Get Exporter Code to Withdraw Your Paypal Payment in Indian Banks

Now every paypal users from India, need to have Import Export Code, to withdraw there payments in Indian Bank Account or credit cards.

What’s Import Export Code is?

 Import export code is used to trade with international companies, my father is in handicrafts business, and they used to export there handicrafts in Canada and USA.

Its very strange that Reserve Bank India, pressuring freelancers, programmers, web designers and individual companies who only depend on PayPal for there income, are also need to Apply Import Export Code.

 Process for applying Import Export Code ?

 Import Export Code is 10 digit code which issued by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, you can simply download there form there website

 Are you eligible for Import Export Code?

To to Import Export Code, you need to have serval

  •  Bank Certificate
  • PAN card copies
  • Date of birth certificate
  • 250 INR Demand draft in favor of DGFT

The whole process will take 2 weeks and you will received your Import Export Code at your resident address

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Connect Goggle BUZZ IT With Your WordPress Posts

Google recently launched BUZZ IT, it’s a new social media sharing experiment by google which create good competition for Twitter and Facebook.

BUZZ IT worked very similar as twitter and facebook, its connect your Gmail contacts & friends in social network. That mean what ever you post inside BUZZ IT, it automatically views by all your Gmail friend or peoples who listed in your contact list and peoples also can comment on them J

Now how you can connect BUZZ IT with your wordpress blogs, so your all published post will share with all your Gmail contacts, friends for commenting?

Download this Plug-in which is coded by Arpit Shah an Indian software engineer

And simply activate it, then it will show inside your Setting panel, and you can choose the visibility of BUZZ IT and its icon to display.

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