Enhancing your online image through Twitter

Twitter is a very popular social media site. It helps in networking. You can use it for promoting your business in the online platform. Besides, Facebook, email marketing, HTML mailers and Orkut, Twitter are also used as an online promotion tool. You can create a profile and stay connected with your clients. Through tweets, you can update about the new products or services. It is a two way communication channel. But, you need followers on your page to continue the conversation. Once the conversation triggers, your company page will gain popularity.


To begin with you can discuss a variety of issues with your followers. They can advise you about the performance of the product or inform you about their preference. To get such active followers on your Tweeter page follow the below mentioned tips and apply.


Update Information And News


One of the best ways of attracting followers on the page is by updating the information. Your followers will be curious to know about your business. So, update anything and everything you are planning. You can even update a newspaper article on the Tweeter page. If you are in a film industry, you can converse with the visitors about deciding the name of the film. You can also update press releases or film premier coverage on newspaper. If you are launching a new product, you can run a teaser campaign on twitter. It is a two way communication platform. Use it to inform your customers about the various product details. This process will attract followers on the page.


Attract Followers By Image Update Or Tweet Pics


Apply image updates technique to attract more followers. Human psychology loves to watch the bright visuals. Hence try and apply this technique to increase the number of followers on the page. Add Tweet pics of the upcoming products or celebrity endorsement. This not only helps in image branding but also grows curiosity in the mind of the visitor. Stage performers, entertainers or actors, can update pics from their latest program or films. They can also update the stage show ticket and inform other details about the program. Plan out well, what you want to communicate. This planning will help you select the right image for the page. Image updating is very effective applications use it wisely to increase the number of followers on the page.

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Motivate Them To Read Tweets


In order to encourage more people to follow the page, follow the below mentioned tips;


  • Write crisp and witty comments. Write regularly.
  • Encourage a conversation. Write in a way to involve your reader to tweet on the page.
  • Be very clear and select apt words writing.
  • Discuss with the follower about his expectation from the product. This will encourage more people to join the page and talk about the topics.
  • Try and give quick tips about the product and its uses.
  • Give interesting information about our services and products
  • Follow friends of people who are following your page. This is a very easy but effective way of increasing followers.



These simple steps will help in increasing followers on your page. These techniques will even increase your product sale in the physical market.




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