Google Buzz: Common mistakes and FAQs

Google buzz is essentially a cool new social networking site with the use of which you can reach out to over a billion people online. The concept is essentially similar to all other social networking sites which are functioning out there in the online market with certain modifications. There are certain aspects of this new social networking site that users need to keep in mind before using the same. Some of the most frequently asked questions and common mistakes that people commit related to the site will be addressed in the following few lines.


This is not an extended search engine

Many people generally think of google buzz as the answer to Microsoft’s search engine Bing which has steadily gained in popularity over the years. Google buzz is not an extension of the search engine facilities that Google has to offer on its home page. The answer to Bing is the age old and successful search engine which still goes by the name of Google. This is a social networking site designed to integrate communities and people from over the world.

What platforms does it run on?

Buzz runs on the Android 2.0 platforms and all developed versions of the same. It is also compatible with the operating system of the iphone. It runs on windows mobile platforms as well. The Blackberry and the Nokia S60 platforms are yet to be developed for this website. The Blackberry versions are under development and will be launched in the market soon. The Nokia S60 version will also be out in no time.

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Is Buzz integrated with Gmail?

Well, yes it is but the same is not going to be coming up on every Gmail user account at this time. The developers of this social networking site are still fixing certain tweaks on the completion of which, the service will be available on Gmail.

Requirements for this site

You do not need to sign up with Google Buzz separately if you already have a gmail account. The gmail account user identification and password will be enough for you to log into Google Buzz. Like other social networking sites, you can share your pictures and ideas with the public in general or in a closed group of private friends. Like already mentioned the service will be integrated with Gmail and the same can be found on the tag which is found in the upper left hand corner of your inbox.

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