Pay Per Click Advertising – Getting Down To The Basics

By now, you must already know about PPC and how it can help businesses achieve growth and improvement when it comes to sales as well as exposure. But how many people actually realize how PPC works? Knowing the basics can certainly help you get to the top as well as maximize the potential of your current advertising schemes. After all, wasn’t it said that in this business, knowledge would be your greatest asset? So, let’s go back to the basics and learn more about this program. As you may have already ascertained, PPC is a form of online advertising which is often used as a vehicle for directing traffic to various websites. The great thing about this is the fact that an advertiser would only need to pay when someone actually clicks on the link and is successfully routed to their main site. This means that the costs are significantly lower as well since you don’t have to pay for the whole time the ad has been up and running. Quite unlike more traditional ads, right?

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PPC ads are also often found in search engines. If you’ve ever done a random search, you would notice those small clickable text or image ads at the side. Those would be PPC campaigns. Now, they may look simple but truth be told, they are quite complicated. One needs to figure out the right keywords, an appealing call to action text (this is what makes people click it) and where to place them. Different search engines get a different amount of usage and it would be smart to go to those that have a good amount of users every single day. Yes, they might cost a lot but if you do it right then all of that is well worth it.

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What Goes Into The Creation Of An Ad:


It encompasses a number of different things which includes generating your phrase list or keyword, the creation of the ad itself (which is usually the trickiest part), creating the landing page (also tricky since it has to convince people to give your products and services a try) as well as the whole bidding process for your keyword phrase or keyword. A newbie might find it difficult but give a bit of research, it isn’t as incomprehensible as it seems. All one needs is some time to actually learn about it instead of jumping head into the fray. This, ladies and gentlemen, is also one of the reasons why certain PPC campaigns fail. The lack of prior research and actual knowledge can definitely bring a good strategy down.


The Importance of Keywords:


To the untrained eye, these are just a string of words put together to form a catchy sentence or a title but every online marketer knows that keywords are the lifeblood of their business. These are the things that get them noticed and are certainly of great value to any online advertisement. This is also why picking the right ones is imperative. You need it to be highly relevant and as specific as possible. Of course, you would need to bid for them and this might cost you a lot but if you happen to choose the right one? The returns are much greater. So don’t be rash when picking one. Take your time and learn more about your niche.

Expert Level – Social Media Advertising

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or large business, using social media advertising can certainly help you achieve a lot when it comes to increasing your sales and getting your brand out there. If you get it right, your company can easily gain internet fame. However, there is no standard formula that can guarantee social media success. This is something that every individual company would need to figure out for themselves. Through research, some good advice from people who have done it before along with a bit of luck, any business could easily take advantage of social media websites when it comes to boosting their exposure. Whilst there is no winning formula in existence, there are basic things that you can do to make sure that the foundation of your project is solid.


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Interact Naturally.

One of the biggest reasons as to some businesses fail when it comes to using social media is because they talk at people instead of actually conversing with them. Don’t push your products and let conversations happen organically. This would put the other person at ease and allow them to see just how passionate you are about your business, products and services. Listen to what they are looking for, their needs and any comments they might have on your business. This regardless of whether that comment is positive or negative. Listen, take heed, and then reply properly. In doing so, you would be able to show a more human side to the machine and as mentioned earlier, put them at ease. You need to gain their trust, basically.


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Also, try doing giveaways. Not only would this raise interest but it can also become a way of giving back to your current clients. Fun games that they could enjoy while winning prices are always good lures for new clientele. Always keep your page up to date as well. A few updates each date could certainly help keep activity going. Post relevant news or write your own articles, anything that you know would interest the people who follow you.

Do Things Yourself.

Yes, you’re a busy person and 24 hours each day is never enough for you but letting an intern handle your business’ social media might not be a good idea. Even presidents of certain franchises handle their social media projects by themselves. Now, you might be asking: “Why?” Well, to make it more personal. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why people would follow you in the first place. A direct line to someone who actually has a say in the company is a good way of getting themselves heard and you owe it to them to listen. Point is, if you pass the work to an employee it simply undermines the importance of the whole project. You are basically turning over your company’s reputation to someone who only knows and understands the surface. Think about this, if you’re sending someone over for an interview then you would send the CEO, right? Social media is of the same importance. How you come across to these people determines how they will perceive your company as a whole including its administration. Therefore, the only smart thing to do is work on it yourself.