Tips of improving the PPC landing page quality score


The PPC campaigns specially introduced by the Adwords help the website owners to promote their product or services in a better way. The technique enables them to reach the niche clientele by using the internet platform. In order to make sure that the advertisement is noticed by the niche clientele, Adwords have recently introduced the “quality score” technique to help you manage and monitor the campaign in an effective manner. The quality is score scale is measured on the level of 1 to 10, in which 1 to 5 is low and 7 to 10 is medium to high. To get the desired score on start following the below mentioned idea and increase the PPC landing page quality score miraculously.


ppc landing page


Using relevant keyword and advert


Maintain parity between the use of keywords in the content and the copy of the advert. If there is incoherence between the two, the campaign will fail to reach the niche clientele. So try and match keywords or the main phrases of the content and the advert to help the system in relating the campaign with the landing page. Take help of the keyword tool and pick the most effective keywords to experience unsurpassed appearance on the page. Soon the advert will attract countless clicks on the website and help in reaching the clientele.


Quality of the content used in on the landing page


The content on the landing page should be written without compromising on quality. Engage finest writers to create matchless content for the page. Quality content triggers better scope of promotion. Search engine prefers promoting quality writing which clearly states the product details, its quality, services and various attributes in an adequate manner. Use images to enhance the appearance of the landing page and convey about the product details in an impressive manner.

good quality PPC landing page


Keyword density


Adwords typically informs you about the keyword density. Keyword density in general is identified as high, low or medium. Take special care while selecting the keywords.  Remember while some keywords are effective, some does not yield any result. So follow the guideline of Adwords and use the keyword appropriately. Use right density of keywords to get a high quality score on the landing page.


Choose the apt device


Always select the mode of promoting your products appropriately. In case you wish to promote your latest Mobile App, always launch a Smart phone driven campaign to reach the right clientele. Select the right target audience and the apt channel of communication to get the desired result. Selecting a regular website driven campaign may not be an effective one for mobile apps. So, create responsive sites and then use the technique to promote the idea through the Smartphone.


Click through rates or CTR


Click through rates is also identified as a most effective technique of improving the Quality score. With the help of CTR Google directly informs you about the status of your campaign and encourages you to improve the visibility by incorporating effective promotional methods.


Thus, introduce apt techniques and enhance the visibility of the campaign and see experience a boost in the Quality score instantly.

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