How to write content that attracts huge traffic?

imagesThe concept of SEO has really put the writers in a dilemma that whether they should write for online users or robotic search engine algorithms. As we all know that content attracts more viewers only when it sounds natural and not written just for the sake of high rankings. But the content should also convert the users into your customers. Let’s have a look how we can make to excellent yet optimized content.

Write for readers and not for search engines: As a reader is viewing your website for good quality content he/she wouldn’t be interested in reading SEO content. Writing interesting content that lends some information to the readers; smartly using the keywords also. That would serve both the purposes.

Avoid keyword stuffing: Useless keyword stuffing is one thing that has really put on the online readers. We all know that Google picks up on specific keywords but you should also not forget that keyword packing will lead to spamming of your entire effort. Hence write for users and not for robots.

Make use of related keywords and grammatical variations: Google works on Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), matching search results to the search executed by an online user. Hence instead of using the same keyword again and again you can also use the synonyms, making your content more relevant and good to -read.

Exercise Google Tilde: When you perform a Google search, it displays the related keywords at the bottom of the page. You can always use these keywords to increase the relevance of your content also maintaining a good quality. Besides, this will really help you in SEO.

downloadWrite descriptive content instead of short and superficial content: Remember, of every search executed, Google’s first page contains over 2000 words. This means that Google reads the lengthy, in-depth content rather than short and superficial content. If a reader visits a website, he wants all the information on a single page. Hence writing descriptive content helps to attract more visitors provided you have complete knowledge on the subject rather than useless repetition on the content.

Use long-tailed keywords: As we all know that common keywords face a fierce competition whereas long tailed keywords are punched less. So getting a high success on the former requires a lot of effort but the latter though uncommon can reap high traffic.

Inculcate questions in your content: Sometimes users tend to copy paste the entire question that they have in mind and answering that question in the most righteous way through your writings can be really fruitful. Hence provide them with useful and interesting knowledge about your products and services so that they have reason to buy from you.

Let your content get spotlight: If your content is good it is deemed to be shared and liked by online users. But you can also do your bit by sharing your content on big forums, blogs and social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. This will increase the traffic to your website making your writings much popular.

Use Google Plus: Google plus plays a prominent role in SEO. Google Author Rank also ranks the individual authors where you can set up your profile, add Google Authorship, claim your content ownership and much more. This way you and your content both get the limelight.

Use rich title tags and meta-tags: Title tag is one thing on the basis of which Google categorizes each page. Moreover SERP reads both title tags as well as the snippets. Hence always include keywords in your tiles and meta tags but try to keep it natural sounding.