How To Download YouTube Videos To The System?

images (11)Entertainment comes at a cheaper rate these days, thanks to the internet. Internet has come as a boon to not only people seeking information but also to people who are just looking for fun like movie buffs. In today’s rat race one barely has the time to go through books in a library or at home to gather information because time is of the essence here. The internet provides information, fun, relaxation through free online games, movies almost anything one’s looking for. Uploading and downloading videos have become a trend in the twenty-first century not only for the teenagers but for people of various ages.

Various websites are available online to solve the problems for everyone. One such renowned website is which serves as a video sharing website. Now users are able to watch YouTube videos on web pages outside their website. People can see the YouTube videos with the help of the internet. But some videos they may have liked so much that they want to keep them in their personal computer or laptop or in any other device. Here comes the question of saving videos.

If one asks about the detailed procedure of saving the videos on the personal device then answering the one it can be said that the one has to follow some initial steps.

  • Firstly it Is better to install the you tube in the device. With this one can have the YouTube in one click.
  • After going to the YouTube video page one first have to select the video he or she wants to save or download in the personal device.
  • The one has to copy the url of the video from the YouTube then one has to open the website from where the direct download link can be found.
  •  Then the one has to paste the url which the person had copied from the you tube.
  •  After the pasting is completed one should click the button submit or download.
  • After that another window will appear in the screen.
  • It will ask for the format in which the video will be saved. Some common formats are 3Gdownload (4)P, MP4, FLV, Webm, etc. in which the videos can be saved. The best formatting option is MP4 which is preferably suited for the computer and in the same kind of devices. In this way the file can be saved in the computer.

But to watch this videos one will need a player in the computer. Without the player the file will not be opened and the videos cannot be seen. So if one does not have an installed player in the computer then it has to be downloaded by the person to see the videos on the computer. There are many players in the market of software. One can install it easily. The other option for watching the videos is the windows media player. The Microsoft windows media player can open the video files with the help of the right codec.

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