The magic of Twitter and Facebook Advertising

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           As you might have already known by now, Facbook and Twitter are not only used for adding friends and for playing online games. Facebook, the biggest social network site today is also one of the best ways to advertise products and even sell some items. Business owners from all around the globe are utilizing Facebook’s many features in order to increase their sales across the globe. Basically, there are a number of ways to increase one’s presence in Facebook. Most companies rely on several techniques in order to increase their popularity online.


Free Website networking

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           One of the many wonders of Facebook and Twitter is that it allows linking of various businesses together. One well known company can link or follow another company with just a touch of a button. Companies can provide links to others in order to improve their brand recognition. Patrons of products and companies can also link their favorite brands to their own accounts so that their friends and family members will know what brands they use. Since Facebook allows multiple linking and Following options, companies can utilize this in order to increase their popularity online.


Application Branding

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           Along with adding other accounts in Facebook, another technique that you can apply in this fascinating social networking site is the sharing of applications. Yes, most companies actually utilize games and other applications in order to share their products and services online. Most companies put their labels or brands in Facebook games in order to improve their sales. Brand recognition can be achieved by simply setting up several labels in famous games and applications. This will increase the chances of any kind of brand to become a household name. Most companies even utilize famous games created by programmers in order to share special messages and even freebies to players.

Buy Advertising Privileges

If you have some money to spend, you can just buy your spot in Facebook. Facebook offers banner and picture advertisements in their pages. On the right side of each Facebook account, there is a column which is specifically reserved for those who want to advertise their websites or accounts online. Most game developers also utilize the advertising column in order to share their latest apps and their special offers. You can simply buy a spot through their advertising page or you can contact a Facebook representative in your country. Most of the advertisements found in this social site are IP based, meaning it checks for the IP address of the viewer. Once it checks for the likes and the IP address of the user, it then generates the type of advertisements which will fit the viewer. This is just one of the amazing things about Facebook.

Selling with your account

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            Of course, if you do not have a large corporation or you simply want to sell products online, you can simply post your products through your Facebook account. Use the album page in order to put some of the pictures of your products. Utilize the comment bar in order to share something about your items. In essence, you can use your Facebook account in order to sell products online.

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