Sources of Traffic: Revving up your website engine

Web site browsing and connectivity between different portals has vastly helped in cutting down the time elapsed for individual agents to view pages on the world wide web consortium. Millions of web pages catering to the demands of viewers from over the world are being developed every day. Primitive concepts of marketing and advertising are making way for other forms of the same which are faster and easier to develop and targets more web surfers worldwide. Traffic sources for different websites are increasing in number on a daily basis. In this frenzied and fast paced world of the internet, website developers and analysts are constantly on the look out for making their personal web pages rank higher than those their competitor’s using techniques of search engine optimization. Sources of traffic to web pages of various websites is the topic that will be discussed in some detail in the following few paragraphs.


The Basics Of Traffic Resources:

The internet and its advertising campaigns run on the basis of referral and affiliate marketing techniques. Every referral to a website that you may be viewing on the internet has an origin or a source. Some of the possible sources could be search engine giant Google, or any social media website like Facebook which might also be the referring site. It might also be that one of your published newsletters or article keywords are typed in search engines and thereby viewers get linked to your particular website. The last possible way in which web page viewers get to view your website is by directly typing the name of your website Universal Resource Locator in the address bar of their browsers. Traffic sources for your website can be of four types in general as has been mentioned in the previous few lines.

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Website Referrals:

The medium for website referrals can also be of four distinct types. There is the organic or the unpaid medium where the contents of your website can be viewed for free. Cost per click types of websites referral mediums also exists, email or other such custom created medium and direct visits by viewers to your web pages. When the traffic to any particular website is found to be relatively high then various search engines and social media sites come in direct contact with publishers of the same to work with these organisations and market their sites even more. Traffic sources are many to any website and should be managed to optimise the viewing of the same by the web surfers.

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