Top 3 Things, you must avoid while developing an website

1. Don’t use technology which may not be required

It is interesting to induce modern technology but not always necessary with regards to web design. Traffic to your web is attracted due to the content and products/services you provide, and not for the kind of technology you have used. Simplicity is the goal. Making use of technology with a proven track record is the way forward. For instance, if your site requires the user to download an add-on to view the site, this will only aggravate some and many won’t do this either.

2. Page indications

Make sure that each and every page of your site shows clearly, the primary page they are a part of. This can be done either on the browser window or the page the user is at. The reason this is so imperative is because many users come to your site not through you home page, but through other pages. Similarly, those pages should also have a link back to the home page.

3. Website loading time

With people’s lives getting busier by the day, they are more prone to be impatient. Thus, this can affect your business, especially a web design business, as sites that take long to load are not tolerated by many, many of who, may not end up coming back to your digital agency site. Hence, ensure that your site is perfectly optimised to deliver quick loading times. This can be achieved by keeping the number of images on each page at minimum. Furthermore, those image files should be reduced to the bare minimum size as well.