Some Tools That You Might Be Missing In Social Media Analytics

download (11)You social media analytics tools should be scalable no matter which tool you make use of. Scaling and measuring your tools allow you to understand your strategies and plans properly. You will learn about the conversion rates also. If your tools are not able to attract traffic as expected, probably there are some aspects that your tools are missing which need to be identified. Although it is difficult to monitor those missed tools and would be identified only when you use the tools and find out to what extent these tools are capable of measuring your relationships with your prospects and customers through social media.

Social media tools allow you to interact with online users thus leading you to build relationships. As a business owner, you need to build relationships so that they know you can pen opportunities benefiting your business.

Following are some tools that are currently hot in the market of social media analytics that also have great functionality:


You can use this tool effectively to integrate your email account with Twitter account easily. After following certain steps on Buzzstream, you can easily obtain all the Twitter accounts through your email account. The history in Buzzstream displays all the tweets and emails of both the sides. You can even add notes, phone calls, and schedules easily on Buzzstream.


This tool is more of a contact manager. All your contacts are integrated within one system. All your contacts from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mac Address Book, Outlook Contacts, Google Contacts, Google Voice, and Google Calendar. It saves a lot of time because you do not need to find contacts separately by logging into different accounts.

images (51)Rapportive:

You can obtain all your contacts directly into your inbox. All the details of your contact get displayed immediately such as his/her photos, professions, and their location. You can build a good rapport with them by discussing shared likes and dislikes and interests. You can expand your circle by connecting on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others.


This tool’s task is to display leads and contacts from Gmail. It is a perfect app for Gmail and Google Apps. It synchronizes these two apps by showing all the recent conversations that have happened and even allows you to categorize all the emails that seem to be sales generating.

The social media analytics tools are in their initial phase but are already a hit as these tools are quite efficient in showing the current position of your relationships with your prospects and even customers by integrating various communication modes. It is for sure that these tools are a big hit now only in their infancy, these tools are to be even more adoptable by various businesses with more features and functionality.

Businesses really need to adopt and incorporate analytical tools that are scalable so that they can discover their own position and status in the digital world, especially when there are so many competitors there who make usage of different analytical tools trying to capture the same group of prospects.

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