Internet Explorer 10 has Addon Option


The recent version of Internet Explorer 10 is now coming with Add-on Option included in them, that a kind of good new for IE lovers, as because before that only Firefox was supporting add-on. But i still feel that Firfox is better internet browser compeering any internet browsers available on internet, what you guys think?

Indian premium League Cricket 20 – 20 matches are fixed?

I was watching IPL T20 – 20 on Friday, it was a Punjab VS Bangalore Challengers cricket match in last 6 over all possible catches by fielders are dropped. I was reading an match fixing news at which show how some IPL team are in match fixing controversy.

Some rezone which force me to believe that few IPL 20 -20 cricket matches are fixed

  • Number of dropped Caches by players
  • Too much miss fielding in cricket matches
  • Most time an losing team will Won the matches ( which concisely magic’s )
  • An Grand smiles on Narendra Modi face


( Its only what i feel, i don’t have any evidence or rezone to prove its legality )