZZ IT and its icon to display.

If you feel, that above post is worth, then share your love with comment, thanks

Truth about Clickbank ? Can You Make 1500$ monthly with it ?

Clickbank is No 1 Digital Product Seller on internet business, they are in affiliate industry from more then 10 years and there all features are keeping getting improved & easy for new affiliates, I want to light on some best thing about clickbank and how you can make some good monthly income by selling clickbank products.

  • Easy to join: Clickbank auto approved there every affiliate & publisher, so you don’t have to worry about getting impressive websites for getting start with them.
  • Most Experienced in Industry: They had more then 10 years experience in affiliate industry so they well know about all loop holes of this business
  • Fast payouts and Paypal : Clickbank paid there affiliates 2 times in month, you will get every 15 days earning from clickbank easily within 15 days and they also support bank wire, check and paypal payment options
  • 10 thousands products : Clickbank had around 10 thousands digital products to sell online, with wide categories.
  • Highest affiliate Commission: Clickbank share 70% to 80% affiliate commission with there affiliates, which is the maximum commission share comparing any other affiliate network. That mean if you sell 80$ product then you will get 64$ as commission, don’t you think it’s too much?
  • Clickbank sale pages : 90% products on Clickbank had most impressive sales pages which attract users to take instant action + they have also left tracking cookies in visitors computer so if visitor will buy later, then you will also get the sale commission

Don’t you think if you permore there digital product on your websites and with some good traffic, and generate 1500$ per month? That mean daily 50$ from clickbank which is very easy if you have good websites and traffic.

Hope this will motivate you to start up J

My recent Google Adsense Stats Report with new jump in my adsense revenue

It’s a new day who amazed me with the jump in my adsense revenue; I feel its keep getting improved and increasing very well 🙂

As you can see in my above post, in which I had discussed about mini websites and you will shocked to know that my all adsense revenue are only coming from couple mini websites and even i am getting some sales as well…

I feel for better income from Google adsense, you must need to know correct ads placement, correct optimization of your websites. And make sure don’t overload your page with only ads, because that can harm your adsense account because adsense only allow 3 ads unit to be displayed on each page.

I will keep share my success and tips to get some good adsense and affiliate income thanks

How Mini Websites Bring, Better Adsense earning in comparing heavy websites

Ok, today I will tell you the most profitable way to generate adsense revenue with one specific targeted affiliate offers income. And before start on this it’s better if I give you little introduction of both.

  • Adsense Revenue: I think most of peoples already know about this,. Its an earning from the incoming clicks from your visitors, that mean every visitor who will visit your website, and clicked any adsense ads, then you will get credited some money into your adsense account.
  • Affiliate Offers income: Affiliate offers is mean with one specific offer which give you some revenue only if your visitors will performed some transaction. They only paid you for actions, not click or visitors impression

Now the main trick is, if you placed few banners of some good and most converting affiliate offers on One Mini Website with little important information about that affiliate offers and 3 different Adsense ads format on same page, and will blast your traffic and redirection toward it, then you will received two stream of income. Which bring you maximum profit from adsense and affiliates offers

As you can see above, In my experience its most converting mini website page layout, which delivered the maximum adsense revenue and perfect affiliate combinations.

Because those visitors who can buying taking actions (sales, buying things) will choose you’re the affiliate offers, but those which are not interned in buying that affiliate offers, they will clicked adsense ads and will give you some adsense revenue.

Is paid survey websites are legit ? How they worked ?

There is tons of survey website available on internet, which commit some good income by taking products and services survey and they paid some 4$ to 6$ for completing each survey, but the question is they legit? And why they paying that much for just knowing users views?

Answer is simple these survey comes from websites like DELL, MICROSOFT, SONY and some most popular brands, these company tweaking there products and services by implementing necessary changes.

But the number of company and advertiser who take participant of these surveys are very rare and very hard to find them. By taking the advantages of this many webmasters scamming visitors and peoples.

What profit they got by scamming visitors? And wasting there time?

These kinds of websites offers free income opportunity and  received very good internet traffic and tons of unique visitors; webmaster placed Adsense and sponsor ads on them for generating good revenue.

Some legit websites of paid survey are

Note – these website only accept users from USA or Canada and only from some specific country, so if your country not listed in it, then its better to not waste your time on them 🙂

5 Internet part time job for an 18 year old ?

Starting your internet marketing journey in younger stage of life, is very good, because it will improved your basic and build you very completive for future competition.

But mostly youngsters got distract because millions scamming websites on internet had false information, which only waste time and efforts, which result no income, and that will discourage them to continue

5 Most Promising Internet part time job for an 18 year old are there

Blogging : You can daily spent your little time to write blog about the topic, in which you masters and share your views and tips for other person and side by side place Adsense or Bidvertiser ads on website, these are good CPC network which paid you when your visitor will click any of there ads, they paid .60Cent to 2$ for every click, so you can imagine good profit from it.  For Blogging i prefer WordPress because you can essentially customize whatever you feel is necessary. A little bit of CSS / PHP will do the job for just about any type of website/blog you would prefer. If you are looking for simplicity, then moveabletype & typepad are great alternatives. I threw in Squarespace since there is NO programming whatsoever to customize the layout. Any of these will get the job done and showcase your blogging abilities in NO time.

Content Writing : Many company hiring peoples for content writing work and they paid some good payment weekly and monthly for partime content writing, you can simply find such company from freelancer websites, content writing tab, they even had one separate category for it. Many web copywriting service providers do not give this factor the importance it deserves. Owners perceive their business in a particular manner and may want to present it to their market the same way. Their business model, target market and the unique selling proposition of their product are some of the factors that should be considered. It is important that the content writer and business owner are on the same page. Prompt communication regarding any unclear issue ensures the conversion of what is asked into what is delivered

Graphics Deigning : Graphics deigning had big demand on internet and many peoples willing to pay 5$ to 7$ for good logo or graphics. You then need to find some work, a great way to find this work is by looking on the Internet. There are a number of freelance websites such as elance, and rentacoder. If you sign up to these sites you will quickly learn that they all have the option to bid on graphic design jobs.

Free Lancer Jobs : there are many freelancer website available on internet, there some real company or individual post there requirement, if you are willing to do there job at lowest bid, then you can get some good business, Elance, for example, allows companies to place projects into Web & Programming, Design & Multimedia, Writing & Translation, Admin. Support, Sales & Marketing, Finance & Mgt., Legal, and Engineering & Mfg. Thus, it’s pretty likely that you can help a business out in one of these categories. There are skill tests available to build your credentials and be hired to work on a project. If you look through, you’ll see that there are tons of projects with an attractive monetary award. In the last 30 days, there have been 25,399 new jobs posted. You won’t find that on Monster or Careerbuilder.

Affiliate marketing : Affiliate marketing is most successes business on internet and if you have a ability to manage internet users traffic, then you can make some good profit from it

if there is any question, you can comment me below for answer, i ll be happy to help my every visitors with any kind of information or confusion.

My Daily Adsense income jumped to the next level

I recently checked my adsense account and found that I am making 35$ daily, that’s good news and now I am targeting to get 60$ to 70$ daily adsense revenue, I am also working on one project, which had allmost every secretes of making some good adsense daily income, and will share these with my visitor in next couple weeks when I reached 50$ daily revenue from adsense 😉 .

I am running Adsense ads with some multiple sponsors like clickbank and Amazon associates, they also amazed me with some good sales and income, I think my revenue had increased by 220%, which really unlivable jump for me.

You must be having some question to asked, about improving your ads placement and increment in your adsense revenue, you can asked question into comment box, I ll be answer only 7 questions answers.. Thanks

Simple and easy Ways to Earning money online

Hello are you tired by searching legit earning ways on internet,  Its time to choose some legit, genuine most appreciated formulas of making some monthly earning.

I feel to get high success on internet, you must required few websites, traffic and good plains to follow. Because it’s always good to go with some specific plains and always stickled with them until you get some successes.

Google Adsense : Google Adsense is best way to make some good revenue from your high traffic websites, because adsense is only the one network who give maximum CPC on each click, some time you can expect 2$ to 4$ for every single click.

Selling your own services: if you are professional of good in some services, then its good to start selling them on internet, because internet is an open market for international customers and peoples from any part of India can buy them. You can sell your services on ebay, amazon etc

Clickbank : Are you good in writing, then can sell your ideas in some kind of digital pdf files to million buyers, by paying small product activation fee on clickbank.

What are legit ways to earn money online?

Today we are living in 21 century, and with the progress on internet marketing, there where opened hundreds of opportunities & legit way to earn some monthly earning from internet. The best part of earning from home is that

  • You can set your own working hours
  • Can worked from any part of world, by using internet
  • All jobs are better from your own business
  • It will create your identity
  • No pressure of boss

And many more relief’s, which you can enjoy by working at home

Some legit and genuine ways to earn money online are

  • Bloging and writing about your interest: You can start writing a blog, on the topic I which you had maximum knowledge, with that by sharing your information with peoples you can make some good income with Google Adsense
  • Selling Products: You can join Ebay, Amazon associates and stat selling there digital products from your website, these sites paid you 5% to 10% of actual amount
  • Selling your services: you can create a website, and offers your services to peoples, and use Goggle adwords to permute your services to millions peoples, and sell your services to peoples who needed them
  • Income from CPC Network: Google adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser are some most reliable Cost per click network, which pay they publisher to show there ads on there websites

Is all paid to click (PTC) websites Scamming there publishers ?

Paid to click websites, mostly we know them as PTC websites which paid there publisher for clicking and viewinning there sponcers and advertiser websites. this is kind of incentive way to earn money, by peoples because i feel 70% peoples only view and visit those websites in PTC sites to get credit few cents in there pocket.

Earning from PTC website are not good, i had seen many peoples who are strugling to make couple of dollers every month from paid to click (ptc) websites, but its took them 2 or 3 month for getting payouts and some website even cheating and scamming there publishers.

these websites creating lots of trouble for newbie and confusing them too, but the real story is, that these all are the biggest time waster, and you cannot depend on them for your internet earning, they are only in the market for getting the attraction of newbies, and even offered 2$ to 4$ for every click, but they never paid you single pennys for your all hardwork and  efforts.

So its better to stop working on PTC websites and always do some research about the website background on google before giving your efforts and hardwork to it.

Earn 10$ to 15$ Daily at PayPerPost if you have Google Page Rank Blog

I found the Pay Per Post in the end of  2008, back when it was just starting out. At the time, they weren’t especially picky and there were numerous opportunities available to just about anyone with a blog. I think that out of the dozen or so posts I wrote for them that summer, only few got rejected. My earned some good money with Pay Per Post netted me about a hundred dollars, which isn’t a ton of money but it’s a lot more than I’ve made with them, or any similar service, since.

As the site grew, I expected my opportunities to grow with it and possibly start finally making a decent amount of money through blogging. Unfortunately, what happened is they changed their policy to exclude community blogs, and that excluded me. While my posts were literate and often creative, some of my fellow community bloggers were not nearly as concerned with quality and when I contacted the company about the policy change, they said they liked my posts but not my community so I’d be welcome back if I had my own blog.

That led me to give up on them for a while, but I tried again a couple of years later with my own personal blog that I managed to maintain for long enough to get accepted back into their system. I was able to write one paid post – sponsored by the company itself – but I never got enough traffic to qualify for any other offers through the site. I haven’t even looked at it for about a year, but judging by the previous comments it certainly hasn’t gotten any easier, and basically if your blog is popular enough to qualify for consistent offers then it probably isn’t worth the possibility of upsetting readers who don’t want to read ads disguised as blog posts.

Amazon Associates Best affiliate network, To Get Income on Autopilot

Yes its true

I was joined Amazon Associates in then end of 2007, and in the start I only earned few bucks from it, may be because it was very new for me, and I was not taking Amazon Associates seriously, I was thinking that Amazon Associates only worked well with shopping stored kind of website, and for that we required lots of worked to done.

But I was wrong, in 2008 Feb, I earned 185$, without doing any special promotion on my Auto Blogs, I was only placed one side banner of Amazon Coupon saving on the left side of my 16 Auto Blogs. It was looking similar too that image I am posting there.

Those 195$ was my blind income, and that month I was understand the power of Amazon Associates they are good affiliate network suitable to almost everyone. From laptops to shoes, from musical instruments to dvd, home theaters, cars, bikes every thing – Amazon has it all, which is why anyone with a blog or site that has enough readers can make money with them.

  • 85943873 Unique Visitors And 418679940 Page impression Average every month


  • Second thing is all 85943873 Unique Visitors, who intrested in buying stuffs only


  • 68% traffic is from USA & Canada only, which mean all quality visitors.

 So i suggest every one to try Amazon Associates, and i am sure you will get success, if you can bring some good traffic & unique visitors to there top converting products.

Paypal Removed Personal Payment Sending Option From India

Hi friend,  yesterday i was using my paypal account to sending some payments to my friends, and I find out that paypal had removed the Personal Payment Sending option from India Paypal account, I had couple of friends in USA, Canada and other country, every one can find personal payment sending option inside there paypal payment sending page.

After that I had contacted paypal team, and found that they stopped that features from India paypal account, may be due to the recent fraud activities into many paypal account from India, and almost 78% paypal users from India was only sending and accepting payment by using personal payment (0$ fee to receivers) sending option, which mean paypal losing a lot of money, which he getting from payment sending fees & services fees.

i hope you enjoyed the information 🙂

Keyword research is key to find most converting niche

There are more then 20 millions websites on internet, and they are growing with the average of 20 thousand every day. But very few websites get good amount of free SEO traffic, natural visitors, good ranking in search engines, good page ranks, and alexa rank.

For one individual website, these search engines ranks are very important, because these help website to come over from the crawl list of 2 million websites.

So, now the question is how you can improve these ranking?

Keyword Research is only then best solution for it, so before start any website, its better if you will do little keyword research. Let me show you one example of keyword research below.

For example you want to start website on Dog Breeds. Let do some research on that keyword in Google Keyword Research Tool

So here you can see the results, its 165000 unique & natural visitors searching for that keyword in google search every month, so if you will use that keyword in your website, then surly you will get some part of 165000 natural visitors on your website as well J

And if you can see, that some extension of Dogs Breeds are still available, and if you will create an website on by taking domain like or, or then you will surly ranked good on google.

That how the keyword research worked, and I hope you enjoyed it.