No negative rollover balances: Protection of infant enterprises

Negative rollover refers to negative balances carried forward to the next month balance sheet of an affiliate owing to negative revenues generated by methods of booking in the previous month. Negative rollover of balances erodes the worthiness of the affiliate in the booking circuits. The same also entails negative savings accruing in the balance sheets of affiliates. Negative rollover balances are a discouragement for new affiliates to go into booking networks and continue with their normal betting projects. Thus no negative rollover balances are essentially what first time affiliates are looking at while enrolling their names with the bookmakers.


No Negative Rollover Policy:

The advantages of no negative rollover policy are many. Affiliates can start afresh with their following month betting activities without having to worry about negative balances accumulating on their career balance sheets. The fundamental concepts of no negative rollover balances in the Bookmaker affiliate program and its advantages are rooted in the study of economics. A nation prospers domestically based on its cash reserve at home. Savings are directly channelized into investment funds and the same reflects growth of the particular nation. Investments are positive savings, like no negative rollover balances would indicate, and in economic terms is not merely the reallocation of existing assets but the creation of new assets. Thus if affiliates are interested in the creation of new assets based on their funds, bookmakers would see an incentive to erase all of their negative balances from the previous month so that these agents can start on a new page.

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Negative Rollover Balance:

Another importance of no negative rollover balance is that affiliates would not waste time over breaking even in the following months of betting activities after they run into the red based on a particular month’s earnings. This gives affiliates an added impetus to bet wisely and in a careful and cautious manner, which results in higher earnings in the future. The very unpredictable nature of sports betting calls for measures such as these to protect the new affiliates. A parallel could be found again in the pages of economic texts. The protection of infant industries by the government in the embryonic  stage of its development will entail the same to prosper in the future. An initial period of protection for any infant venture might result in higher earnings from the ventures in subsequent years. No negative rollover balance sheet policy is thus essential for first time affiliates to get properly acquainted to the process of betting in sporting activities.

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