Google analytics: Top ten ways to use the platform

Online marketing is a fast developing and evolving structure the use of which is made by various enterprises to reach out to more people across the globe. Referral and affiliate marketing techniques help business websites market their products with the help of subsidiary sites such as search engines and social media websites to expand their existing client base at the lowest possible costs. Pay per click advertisement is one subdivision of the affiliate marketing technique and google analytic helps you monitor and track user movements on your website. The best ten ways to use Google analytic to advertise your products better on the internet and keep a record of the changes on your website will be discussed in the following sections.


User engagement

Make sure that the users logging into your site are actually reading all your posts. A detailed study of the body text on your website will make surfers aware of the products that your business venture has to offer, which in a significant way drives up the sales figures.

Search options on your webpage

Your website may have multiple pages to be viewed for the proper marketing of your product. You should enable the site search option from google analytics on your webpage to help showcase to users all the different aspects of your website.

Linking features

It will be much of use for you to track the websites which link the users from them to your particular website. One should also keep a track of the outbound links from your website to other sites which users generally click on. This will help you monitor movements of internet agents and publication of advertisements on outbound links will enable them to return to your website again.

Size of the website

The loading time of your website is also a very important part of optimizing the number of visitors to the same. The Domain Name Server error can be encountered if the home page of your website is too large to load. So keep it simple in the beginning for more viewers to log into your website.


Use of keywords and pictures

The specific use of keywords and snapshots of your products at the very start of the website will capture the interest of the users and help them to locate the products and assess them better.

Use of the social media

The use of the social media for advertisement will definitely generate larger revenues for your business and monitoring of activity on social media sites is also easy and hassle free using the google analytics platform.

SEO techniques

Your website must be search engine optimised to come up within the first few searches on search engines. This will attract more viewers.

Solutions on the go

Google analytics gives you business solutions on the move and the installation of the google analytics app on your portable electronic device will enable you to get instant solutions.

Cross channel features

The inward and outward bound links from your website can be monitored using google analytics and a constant check on the updates will help you keep track of movements.

Your goals

One should also keep a track of whether one has reached ones goals using the google analytics platform.

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