Metrics For Getting Better Result In The Website

images (5)The internet is like the magic boon invented by the Science. Through this thing people can get anything at the doorstep. The internet has made the lives of the people so easy and comfortable that they have been dependent on the internet. The marketing is another way which has got a new scope via the internet. Till the day when Google Analytics was created for free of cost, the marketers and the media experts and the others has fought for existence to make the several metrics sensible which records the views of the pages, the visitors, the unique etc. In the mean time, several business persons have avoided the data totally, concentrating on the number of sales only or the leads that a site circulates. The circulation does matter because the collection of the prospects and the revenues are important for a site.

Jakob Nielsen, the founder of the Nielsen Norman Group states that the research of the online users, the marketers and the business owners none is perfectly right regarding this matter. The main data point that is important is the conversion rate. This data point keeps the record of the visitors who are responding to the calls and doing the action in the site like clicking in some ads or articles or taking an appointment or purchasing any product etc. this tools will keep the record of how the website can keep the visitors engaged in the site.

download (1)There are some tricks how one can count the conversion rate. The number of the visitors who makes the action in the website should be divided by the total visitors of the website. The important part is to know the method of increasing the rate of conversion in the particular website. Among numerous tricks the most effective three are pointed out by Jakob Nielsen. The tricks are:

  1. Search Engine Optimizing: this is the most important thing to get the better ranking in the search engines like Google Yahoo etc. the better the website get the ranking in the search engine the better it will come into the attention of the viewers. The better content, daily updates of the content, the design of the website and the best required information in the website gives it the chance to get the best ranking in the search engine.
  2. The repeated visiting of same user: keeping the record of the loyal visitors is most important because the visitors have already shown their trust on the particular website. It is better to focus on them to make further interaction to the known people than the newer one.
  3. The rate of bouncing and the duration: these two metrics are very much important for the website to be kept in record. The rate of bouncing alludes to the rate of leaving the website by the visitor after seeing it for very short time, this denotes that the site is up to the mark according to them but the long duration of visiting the site denotes that the site is liked and viewed by the visitors for a long time.


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