How To Use LinkedIn For Promoting Your Business?

images (14)If you have created a profile on LinkedIn, accepted some invitations and think that your job is done then I am sorry but you and your company are on the wrong track. The online survey says that LinkedIn plays a vital role in promotion of your brand. The networking site if used wisely can boost your product awareness and small-business also get an opportunity to grow. But the question arises: How to go about promoting a product on LinkedIn. Let’s get to know how to do this.

Create an all-encompassing personal as well as company profile: As we know incomplete information can be harmful and doesn’t serve the purpose. Hence it is better that you create a complete personal and company profile on LinkedIn. Stuff your profile with the professional experience you have gained so far and also include product and company information. Making both the profiles is essential for you as it becomes easy for people to find you and connect with you. Hence LinkedIn is a strong way of networking with thousands of people at one go. Use the appropriate keywords that enable others to search you easily. For this you can go through LinkedIn recommendations that it offers to its users.

Share your viewpoint, follow various companies and join multiple groups: As it is a great platform for growth of small-businesses, it is good if they share their ideas and opinions with others on LinkedIn. They can also take their own stance implementing industry best practices under their stride. This helps them to be active in the networking field and form a growing image amongst all. Moreover joining various groups and following companies can help you connect well with the audience. You can also link your LinkedIn profiles to Twitter Accounts and can also take benefit from LinkedIn Ads. This helps in finding more corporate relationships and cementing the existing ones. LinkedIn is the best site from business point of view.

images (15)Let’s see how to create a company page. Search for the “Career” option and then click “Companies”. Click on the link “Add a Company”. Punch-in your company name and email address. Click Continue and enter whatever information you want to add.

How to follow some company

Place your cursor on “Career” tab and click “Companies” and finally search for a company. Then click on “Follow Company” option. Likewise move your cursor over the name of the company and then click “Follow Company”. Go down the “Following” box and under Companies, click on the link “Follow” mentioned under the company name.

How to join a group

You can always find a group that you want to join from Groups Directory. Click on “Network” and select “Groups”. Search for a group you want to join. Choose the group from “Groups you may like” and click on more. Flip through the list of groups that are suggested. Finally you can click on “Join” to join the group or you also respond to an invitation from a group member or manager.

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