How To Track Customers ouside the Google Analytics

download (15)The Novatex Solutions which is a 10-person digital marketing company situated in Sugar Land in Texas the marketing manager of this concern Jason Ephraim was talking about a common disadvantage of Google Analytic. Being fantastic at the trend of tracking broad over time for the website, the service is not quickly revealed by the kind of single visitor’s information which can prepare or end up the ability of the site to generate their leads. The amount of time the manager spent for unpacking those data was eating to the margins of the company.

He states that it was not that the Google Analytic is lacking but it was not possible to form a definite picture with it. He wanted that kind of data through which the user could alert him instantly regarding issues of any site, and let him tweak the marketing efforts for generating concrete leads from the visitors to his clients’ websites.

The confusion
The manger logged in a an analytics platform which was based in London which was designed for demonstrating the method of using a site for the people, tracking the key information like from where single visitors are coming, which were their interest to the site and how they look at a page. According to James Gill, the co-founder of the analytic platform, “It very easily gets you up to speed in as little time as possible,” .He further said, “We’ve managed to do that by deciding aggressively to cut features out of the product that we don’t think are necessary.”

The platform, GoSquared was tested on a multistep lead-generation tool of a medical service provider by Ephraim to get the reason for which it wasn’t performing as per the expectation. The test said that most of the visitors were stuck in some of the steps and consequently they are going out. Tweaking the tool and adding a step-by-step instruction page and Ephraim changed the flow and structure of it.

The consequences

images (19)The changes as a whole by the lead-generation tool became profitable for the company and it gained almost 20 percent for their clients. Ephraim now uses GoSquared for all the sites of his clients. The efficient tool allowed him to make his customer base double and the make the advertisement management four times better. “With GoSquared, I always have a decent idea of what is going on and by extension know how well our advertising is working or if there is a problem,” that is what he states.

Bowman’ opinion for it

The marketing professor and co-director of Emory University Marketing Analytics Center Douglas Bowman says Ephraim’s step to be one of the smartest one. According to Bowman GoSquared provides the observational data which can be used for making the adjustments quickly, where the Google Analytics performs better in reviewing the data trends which are long-term. Besides Bowman also said to estimate the capacity of where he has reached otherwise the total effort will be faded.

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