Search Engine optimisation to promote your business

Internet marketing is an effective and practical way to expand the scope and size of the market for your business products. More than a billion people worldwide use the internet for work, social connections and to view events that are taking place globally. Advertising for your business products with the help of the internet can affect your enterprise in more than a single way. The size of the market as already mentioned increases rapidly. Ideas also increase boundlessly with major technical innovations around the world available for view to business managers at a few clicks of the mouse button. One advertisement serves all, meaning to say that promotional hoardings and banners are no longer limited by geographical boundaries. All of the above helps cut down on the fixed and variable costs associated with the business and helps the organisations earn larger profits. Some of the most commonly used techniques in internet marketing will be discussed in the following section. Search engine optimisation technique is one such method of promotion which will be discussed in some detail.


Top results in Search engines

No matter what your business manufactures and howsoever important it might be in the lives of people, the end results can be quite depressing for your organisation if your products are not marketed widely. Search engine optimisation affects the visibility of your website by ranking the same in some order on various search engines. People using the internet to buy a certain product always and inevitably make use of search engines to find out the related cost and availability of the product. Other than that, internet surfers make use of search engines to compare the merits of a certain product by different manufacturers using various search engines. So if your organisation appears in the top few results of popular search engines, your business stands a higher chance of making that sale your competitor will miss out on. The market is fiercely competitive and even one product sold can have spiralling effects on the sale of your other products.

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The mechanisms used

Search engine optimizers target specific key words related to your products to make your web page appear ahead of your competitors. It is mandatory that you market your product using particular words that internet users commonly search for and use visual inputs to promote your product in a comprehensive manner. The use of referral and affiliate marketing tactics also help organisations market their products on the internet.

Advertisement tips on Facebook and Adwords

The advent of the social media on the lives of people has a tremendous impact not only on their lives but also for various businesses that survive in the system. Social media surrounds almost every human being inhabiting planet earth. The far reaches of the social media can only get bigger hereafter. Advertising and marketing techniques are evolving with ever changing needs of the people and business organisations. The age of social media has brought marketing strategies like referral and affiliate marketing to the fore. Business enterprises around the globe make use of online advertisement to market their products to a larger number of people and in even lesser time. With social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram catering to the needs of over a billion people in a week, and ever increasing traffic in various networking sites, businesses are seizing the opportunity to reach out to more people in the shortest possible time. The market is no longer characterised with limited scope and size as the world at large can view the products of a particular enterprise with the help of social media websites and search engines. The rest of the sections will deal with tips for targeted advertising on Facebook and Google AdWords and how businesses can make the best of these marketing techniques and drive their sales up.


An understanding of the social networking marketing ecosystem

Affiliate and referral marketing strategies are new and novel concepts in the field of online advertisement. An affiliate comes in contact with a publisher and publishes or promotes his desired website using the publisher website. The network helps in the proper functioning of the same and the end line consumer buys the products for consumption. This four pronged networking ecosystem helps affiliates and publishers to better understand the sites to be used for publication of their products and the pages that the publisher deem necessary to promote with their web pages.


The cost benefit analysis

A proper study on the popularity and the related costs of advertising on various sites is the job of the business organisation promoting its products. AdWords advertisement is free for publication and one only pays when users click on related links provided by the organisation. Facebook advertisement is very effective and can be promoted by buying  Facebook likes and artificially creating a hype around your product. One can use these techniques to better market his products on the open market.

Affiliate Marketing: Get your business to grow larger and faster

Affiliate Marketing: Get your business to grow larger and faster

A clichéd beginning of a topic such as this is not necessarily the only way to make people aware of the power of affiliate marketing and the impacts the same can have on your business. However, the internet is being seen as the most potent weapon in marketing and advertising of business products for business houses. The nature of the business is of no concern generally. Inelastic or necessary goods were once thought outside the purview of internet marketing. However, the rapidity with which the internet has reached out to many households and workplaces around the globe makes it the perfect tool for business managers and CEOs of organisations to advertise and sell its products. The techniques of internet marketing can be of varied types. Affiliate marketing is one such marketing technique which is being used worldwide for the awareness of products by various agencies among the people, who serve as the consumer base of the same.


An Affiliate Publishing:

Affiliate marketing involves an affiliate publishing the range of products that his business organisation has to offer on a publisher website based on the constant traffic and hence popularity attached to the publishing website. The network is the tool which is used by both the publisher and the affiliate for the transference and subsequent publication of scarce information while the consumers happen to be the last but also the most important part of this entire ecosystem. So the affiliate marketing ecosystem is composed of four integrated components who live together in a space and exhibit a symbiotic relationship. The choice of the publishing website on the part of the affiliate is of prime importance as the same helps in promoting and marketing of the affiliate’s products. The commonest search engines and the largest and the most famous social media websites are chosen as ideal publisher websites. It is also a way these search engines and social media giants generate revenue for various enterprises.

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Traditional Ways Of Advertisement:

Affiliate marketing helps a business grow faster than traditional ways of advertisement because of the very simple fact that more than a billion people visit the internet on a daily basis. The market for products hugely expands and so does the easy and almost costless nature of information transference. This technique of marketing is used by various business giants and less known enterprises at the same time. The efficacy of affiliate marketing techniques is a major reason why the same is being used by businesses across the globe to market their products.

Boost your sales using effective online marketing techniques

If your business is a small enterprise as of now and you want to make it boom, the internet and its varied uses in the area of online marketing will be of substantial help to you. With the proper and effective use of the internet your business will reach out to the most number of people in the least possible time. As far as cost benefit analysis goes, the use of the internet for marketing the products of your small business is minimising your costs with the maximum profit accruing to the business starters. The uses of online marketing and its far reaches will be clear to you as some of the most efficient ways of marketing your products online will be outlined in the following few sections.


Methods Of Marketing:

Like many would have already told you that the methods of marketing are changing ever so fast with newer and better advertising procedures being developed daily. This is the age of referral marketing and small and large businesses alike make use of this technique to sell its products. It basically entails a business house tying up with major web portals on the internet and marketing their products on the publisher webpage mainly because of the large traffic that the publisher site attracts. A somewhat similar concept of marketing known as affiliate marketing makes use of almost similar concepts of marketing products for businesses, with the publishers earning revenue from every sale of product made online.

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Limited In Size And Scope:

A business is deemed small when the client base of the same is limited in size and scope. With the use of online marketing methods like the use of social media websites and the likes, the businesses can reach out to over a billion people at the least possible cost and time. A natural expansion of the client base for any business means that the same will have to step up its production procedure for the increasing demand for its products. This affects the business and the community in which it is growing in a positive way. Thus the impact of cheap and effective online marketing techniques is felt not only on the business using the techniques but also on the entire ecosystem that the same thrives in. Thus if your business is suffering from a basic problem like a deficient client base then the use of internet marketing techniques will definitely help your venture reach out to more people.

Google Buzz: Common mistakes and FAQs

Google buzz is essentially a cool new social networking site with the use of which you can reach out to over a billion people online. The concept is essentially similar to all other social networking sites which are functioning out there in the online market with certain modifications. There are certain aspects of this new social networking site that users need to keep in mind before using the same. Some of the most frequently asked questions and common mistakes that people commit related to the site will be addressed in the following few lines.


This is not an extended search engine

Many people generally think of google buzz as the answer to Microsoft’s search engine Bing which has steadily gained in popularity over the years. Google buzz is not an extension of the search engine facilities that Google has to offer on its home page. The answer to Bing is the age old and successful search engine which still goes by the name of Google. This is a social networking site designed to integrate communities and people from over the world.

What platforms does it run on?

Buzz runs on the Android 2.0 platforms and all developed versions of the same. It is also compatible with the operating system of the iphone. It runs on windows mobile platforms as well. The Blackberry and the Nokia S60 platforms are yet to be developed for this website. The Blackberry versions are under development and will be launched in the market soon. The Nokia S60 version will also be out in no time.

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Is Buzz integrated with Gmail?

Well, yes it is but the same is not going to be coming up on every Gmail user account at this time. The developers of this social networking site are still fixing certain tweaks on the completion of which, the service will be available on Gmail.

Requirements for this site

You do not need to sign up with Google Buzz separately if you already have a gmail account. The gmail account user identification and password will be enough for you to log into Google Buzz. Like other social networking sites, you can share your pictures and ideas with the public in general or in a closed group of private friends. Like already mentioned the service will be integrated with Gmail and the same can be found on the tag which is found in the upper left hand corner of your inbox.

No negative rollover balances: Protection of infant enterprises

Negative rollover refers to negative balances carried forward to the next month balance sheet of an affiliate owing to negative revenues generated by methods of booking in the previous month. Negative rollover of balances erodes the worthiness of the affiliate in the booking circuits. The same also entails negative savings accruing in the balance sheets of affiliates. Negative rollover balances are a discouragement for new affiliates to go into booking networks and continue with their normal betting projects. Thus no negative rollover balances are essentially what first time affiliates are looking at while enrolling their names with the bookmakers.


No Negative Rollover Policy:

The advantages of no negative rollover policy are many. Affiliates can start afresh with their following month betting activities without having to worry about negative balances accumulating on their career balance sheets. The fundamental concepts of no negative rollover balances in the Bookmaker affiliate program and its advantages are rooted in the study of economics. A nation prospers domestically based on its cash reserve at home. Savings are directly channelized into investment funds and the same reflects growth of the particular nation. Investments are positive savings, like no negative rollover balances would indicate, and in economic terms is not merely the reallocation of existing assets but the creation of new assets. Thus if affiliates are interested in the creation of new assets based on their funds, bookmakers would see an incentive to erase all of their negative balances from the previous month so that these agents can start on a new page.

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Negative Rollover Balance:

Another importance of no negative rollover balance is that affiliates would not waste time over breaking even in the following months of betting activities after they run into the red based on a particular month’s earnings. This gives affiliates an added impetus to bet wisely and in a careful and cautious manner, which results in higher earnings in the future. The very unpredictable nature of sports betting calls for measures such as these to protect the new affiliates. A parallel could be found again in the pages of economic texts. The protection of infant industries by the government in the embryonic  stage of its development will entail the same to prosper in the future. An initial period of protection for any infant venture might result in higher earnings from the ventures in subsequent years. No negative rollover balance sheet policy is thus essential for first time affiliates to get properly acquainted to the process of betting in sporting activities.

Sources of Traffic: Revving up your website engine

Web site browsing and connectivity between different portals has vastly helped in cutting down the time elapsed for individual agents to view pages on the world wide web consortium. Millions of web pages catering to the demands of viewers from over the world are being developed every day. Primitive concepts of marketing and advertising are making way for other forms of the same which are faster and easier to develop and targets more web surfers worldwide. Traffic sources for different websites are increasing in number on a daily basis. In this frenzied and fast paced world of the internet, website developers and analysts are constantly on the look out for making their personal web pages rank higher than those their competitor’s using techniques of search engine optimization. Sources of traffic to web pages of various websites is the topic that will be discussed in some detail in the following few paragraphs.


The Basics Of Traffic Resources:

The internet and its advertising campaigns run on the basis of referral and affiliate marketing techniques. Every referral to a website that you may be viewing on the internet has an origin or a source. Some of the possible sources could be search engine giant Google, or any social media website like Facebook which might also be the referring site. It might also be that one of your published newsletters or article keywords are typed in search engines and thereby viewers get linked to your particular website. The last possible way in which web page viewers get to view your website is by directly typing the name of your website Universal Resource Locator in the address bar of their browsers. Traffic sources for your website can be of four types in general as has been mentioned in the previous few lines.

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Website Referrals:

The medium for website referrals can also be of four distinct types. There is the organic or the unpaid medium where the contents of your website can be viewed for free. Cost per click types of websites referral mediums also exists, email or other such custom created medium and direct visits by viewers to your web pages. When the traffic to any particular website is found to be relatively high then various search engines and social media sites come in direct contact with publishers of the same to work with these organisations and market their sites even more. Traffic sources are many to any website and should be managed to optimise the viewing of the same by the web surfers.

Pay Per Click Advertising: The Wonders Of Online Marketing

Marketing techniques are evolving and changing with the needs of the hour. The internet is now the happy hunting ground for all businesses to target their consumer base and advertise their products and services such that more sales are done in less time. The aspect of sales for different firms is now a time constrained output maximisation problem and managers and entrepreneurs alike are coming up with newer ideas to popularise and publicise their products more among the consumers. The age is one of affiliate and referral marketing. Pay per click advertising is an ingenious and innovative mechanism for smaller business houses to bring their line of services to the fore. The advantages and disadvantages of online marketing techniques will be the topic of discussion and how far each of them is successful at driving up the sales figures of their respective franchises.


Modern Concept: Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a relatively modern concept in the field of advertising. Techniques like the one mentioned and others started to develop post the establishment of Google as the most important search engine in the market. 1998 was an important year for the online marketing industry as Page and Brin set up Google and gradually the same took over the online market as the leading search engine web portal and many businesses took the help of the same to get a wider distribution network for their products. With other social media websites like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter making their appearance on the platform and more than a billion people available online with the help of the same, businesses thought of marketing their products online to achieve greater sales.

Affiliate Advertising Through Pay Per Click:

Pay per click advertising is an affiliate advertising method whereby an affiliate publishes the advertisement on some popular social media website or search engine. Viewers clicking on the advertisement means payment to be made by the affiliate to the publisher as a fraction of the sales that he/she may be making with the help of this marketing technique.

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We see that this is a particular case of a symbiotic relationship between the affiliate and the publisher. Both parties are better off after a transaction is carried out. The market for a particular business is not limited on the basis of market size or scope. Reduction of fixed costs on part of businesses enables them to invest more on advertising and research and development for their range of products.

Optimize your webpage for the best results

Search engine optimization basically deals with the ranks of websites when the results for the same are searched on various websites based on certain keywords, Meta tags, headlines and the likes. Search engine optimization techniques are used by web analysts and web masters to market certain websites and web portals so that the appearance of the same on search engines is higher in rank as compared to its competitors. The advantages of the same are easy to understand. More traffic for the concerned website, which in turn indicates more viewers for that particular webpage. This is the era of affiliate and referral marketing. The symbiotic relationship between certain startup websites and web giants such as Google and Yahoo helps both the publisher and the affiliate to survive together. There are certain techniques which should be followed by startup web domains which would enable their websites to be search engine optimized. Some of them will be listed as under.

Visibility With Keywords:

The main content of your website and the product that your website has to sell has to be included in the first 30 to 50 pages. This helps in better visibility of keywords to the end users and thereby provides a better rank to your webpage. Another common technique used for search engine optimization is the inclusion of relevant pictures and Meta tags in the body of your text. Like some wise man once said that a picture speaks a thousand words, the same holds true for the users of various web search engines.


Optimizing Your Webpage:

Pictures in the body of your text helps market your website better and lists it higher than other web pages on the internet. You should before optimizing your web page hope to rank only a few of the related items concerning a particular web page. Links from one web page to a completely different one could have results which would be counter-productive. Unrelated search items mentioned in the text can confuse the readers and leave your website behind other related websites.


The key is to keep your approach as simple as possible and putting in the most information in a similar layout. The basics of your web page should be mentioned in a clear manner and you should also make the use of pointers and links wherever necessary to provide the most information to the reader in the easiest manner possible. Search engine optimization techniques are many and you could choose any of the afore-mentioned methods to suit your website needs.

Social Media Advertising: Is It A Change Or An Extension

Social media advertising is increasing brand awareness and propagating and publicising your business with the help of the online social media. Social media advertising takes your brand to newer and greater heights with more than a billion people who are actively involved in the social world online taking a look at your business products every second of the day. Thus, with more people at your fingertips to market and sell your products and your natural consumer base increasing manifold with the help of the same, social media advertising obviously helps businesses grow and prosper. The advantages of social media marketing are many and a few of them will be outlined as under.


The Broken Territory:

Businesses are setting up shop online as the same helps them save on a number of costs that they would have otherwise encountered. Fixed costs associated with certain business ventures is drastically reduced with their presence online. Merchandise businesses can cut down on costs they would have incurred by setting up retail outlets at various geographical locations. The disadvantages of setting up shop at various geographical locations is obviously the limited size and scope of the natural market that the business would face. Residents living close to the retail outlets would be able to access the products of the business and these enterprises would have had to rely on word of mouth advertising  policy for their sales to start rising. With online presence however, the entire world at large is within the scope of the natural market and advertising techniques get sleeker and more specific.


Advertising on social media facilitates more people to know about your business venture in much lesser time. This also implies that your main website will gain traffic and will get popular with more viewers per day. This in turn also means that your website will gain from increased visibility on the major search engines. Search engine optimisation will enable your business websites to appear before those of your competitors and this will definitely have a positive impact on your sales figures.


Instant feedback from clients, followers, buyers and viewers of your products online would also allow you to cater to the exact needs of the people and the type of market structure you are dealing with. Information according to many social scientists is very expensive to gather but with the use of social media advertising, the flow of information is increased and saves you your precious time and money.


Way towards Facebook Advertising

The world is going digital. Businesses are closing shops and going online. The disadvantages are few. The advantages are many. The social media websites in today’s world play a humongous role in keeping agents connected. Instant access to over a billion people worldwide at a few clicks of a mouse button has severely impacted patterns of trade and commerce. Facebook is one such site where advertising of business products is rampant and many businesses everyday are coming within the realms of the same to market their products.

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Scope And Size Of Facebook Advertising:

The market for business ventures is no longer limited in terms of the scope and size of the market. The world at large is now at your finger tips with the advent of Facebook advertisement. Facebook being the most popular social networking site in the world, individual business agents can be rest assured that their advertised products reaches the maximum number of people across the globe  in the shortest possible time. Web domain hosting which used to be a competition for social media advertising is falling way back in the race. This is the age of affiliate and referral marketing. Only websites with the most traffic are chosen as suitable places of advertisement.


Profit Making Venture:

The need to maintain a large workplace with retail outlets for the sale of products is slowly being grasped in the clutches of oblivion. Floating the entire stock of your company in cyberspace and advertising for the same with the help of social media websites is a very cost effective way of running a business. One cuts down on his fixed cost in a drastic manner and the same can be used for research and development of products and advertising. Essentially, revenue generation is maximised while cost is being minimised in this particular method of online advertisement. So more profits are accruing with the business managers.

The age old saying that markets are best captured when their stage of development is still at a very nascent position still holds true. Market competition reduces profits for the businesses and this mode of Facebook advertisement is still at an initial stage of development in many developing countries. With computers fast becoming the need of the hour for all rural and urban dwellers, the time to invest in online advertising is now.  And what better place to invest than in the leader of all other social networking sites;  i.e. Facebook. See your profits start swelling soon after.

Entrepreneurship: What It Takes To Transform The Face Of Society

The concept of entrepreneurship is ingrained in the study of microeconomics and traces back to the days of Adam Smith. Entrepreneurship is a factor which enhances the productive capabilities of any manufacturing or production process. According to renowned Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter, an entrepreneur is one who converts new ideas and inventions into a successful innovation. “The gale of creative destruction” was the phrase used by the economist in describing the process which successful entrepreneurs employ to radically transform inferior and time consuming innovations and business models into more effective ones. Thus the need for smart and dynamic entrepreneurs is felt over the world as they can transform a dormant economic ecosystem into an energetic one, one which is bustling with activity and creativity.


What Have Entrepreneurs Done To Industrial Output At Large?

Does an entrepreneur create newer ideas based on newer inventions? What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? These are questions which may seem difficult to come up with suitable answers with. Entrepreneurs have to possess a unique bent of mind. They must be able to visualise everyday normal incidents in a different light than all others surrounding them. What that essentially means is that entrepreneurs do not need to be exceptionally brilliant individuals with degrees from the ivy league colleges of the world, but be able to use all information at hand and process the same to come up with unique solutions to the most complicated of problems. One example will help you understand what the last statement means. The replacement of paper with plastic used in the drinking straw is a simple yet effective innovation.


Do You Have The Vision In You?

What innovations such as these does, is that it decreases the time taken to manufacture a particular commodity and also increases the longevity of a product. Thus the consumer has at his disposal better quality articles of daily use at even cheaper prices. Naturally the time taken to manufacture the products being reduced, more is manufactured in lesser time. Industrial output automatically increases. The market structure changes as more firms enter into the market to manufacture similar goods. The natural monopolies are brought down to the ground and a more competitive market framework emerges. Dead-weight loss of the entire society is thus minimised and all individuals in the same move on to better and higher social indifference curves. Entrepreneurs touch lives of people with their unique ideas and visions






The Far Reaches Of Internet Marketing

Economics deals with market structures; markets where the buyer and the seller meet to buy and sell a stipulated amount of a commodity. But long gone are the days of Adam Smith and David Ricardo. The buyer and the seller of a particular commodity nowadays meet in virtual space and the entire exchange process is carried out online. Internet marketing deals with the promotion and advertisement of products online which serves both the buyer and the seller. The many advantages of internet marketing and why this industry is set to expand boundlessly in the next few years is the topic of discussion.

All About Internet Promotional Marketing:

Internet promotional marketing brings all of the desired products within the reaches of the buyer at  very low costs. The market is no longer confined by geographical borders as the entire world wide web and all of its viewers happen to be the market for the seller. The seller is no longer required to rent a space to display his products and the same helps cut down on institutional and fixed costs entailed by the same. He or she simply resorts to the use of the internet to display to the world at large the range of his/her products to sell.


Affiliate Or Subsidiary Marketing For Small Business:

Affiliate or subsidiary marketing techniques also help small businesses flourish and prosper without boundaries. A symbiotic relationship between the publisher  and the affiliate helps serve the consumer at lowest possible costs and at the least possible time. Techniques such as pay per click made popular by methodologies of internet marketing aid in promoting and advertising products of various business ventures.


Easy Money Making:

Blogs happen to be one of the most popular and easy money making devices on the internet today. Amateur writers are writing blogs thereby disseminating knowledge on a wide range of topics and readers and publishers alike are reaping the dividends of such ventures. Travel blogs, medical blogs and academic blogs are the most widely read and circulated articles on the internet today. Writers are paid handsomely based on the popularity of a particular blog.

Working from home happens to be one of the most sought after enterprises in the world of today. The internet is gradually decreasing the size of the global village even further and is rapidly increasing the scope for small business ventures to expand and fit seamlessly into this multi dimensional and vastly diverse world. Internet marketing is definitely making life a lot more easy for people around the globe.




2013 Affiliate marketing gonna be age of subsidiary marketing

affiliates marketing

Who bears the cost?

Every time an online consumer buys a product from the affiliate a commission is cut from the affiliate and the same is recovered by the publisher of the particular advertisements. The commission may be charged at a flat rate or may have ad valorem intricacies in the same depending on the size, scope ad nature of the transaction which is carried out. For the end user consumer, the cost of the particular buy is just the same as it would have been from any other location but the affiliate is the one who is charged for the dealing. And it definitely does not need the mind of a rocket scientist to understand that affiliates would happily go in for business with the leading publishers even after the tariffs are imposed on them.

Ecosystem of the industry

This particular industry is run in the close association of 4 core players. The retailer or the brand also known as the merchant is one player. The merchant is essentially the publisher. The network contains the range of choices for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments made by the same. The affiliate is the third player in the industry who uses the expertise and wide circulation of the brand to publish his advertised products. And lastly it deals with you, the consumer and probably the most essential element of the circle.

End Result
We have as an end result a perfectly happy chain where every member depends on every other member for its existence. The nature of the brand or the retailer to become and develop into a natural monopoly is curbed by the many brands in the market.