Hey I am Buying New Car From My 2010 Internet Earning


Yes… i am planning and kind of sure for buying an New CAR for myself… it gona be my first car, and i am really very exited about it.

I am buying it without any bank fiancée and with on sort payment, and the good thing is that I earned all that money from internet marketing in last 4 month (2010 May, June, July, August Earning 🙂

So if you are earning less from internet marketing, then just double or triple your efforts and you will surly get what you are looking for.

I will post the snap of my car as soon buy it 🙂

Clickbank Offers With Adwords Traffic = Profit ?

Mostly peoples asked the same question on forums and even i get servile email about my opinion on using adwords traffic on clickbank digital products.

i can say its worth only if you effectively you use your adwords traffic.

Good Keywords + better managements and right audiences will always convert in good $$$$.

And better if you offer some intensive your clickbank buyers, so they will use your url to buy that specific clickbank products.

Good Luck…