Google trends and internet marketing

Small business owners are always on the lookout to expand their business territories and reach out to more people in less time. Google trends which is an online web based tool from Google allows users to search for the popularity of certain words and phrases that users are searching for on the internet. Google trends allows users to identify certain keywords which if incorporated in the body of your web content text will enable the same to appear before all other web pages of their competitors. The use of Google trends is used by various web development agencies and business owners to market their products more with the help of the internet. Some of the important ways in which Google trends affect the spread and scope of your business venture will be outlined in the following sections.

Google trends

Comparison of keywords and phrases

Any user can visit the Google trends web page and compare the keywords which are most commonly searched for by various users. Google trends allows users to search for up to five keywords and phrases at the same time and thereby compare the visibility of web pages which are directly linked with their business venture. The search results also allow businesses to optimise their web pages on the internet by incorporating the searched keywords with their business page and getting more traffic linked with their website. The search of the labelled keywords also allows business owners to identify the geographical locations where certain words are most often searched for. Google trend users can also study the interest related to specific terms by date entries and form solid opinions of the market structure.

Study of the market structure

Internet marketers search for various markets and the volume of search results pertaining to a specific market. Location specific search results enable users to correctly identify the interests of the people pertaining to certain keywords and thereby help businesses in planning the course of action over the next few days. One can also choose a specific year and compare the web traffic related to a particular keyword. So for a new business Google trends can serve as an easy and user friendly market survey tool, with the help of which certain geographical locations can be pointed out where businesses can be carried out. Google trends as a tool can help setting up new businesses and also allow small businesses to prosper and expand boundlessly. More people are getting linked to Google trends to market their products better and search for offshore markets for export of their business products.

internet marketing

Graphs indicate interests of people worldwide

Graphs indicating the interests of people worldwide can be seen readily from the Google trends website. High points of the graphs related to certain keywords help businesses identify the interest of people related to a particular search. Business planning becomes a whole lot easier with Google trends and the same can be used for expanding the existing businesses and setting up new ones.

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