Avoid Following Mistakes While Writing Blog Posts

download (1)With everyone on the planet becoming a blogger and saying that their blog is one the best blogs written in the history of all time isn’t anything new to social media or writers like us. But it might be helpful to share few tips on how to write the post. Many of you must have shared it earlier too stating that yours is the perfect write up. It’s no doubt that everyone aspires for success and want to be different from everyone else. It’s a sheep walk wherein you copy the way writing skills of others when you have your own style of writing and may me much better that everyone else.   I too while writing blogs learnt what not to write in blogs and would like to share few tips which I learnt from others. So here are few helpful tips for you –

Be consistent in your writing and write a long para – Avoid this as no one will even publish what you write in as a long paragraph. Long paragraphs may carry relevant content and may otherwise get liked but loses its important as one gets irks on reading such a long para. We all get bombarded with knowledge from all different available sources and try and put all what we have gathered in our writing which makes our article a good knowledge worth. But people always make decisions on the first impression and you will agree with me on this that a long para cant retain good reader irrespective of the content you are sharing with them. And to say from the visual point of view a long para sounds boring and make people think that you don’t know the etiquette of writing skills and how to break your thoughts into a way that is appealing both to eyes and mind. Blog writing should be organized as well and more intricately into an multiplicative way as it captures the interest of the readers. Pay special attention on your punctuation’s as it tends to change the meaning of the sentence.

images (1)Focus on retaining the interest then on selling – It’s easy to mention the products or services you want to sell as a blog or an article always contains and try and sell something. There is always a thin line that separates the selling technique of selling a product or service and a a traditional selling way on a street market. Many bloggers we encounter recommend that we writers should try and make the sales part as the major part of the blog. Try and add something that can add value to your blog and not a sales tag promoting sales in your each sentence as that will make all your customers realize what you feel of them – a potential source of money and they will stop reading your blogs as they won’t find anything new or interesting and in the process you helped them to save time.

Talk only about those subjects which readers are interested in reading – Blog shouldn’t be a dairy of a writer containing irrelevant information. Blog should always focus on all major issues that appeal to all others rather than appealing you as a writer.

That’s all one should to concentrate on while writing a perfect blog with relevant info.


How To Promote Business Through Personal Posts On Social Media

downloadIt’s a big responsibility on every employee to promote their business in best possible way. It’s a big task too to get everyone see your personal tweets or status updates on social sites like Facebook and twitter. Social media is one of the best platforms to promote your business as not only it has the maximum reach but can get meteorite rise to your business compared to a steady growth. A hybrid of a personal and professional profile can create good business. It is history when an employee would talk only formally about its company. Nowadays individuals get a leverage because of social media and they need not present their company and business in a media trained way. One need not be a specifically trained person or should have credentials of a spokesperson. With social media every employee of the company is a spokesperson and is free to represent the company to outside world. And to compliment the need of promoting business it’s every company need to have their employees to be available on all social media.

Reply to certain questions with social media framed answers -All employees have freaking out problem. After a tiring week all individuals want to go out and have someone and don’t want their personal or professional problems to follow them there. But it’s certain in a party, get together or a formal dinner one is likely to meet people who puts up a question about your professional profile and what one does. One hears this question and cringe over whereas the opposite eyes glaze over in an anticipation of a reply. Social media has overcome this problem to much extent as social media provides all professionals storytelling skills which always helps them to answer this certain question in a much better way boosting employee’s as well as company’s image in front of all.

Working procedure -First step to this is to assist companies in derive a social media ready message out of their brand message in a perfect translated version which has similar message but a different content altogether and should sound appealing to viewers and listeners. For e.g. if you work with Nike group then you won’t tell your friends you are working with Nike group or “Just do it” brand but there is an alternative way to convey the same message with same principles to your friends which somehow makes up their mind to be a customer of Nike. Tell your friends about web apps that your company gets employees to fill out, and about many online questionnaire about company’s product that somehow touches your professional grounds, your goals, what you do, and who do your serve and reminds all of why you like working with the company. Social media campaigns help employees create a personal elevators that clubs your professional strength with employer’s goals. Social media automatically converts all these pitches into social media identities, LinkedIn profiles.

imagesPersonal profile is equally important – Nowadays it isn’t that easy to separate professional and personal life. One tries to maintain a healthy environment at workplace and be friends with co-workers. We try and help our buddies if they are without job. One can use the same social media be it LinkedIn or Facebook and can have a network of all buddies to talk business or personal, share achievement stories or funny jokes.

Social media Netiquettes– Be genuine with social media. Try and show only what your company stands for, your goals, your stakeholders, your clients, and your dedication to our business and your hope from customers. Asking your employees to have the same cover page linked to their personal profiles will only add to more and more business view. When company gives you this much and you are linked with it a positive way company has a right to expect this much from you.

LinkedIn a best social media for start-ups – Professional always dream of standing among white collared crowd and there is nothing wrong about it. Getting your business to have a professional approach in marketing is also one of the best way to promote business. Always encourage your work team to hunt for a client on LinkedIn profile before a meeting as there are professionals who only prefer to get linked to professionals and this is possible only at LinkedIn. Searching a client on LinkedIn profile and getting it into the conversation is one of the best way to bring to reach a mutual platform.