The Best VOIP Applications Those Are Ruling The Market

images (16)In the age of technology the software is the most essential item for performing any kind of IT related performance. There are many types of software and all they have separate and specific functions. The VOIP is one of the most popular software because it has introduced the unique facility via the internet. The facility is that the user of this software can make free calls from his or her computer to another computer with the help of the internet. If the person wants to make calls from the computer to phone they a minimum charge is applicable but yet the expense is much less than the normal phone calls.

The software can be used in several applications. There are lots of VoIP applications are in the market and people are getting benefits with it. Among them, these are considered as the best VoIP applications:

Skype: the most well known applications for the VOIP software is Skype. Everyone who has the minimum knowledge regarding the modern technology heard about the application and the most of the people are using it. Skype allows the user to make video calls easily, to send instant messages, to send SMS messages, to make Skype to Skype calls for free.

Google voice: the video and voice calling on Google is another among the viop applications. The application needs to have the user a Gmail account and via the Gtalk the video and voice call can be made. Google voice and video chat or the Hangout is used by many users having the webcam and internet of course.

Fring: this is a mobile app of the VOIP software. This app allows the user to use the same facilities like the above two but the extra facility that is added over here is the plugin it has to work on the other platforms like Skype, Hangout and so on. The rates are also cheap over here.

Rebtel: the application permits the national, international calls to be made easily and it is very economical. The main feature that made Rebtel popular is it is affordable.

download (6)Tango: it is a newer app than the others but still it is giving a tough competition to the contemporaries. It is compatible with 3G and above versions and in the wireless internet connections also.

Viber: the main interesting feature apart from the common features is that Viber can run also when the application is not directly opened. The other feature of Viber is that it consumes the battery the lesser than the others.

Mumble and Ventrilo: these are the two apps of the same type but they differ from the above list in some parts. These are the application which also connects people via the internet but they are geared towards the gamers. The people who are playing same games can chat via this app. The messages are sent and received imitating the voice of the friends who are playing the same game. There has to be a specific server to run these apps. Both of it have low latency.

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