Why Automated Internet Marketing Is Discouraged Despite Tons of Benefits

There have been lots of changes in the world of internet marketing. We have witnessed the emergence of new marketing platforms. We also saw a change in how marketing is done including automated marketing. It means having software that automates the lengthy process of marketing products online. For the lazy ones, automated marketing is a great solution but there is also a downside.

Automation Is the Answer

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Do you look like the lady above at planning stage of marketing alone? A lot of people have the same problem, which is why many are tempted to use online marketing software. Its benefits are really impressive. First, it automates a lot of tasks including sending of emails, dividing leads and upselling to your existing customers.  It can also take care of forms and landing pages. Sometimes, it can also work on lead generation and CRM integration, which are obviously essential in internet marketing.

Next, some marketing programs also ensure measuring results and giving you an easy to understand report. Who can turn their backs on these? With automation, an internet marketer can definitely save time and, sometimes, money. Normally, the revenue growth is also faster. It is also not a secret that online marketing is challenging so why would someone choose the hard way if there is an easy path?

Misconceptions: Automation Isn’t Everything

While the benefits of internet marketing automation seem like the software can take care of everything while you sit and relax, it is really not the case. There are misconceptions. There are some things that the software cannot do.

This should not be surprising: online marketing automation software cannot personalize messages. In fact, what the system sends are pre-loaded messages that can easily turn into spam. This makes automated marketing good only for B2B companies but we often see B2C companies using marketing software.

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The fact that online marketing software cannot personalize messages and gives plenty of room for spamming customers is what should stop you. Yes, there are many benefits but this one disadvantage can make your entire campaign far from what you expect it would be.

Should You Engage in Automated Marketing?

It is up to you to get marketing software that would automate everything knowing that it could send spam emails and could ruin your campaign if not your business. However, it is good to know that the tool, platform or software that you will use is not what matters the most. What’s more important is the content of your internet marketing messages and the way you execute your online marketing techniques. Knowing how to execute and what you put in your messages to your customers would be the one that would determine your success.

What Marketing Techniques to Use?

Just in case you choose to not automate marketing, what internet marketing technique should you use? If your business is at a micro level, you can use the same technique that other businesses at the same level use. Macro businesses cannot copy techniques of micro businesses because of differences in the situations. Plus, goals of macro businesses are way different from that of micro businesses.

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