Some Things to Consider When Doing Search Engine Optimization in the Future

Search engine optimization has changed a lot within a few years. Before, one can say he is optimizing a website when buying links. This is why we witnessed a growth in number of link farms. Today, SEO is more complex and difficult. You are not likely to see your website on top of the search results if you don’t know what you’re doing. Being updated with the latest changes is a must.

Google Still at the Top Despite Bing’s Improvement
SEO 1For a long time, Google has been the top search engine in the United States alone; that’s why most webmasters tend to focus on Google when doing search engine optimization.

However, Bing has shown progress recently. comScore reported that there have been 20 billion searches. Bing used to get 17 percent or less of the market share. In the latest score, Bing passed this average. On the other hand, Google is down by only 0.6 compared to its share in March.

Google is still the top search engine but it cannot be denied that other search engines are worth the time and money. You might want to consider them when optimizing your website in the future. Check your rank in other search engines and think of ways to increase it. Note that their guidelines slightly differ with that of Google.

Putting Keywords in the Content Is Not Enough

When talking about search engine optimization, you would often hear people advising you to put keywords in your content.  However, keyword stuffing should now be avoided. In addition, you cannot use just any keyword. You have to choose the words or phrases that are relevant to your products and that are searched a lot of times every day.

You can verify if you are using the best keywords by running search query reports. You will be able to identify the negative keywords so your products or your website will not show on irrelevant queries.

Stop Buying Links

SEO 2Buying links have been a habit for people who want to optimize a website regardless whether they own it or not. With the requirements of today’s search engine optimization, you need to work harder to get links.

No more buying of links. Even the paid links that have passed the PageRank Network have been penalized according to Google Engineer Matt Cutts. He tweeted, “In fact, we took action on several thousand linksellers in a paid-link-that-passes-PageRank network earlier today.”

Search engine optimization may be more complex today but it is not impossible. You just have to do away with all the bad habits that might have led other websites to failure. Nowadays, the search engines are stricter and you don’t have a choice but to follow the rules. Nonetheless, you can still get on top of the search results of Google, Bing and other search engines. Use the right keywords. They are the relevant words and phrases that get a lot of searches every day. Run tests to verify and eliminate negative keywords. Avoid buying links to avoid being penalized. It is better to work harder on something that could stay forever.

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