Be Successful in Social Media Advertising

Social Media 6Facebook is just one of the social media sites frequented by people of all ages. In May 2013, it reported that it receives 500 terabytes of data each day. That’s definitely enough to describe how many users and how much time these users spend on Facebook. Plus, your options for social media advertising or marketing can extend to Twitter and other platforms.

Maximize Facebook

Facebook is definitely the most popular social media site today. Be sure to maximize its potential. Gain audience and use it wisely.

There have been many studies about social media sites. For example, a study conducted by BlitzLocal revealed that short posts are better than the long ones. There are many things that you can post on Facebook. Aside from just advertising, use it to make an offer such as discount or free trial. You can also provide tips or advice every now and then. You can also use Facebook to provide customer service. Many customers would prefer to contact you by posting at your page or sending you a private message on Facebook than to call your toll free hotline or reaching you via email.

Provide Worthwhile Content

Social media advertising requires you to come up with worthwhile content. This should be your priority whether you are on Facebook or Twitter. Quality content can keep your fans and followers and gain new ones at the same time.

Social Media 6aHowever, Mari Smith who wrote the 10 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Reach also pointed out the importance of engagement. Content is nothing if there is no engagement. She said, “Content is king but engagement is queen and she rules the house.” Share, comment, like, retweet, etc. Make sure your posts and tweets will encourage engagement. These are very important for you to get great results.

You should also ensure that your content is useful. Provide informative or entertaining content to ensure that you will stick to people’s mind. Maybe they won’t check out your products or services right away but they might want to go back later.

Work on Your Call to Action

Aside from the main advertising message, you also need to work on your call to action. It is the last words that your readers will read. That’s if you can make them continue reading until the last sentence. Call to action is very important not only in social media sites but also in blogging. If you are focusing on Facebook, invite or encourage your audience to share you post. If they do so, there is a high chance that it will be read by more people which means more leads.

Go Back to Your Past Posts

Whenever you get high volume of traffic and sales through social media advertising, be sure to check which of your posts was able to help you. Evaluate the post and determine what made it good. Don’t hesitate to use the same technique the next time you make a Facebook post or tweet on Twitter. However, don’t bore your audience by doing something different every once in a while.

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