Google authorship: The latest offering from the house of Google

Google is the most popular search engine that is commonly used by internet users on a daily basis for searches and social media connectivity. Google introduced the social media website which goes by the name of Google+ and is used by many around the globe as an interactive social platform where they get to share their ideas and view events unfolding all over the world. Google authorship is a new service for writers that Google has developed for them to link their content to their Google + profiles so that more people can get to view their work and that too in the shortest possible time. Google authorship is an innovative tool with the help of which users can directly optimise their web content with increased exposure of the same using social media sites. Google+ is the starting point of the authoring tool which is available for free to users around the world. This article will deal in detail with some of the commonest procedures that users can adapt to optimise the views of their web pages. Some of the do’s and don’t’s will be dealt with in detail in the following sections.


A profile headshot of high quality

A profile headshot of high quality is of utmost importance to increase the number of views of your content on the internet. A photo helps you connect more easily with the users of the internet and without any delay you can get linked to the network and be greeted with maximum views in the shortest possible time. A headshot also lets the internet audience connect with you and recognize you as the author for your future posts. The recognition is very important for any author as the viewers of your web content will be indirectly influenced by the other viewers who have already visited your page. Thus a good quality picture and constant social presence will help optimise the views of your content in the shortest possible time.

Google Authorship Markup

A proper byline

Google authorship is all about writers who want to market their articles using the tools of search engine optimisation as developed by Google. A proper byline which suggests the name of the author with every page that you want to be viewed helps in creating more user awareness relating to any particular post. Bylines should be short and crisp and should appeal to the imagination of the internet audience. One should also be extremely careful in selecting an appropriate byline which matches with the name of the Google+ profile.

An email account on the same domain

You should have a proper email account on the same domain to activate your authorship page and attract more web traffic in less time. You can use this technique to link your Google+ profile with your online web content. This will indirectly inform all people in your social circles about the articles that you are uploading and they will visit the page. Their friends will then visit the page and in a chain mechanism your viewers will keep coming.

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