Why I Choose Article Marketing on RANK 1 ?

Article marketing seems to be the buzz word in web site marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) lately. I’ve had a lot of people ask me– what exactly is article marketing? Why is it so popular? And how is it done?

Well, the whole point of Internet marketing is to get people to notice your site out of the thousands and thousands of sites out there. There is little point in taking the time and going to the expense of having a business website if no one ever sees it.

So, how do you get people to visit your site? That is where web marketing comes in. Internet web site marketing is a specialization in the marketing industry, who’s whole point is to bring in those “hits” on a website, and with those hits comes profit for the business.

There are a lot of ways that web marketing is done. One of the biggest is search engine optimization or SEO. This is the art of getting the big search engines to notice you, and put your site higher on the list of sites that come up when a person searches for something you sell. SEO can include site design, careful writing and keyword research, and pay-per-click advertising.

There are other ways to market a website. You can put an ad in your local newspaper or put your web address on all your business cards and correspondence. This is more of a traditional type of marketing, and there is nothing wrong with that. It has been around a long time because it works.

But my personal favorite is article marketing. This is where you write an article about a subject that you are an expert on, and that relates to your website business or hobby. You put a short ad with a link at the bottom of the article that goes to your website. Then you publish your article for free, to anyone who wants to use it in their newsletter, website, or blog.

You find people who want to publish your article by placing it in article directories, where web publishers go to find good content. The web publishers are happy to get new content, and you get people who read your article and follow the link to your site. Your article can get picked up by hundreds (or thousands) of people looking for something to put on their website, blog or ezine.

Now you end up with links to your site all over the Internet, and this in turn helps with SEO. Now the search engines start noticing you. And you don’t have to worry about reciprocal links

How You Can Use Your Website Traffic For Affiliate Marketing Success

As an affiliate, your main objective is to sell the products and services offered by your partner merchants. Unless you can do this, you can never hope to make a significant amount of money with affiliate marketing programs. So how do you boost sales? All things being equal, you will need to increase your site traffic before you can experience more sales. By the law of averages, the more people are aware of the products you are offering, the more products you will sell.

Here are a few tips that can help you boost your site traffic:

1. Optimize for the search engines. The most successful sites on the internet are the most visible ones. Now there are various ways to achieve increased visibility on the internet, but the foremost method is that of search engine optimization. The details are too technical to discuss here, but the purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is to help your site achieve higher rankings on the search engines. If you have used a search engine, you will notice that any particular keyword search will return thousands, if not millions of results. Most people will not bother to browse through all those results; they will prefer to look into the sites already displayed. Statistically speaking, the sites listed on the first results page will garner the highest amount of traffic, putting those sites in a better position to make money.

2. Joining internet directories. While internet directories are no longer as widely used as search engines, some people do use them. It is important that you do not overlook the potential customers that these directories can bring to your site. To join an internet directory, you will have to submit your site for approval, and you will be categorized accordingly.

3. Provide fresh content. Your site must continually be updated if you expect your visitors to keep coming back. Your site must have useful content, as well as tools that will help your target audience. Make your site as easy to navigate as possible, and be sure that your links work the way that they should. There is nothing that frustrates people more than a “broken” website, and once your site has been labeled as such, chances are slim that many people will want to come back.

4. Build an online community. In other words, build relationships with your potential customers. Make your visitors feel welcome and appreciated, and they are likely to come back. Be interested in solving their problems and they will thank you with their business.
Making your affiliate marketing program work is really not that much different from operating a traditional business. The only way you can keep your customers is to treat them right. The Japanese have a saying: The customer is God. As long as you treat your customers with respect and exert effort in trying to meet their needs, you will find that they will be more than willing to help you with yours.

Multi Messenger support for instant conversion

We mostly used messengers to infract with our friends, partners or for live conversion, but its hard to manage multi messengers like Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN, Rediff, AOL, AIM.

 I was always looking for one tool, which can support every messenger, and finally I got the pidgin which is the one, which I was looking from couple months

 What pidgin is?

 Pidgin is Multi Messenger which supports all famous messengers, you just need to have account on them, and you can easily add & save your detail in it.

 You can download It from Pidgin


How Google Page Rank Bring Values to your websites

Mostly we won’t see much toward our google page ranks, as that will bring value to the webmaster of that specific website only, but how you can get benefited from them? Do you ever try getting benefits from Google page rank websites?

Google Page ranks is simply respect by google to some good websites which concisely bringing fresh and genuine, unique content on there website, and google will start indexed there maximum number of pages in search engine.

That mean such site generate maximum traffic from search engines, and if you will left your one comment with your website backline then you can expect the similar recent from google in future J

Hope you understand the concept and t will help you in your internet marketing journey

Get Free 75$ Adwords Coupon ( only US & CA )

hi i recently recived 75$ worth adwords coupon from Google Adwords, but at this moment i dont want to use it, as because i am very buesy in my final year exmapination preperation, i whoule like to Gift that Free 75$ Adwords Coupon to some one, who will write an little rewew about website with my doamin URL on his blog or website.

Make sure your, you must be from USA or Canada, because that coupon will only reddem by new adwods users from USA orCanada.


Internet Explorer 10 has Addon Option


The recent version of Internet Explorer 10 is now coming with Add-on Option included in them, that a kind of good new for IE lovers, as because before that only Firefox was supporting add-on. But i still feel that Firfox is better internet browser compeering any internet browsers available on internet, what you guys think?

Indian premium League Cricket 20 – 20 matches are fixed?

I was watching IPL T20 – 20 on Friday, it was a Punjab VS Bangalore Challengers cricket match in last 6 over all possible catches by fielders are dropped. I was reading an match fixing news at merinews.com which show how some IPL team are in match fixing controversy.

Some rezone which force me to believe that few IPL 20 -20 cricket matches are fixed

  • Number of dropped Caches by players
  • Too much miss fielding in cricket matches
  • Most time an losing team will Won the matches ( which concisely magic’s )
  • An Grand smiles on Narendra Modi face


( Its only what i feel, i don’t have any evidence or rezone to prove its legality )