Earn 10$ to 15$ Daily at PayPerPost if you have Google Page Rank Blog

I found the Pay Per Post in the end of  2008, back when it was just starting out. At the time, they weren’t especially picky and there were numerous opportunities available to just about anyone with a blog. I think that out of the dozen or so posts I wrote for them that summer, only few got rejected. My earned some good money with Pay Per Post netted me about a hundred dollars, which isn’t a ton of money but it’s a lot more than I’ve made with them, or any similar service, since.

As the site grew, I expected my opportunities to grow with it and possibly start finally making a decent amount of money through blogging. Unfortunately, what happened is they changed their policy to exclude community blogs, and that excluded me. While my posts were literate and often creative, some of my fellow community bloggers were not nearly as concerned with quality and when I contacted the company about the policy change, they said they liked my posts but not my community so I’d be welcome back if I had my own blog.

That led me to give up on them for a while, but I tried again a couple of years later with my own personal blog that I managed to maintain for long enough to get accepted back into their system. I was able to write one paid post – sponsored by the company itself – but I never got enough traffic to qualify for any other offers through the site. I haven’t even looked at it for about a year, but judging by the previous comments it certainly hasn’t gotten any easier, and basically if your blog is popular enough to qualify for consistent offers then it probably isn’t worth the possibility of upsetting readers who don’t want to read ads disguised as blog posts.

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