Top 3 Tips Of Google Panda Updates for higher ranking in Google SERP

I am sure you must be familiar about this famous phrase ‘content is king’ but Google Panda updates has completely changed and replced “Content” with’quality-content’.

Google Panda has added some more intelligence in google search algorithmic, they started giving more and more values to quality contents now. But Of-course there is some good tips which can help you to keep you ranking high in Google SERP.

1.  You must keep your website updating on a regular interval with fresh and quality content. If you cannot refresh every website page then you can have a smart shortcut by adding a blog section to your website. You can update a unique and nicely written blog in this section everyday. It’ll help you not only in getting good search engine ranking but also getting quality visitors to your website. You must keep in notice that fresh and unique content gets the best online visitor count. But before you add blog section in your website, make sure you are using proper navigation and categories for newly hosted blog.

2.  Stay away of too much advertisements on any particular page. The ratio of content vs. advertisement seem to have an impact on the overall ranking here.

3.  To survive the loss in traffic caused by this Google Panda Update, opt for social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Try using these social media platforms to direct traffic to your business site and build up your brand presence.