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5 Rules Of Social Media All Entrepreneurs Must Be Aware Of

socialmedia (1)Social media has the power of influencing the audiences greatly where some businesses have thousands plus followers while some thrive extremely hard to gain at least hundreds. To gain more online fans, you as an entrepreneur should understand the 5 rules of social media that are listed below so that you can keep up with them and obtain the greatest fan-following online:

1.      Create rich and relevant content:

First and foremost step is to create and provide rich content to distinguish you on social media. If you ably balance your own thoughts and other people’s content effectively, you can actually excel in providing quality content to the audience and thus, attract large traffic to your site. Quantity does not have much relevance, what is relevant is the quality of the content. Your content should be highly persuading to the audiences thus compelling them to share it immensely with other people in their network.

2.      Be social and engaging:

On social media, it is utterly important to be there for your audience so that you can respond to their queries or questions related to your content, brand, or industry. If you remain visible all the time to your audience, they would feel valued and attended. It is necessary to be engaged with them online so that you build priceless relationships with them and these relationships will be valuable for the growth of your business because of their conversions thus, boosting your ROI.

3.      Create content that is niche-specific:

On social media, either you can publish general articles based on general topics or publish content that is specifically targeted to a niche audience. Specializing in one or few areas for developing content would actually be more rewarding because there are audiences that continuously keep looking for content or articles based on specialized areas. What is different if you too provide general articles? Mostly, all do that. You possibly might obtain high traffic if your content is capable of fulfilling the specific needs of the readers, and eventually, even pull the people in the groups of the readers.

4.      Use your business to build social media and vice versa:

As an entrepreneur, you might actually find spending time on social media more distracting from other more important business processes. Since it is such a time consuming activity, you actually should integrate your thought leadership with a profit-making company for effective involvement in social media. You might consider exemplifying your skills and expertise on social platforms or blogs to broadcast posts that are relevant to audiences thereby boosting your social media following.

5.      Adopt to each social network’s culture:

Each social network has its own culture and the successful entrepreneurs embrace it acceptable instead of using the same content across all platforms. It does not mean that you bombard every social site with huge content daily, keep your content specific and relevant according to the users’ behavior on each networking site and this behavior is sure to vary; so should your content vary. For an instance, LinkedIn is about sharing business and corporate related content while Facebook is about sharing photos or video links of your company and brand. Identify the culture and act accordingly.

6 Tips To Make Your Content Go Spreading Like Fire

Viral-StuffDigital and online marketers often focus on creating content that goes viral since it spreads rapidly and helps you build backlinks in a very short span of time with lesser efforts put in. Backlinks not only divert traffic to your site but also list your site higher in the search results helping you to draw even more visitors. However, very little content goes viral over the internet but you can still assess that content which has hit maximum shares to find out what actually had made it so popular. Here is a guide of six tips that could actually be helpful to you to spread your content online like fire.

1.      Be as absurd as you can:

If we take a look at the most popular videos or content, they actually had some absurd characters in it which made it popular. If you too can think on those lines and uniquely create your content or visual content with appealing characters, you will absolutely see the brighter side of using this strategy boosting social shares and online traffic as well thereby increasing your brand recognition. But use this tip carefully without overdoing it. Manipulate it properly or else it might damage your brand on the other hand also.

2.      Use the essence of emerging trends in your content:

You can actually attract enormous attention by publishing fresh, regular, and unique content on the lines of emerging trends. People might actually find it appropriate to share such happening content resulting in the number of backlinks and online traffic to your site. You might also improve your search engine results because of Google’s regards to timely and fresh content.

3.      Think of innovative sound bites:

Think of some videos that had catchy lines and people just could not stop talking about it repeatedly and sharing it with numerous people. Find some catchy line that is relevant to your brand and release such videos that have unique tunes. You never know, sometimes sound bites also could boost your incoming traffic on your site.

Viral-Content-300x2024.      Make use of images and graphics:

The most frequently shared kind of content is the one with visuals and graphics. Long paragraphs are not so appealing but content with relevant images have the power of persuading the users to share it as much as possible. Graphics also develops an interest in the readers thus, making them come back to you for some more interesting visual content.

5.      Get hold of an online influencer:

Building relationship with an online influencer that has a huge fan following can be highly beneficial to you and your brand because his name alone in your content or your content on his blog would draw more visitors to your site. You could request the influencer to share your best content on his social media platforms for obtaining a flood of visitors and in turn, making your content epidemic.

6.      Offer value for time:

Your content would be spread only if it is worthy and has value. Try to provide much more than your competitors. If value is provided, traffic will keep coming to your making their visit and time worthwhile.

Improve Your SEO Through 5 Strategies Of ‘Link Building’

Link-Building (1)Google’s algorithm updates of Penguin and Panda have led to more changes in the world of digital marketing in the past two years. Both the updates have changed everything of online marketing practices, from how ‘backlinks’ should be designed to how sites should be created.

Backlinks are those links that bring visitors to your site from another site. If you build these links properly, you can actually improve your website’s search engine optimization. So if you are yet stuck up in the old practices of link-building, it is high time now that you use upgraded link building strategies for best SEO and here are some areas where you need to improve your activities for the best results:

1.      Guest Posting:

Penning an article that would be published on another company’s site is the process of guest blogging. This technique not only helps you to gain access to a newer audience but also assures you one worthy back link directed to your site. To maximally benefit from this strategy, you need to work with highly regarded well known blogs and send them only your excellent content for publishing them on their sites. Guest posting focuses only on building healthier relationships with other sites and their audiences.

2.      Creation of Infographics:

People generally like to share data in images and graphic form because it is one of the most pleasing ways for sharing. If you devote some time and effort in developing attractive and interesting Infographics, it has the potential of being shared from one person to another, resulting in building new links each time your Infographics is referenced on some other site. Of course, it definitely takes money and time to develop a valuable infographic but when it is done correctly, the investment yields high returns in terms of links.

seolinktactics3.      Build links through email:

Google has started cracking down those links that are found in the footers or blog sidebars of the web pages.  Hence, building ‘in-content’ links; links that are in the body of the content of the referring web pages has become crucial. You can build such links through email link building wherein you mail potential linking sites and request them to place your link on every relevant page.

4.      Creation of share-worthy content:

For effective link building, viral content development is crucial. It is the process of creating and publishing highly worthy content that can be highly shareable on your site and then planting those links on famous social networking sites. It is obvious that if you create valuable content, people would not be reluctant to share it with others.

5.      Assess competitor’s links:

There are various tools and applications that allow you to view those websites that link back to your competitors’ sites. You can actually explore numerous ideas for potential sources by viewing the backlink profiles of your competitors. You definitely might want t make use of these opportunities.

If you maintain a strict link-building strategy, your focus will definitely broaden on generating highly worthwhile links that will also appear very natural to the search engines.

Tips To Design Share-Worthy Content Optimized Maximally For Search

get-found-in-cyberspace-300x199As an owner of a website, you definitely must be concerned about having a top position in the search engine results. In order to get high rankings in the search results, your website should be optimized perfectly for major search engines. While doing this, you not only should focus on optimization of the content but also make your content go viral online across all the platforms of social media. To maximize both these attributes and attract more traffic to your website, here are some fundamental steps to keep in mind:

1.      Discover the keywords you aspire to rank for:

The very first step is to recognize which all keywords should be targeted. To do this, use Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool by logging into your Google account. Punch in all the possible keywords or keywords phrases you think might be looked for. Keep modifying these keywords until you explore additional keywords too which you might have not considered.

2.      Relevantly place the keywords in your content:

Now that you have explored and obtained the keywords, analyze where you can actually insert them in your content in order to optimize the content for better search rankings. Use the keyword once in the title tag of the article to give an idea of the overall content. Next is, use the keywords for about three to five times in the rest of the article for perfect optimization. Do not overstuff the keywords or it might get rejected by the search engines. Thus, your content or links would appear in the search engine results because of perfect optimization of keywords in the content.

create-share-worthy-content-optimized-search3.      Develop content that is worthy of sharing:

While developing content, your focus should be in writing creative content for the targeted keywords. This content should be highly distinguished and insightful so that your audience will also wish to share it with other groups and people in their network. You might want to consider developing useful content that illustrates more about statistics and numbers or guides on targeted topics. You could even think of developing funny content or funny stories so that your audience actually enjoys reading and sharing it. To attract more traffic, Infographics content also works the best because it involves content in the form of visual content through videos or images. Take a look at the social media profiles of those influences that have a high influence on the target audience for determining what type of content you should create. Also see, what type of content often goes viral. Focus on providing added value to your audience.

4.      Endorse your content:

Grow your online network so that your content gets followed. Liked, tweeted, and shared. Focus on building valuable and genuine relationships with those influencers online who have the power of influencing your target audience. You search engine rankings would improve when your articles and content is shared via links from their blog or website. Your brand can actually advance to the next level when you effectively integrate social marketing and SEO together.

Link Building: The Best Channel To Promote Your Site’s Content

403616727_eccce913dc-300x225Assets that can be linked are widgets, pages, discounts, tools, relationships, and any other pages or people associated with your business organization that provides incentives to others to share all the links with their website visitors. When you absolutely understand what can be linked about your business as well as all the types of assets that help you earn links in your industry, you will find it very easy to identify your link opportunity kinds. Identifying these kinds actually make your more influential at prospecting for these link opportunities. Following are few linkable asset divisions that will make it easy for you to think about all the linkable assets beneficial for your organization.

Free tools and apps on your site:

Do you ever provide free web-based tools or apps to your website visitors? If it is so, then you already have attracted quite a lot of links naturally. If you have not yet promoted such tools for effective link building, then these widgets could actually be helpful to you to develop more links.

Give away products or services for contests, donations, or review:

You can easily earn links if you give away products and/or services through thank-you pages, product or service review from experts, and through contests in your industry. It is the easiest way to build links but your competitors might have already used this path. However, this path can be extremely rewarding as it helps you to obtain contact details provided by customers by virtue of contests.

Tools, widgets, data, and images for publishers:

Have you ever designed tools, widgets, data, or images that publishers of other sites are open to add to their sites? Embedded tools, infographichs, research datum, and other types of information designed for the purpose of giving them away is a powerful and classic method for generating links. If you are in possession of any of these assets and you have not yet promoted them aggressively, then you definitely are missing out on valuable relationships and links.

link-buildingSubject experts and though leaders:

If your organization has subject matter experts and thought leaders, make them productive as their writings and sharing them would help you build links through guest posts, interviews, and even quote contributions to news publications in your industry.

Events, Job listings, and coupons:

You also have good link opportunities open if your business organization consistently puts on events, publishes job openings, or even launches new products/services. Many cities have event schedules that will readily publish information about your event and even post links on their own sites for gaining more information through signup.

Regular publishing through videos, blogs, Twitter, podcast and even more:

Is your organization into daily publishing of content? These assets open up a large number of link opportunities for you through niche social news websites, blogs, PDF submissions, and blog directories.


Money is the most important linkable asset because if you have enormous money, you can offer it in exchange of a link to another website. Purchasing link opportunities is however easy and even your competitors do it.

You need to think creatively and broadly when you begin with your link-building campaign so that you obtain effective, stronger, and influential campaign design.

6 Steps For Guest Blogging To Increase Website Traffic

th1As a website owner, you must be definitely worried about attracting larger website traffic. Well, you actually do not need to be highly skilled in using strategies for online marketing such as paid search, SEO or social media marketing in order to gain high visibility and obtain huge traffic. One of the best routes for business owners who keep thriving to generate traffic is to set up his/her self as a highly credible niche influencer. One of the ways to attain this is to submit blog posts to various other sites known as “guest blogging”.

There are multiple benefits of guest blogging which are highly significant. Some of them include building and improving the author’s rank because Google has high regards for the authors of the articles and how their rankings are on search engines, generation of inbound links that link your content from other sites, creating brand awareness which increases the opportunity for audiences to look for your content and thus, relate your name with your brand, association of your brand’s name with other more well known brands that have high rankings in search results and in turn will help you obtain huge traffic, driving credible leads and traffic as well as developing referral traffic, and lastly, generation of social signals and obtain popularity.

The process of guest blogging is neither difficult nor time consuming. Here are six steps to get you started:

1.      Sign up and optimize your social persona:

Set up and complete your Facebook page, Google+ account, LinkedIn profile, and even Twitter account if you have not yet. Also make sure that your site contains all the links to your social sites and vice versa.

2.      Write a minimum of 5 articles about your brand and publish them on your site:

You need to develop a rich and influencing content for your site which is impressive. Your articles should necessarily contain interesting information, perfect grammar and spellings, sub headings, proper text formatting, and some images too.

Jun13_Post-13.      Identify those sites for whom you would guest blog:

Begin by contacting those connections you have developed over time. You could reach out to those accounts that can help you publish your articles. You could even use Google’s AdWords Tool to research keyword phrases relevant to your industry. According to the generated list of keywords, follow up those content publishers that will publish your content.

4.      Begin to reach out:

For this, you can easily find the email address of an editor. If there is no response from the editors, you can try mailing one of the authors directly on the website. You can look for them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter also. When you contact these editors, show them your passion about your business and industry. Also put forth your goals and reasons for contributing and also provide them the links of your best articles.

5.      Begin writing and sharing as much as possible:

When you start getting responses, develop enthusiasm to write for the editors on various topics and share them with your editors. Don’t forget to acknowledge them and express your gratitude.

6.      Keep up with this entire process:

Continue to present new ideas of topics to new publishers. Repeat this entire process in order to build influence, working relationship, and high credibility with each publisher.

Engrossing Online Content Is An Important Key For SEO

images (17)As an owner of a website and a business, you need to pay special attention to your online marketing strategy and rich quality content because of the recent updates in search engine algorithms. If you consistently suffuse good quality content on your website, it portrays to the search engines and even to the customers that your company is highly active and continuously providing rich information, making you a reliable source of information. Great content also helps in generation of links to your pages from other authors, bloggers, and publishers. These inbound links help you obtain referral traffic and eventually, your search rankings would also get a boost.

Google considers a few of the key attributes that define high quality of content and those are longer content, appropriate images and videos, proper formatting of text, correct grammar and spellings, your outbound links to other good sites, and your inbound links and shares from various other reliable and sophisticated sources. An appropriate content strategy demands a substantial amount of efforts, talent, and time. But as you own a business and running it, you might not find time to create content for your website. If this is the case, you could probably consider hiring a professional for content creation and publish blog posts, white papers, and even e-books. But regardless of who manages content creation for your website, following few content strategies could be highly beneficial:

images (16)Internal content: For the consistent generation of rich quality content, company blogs are the smoothest format. Instead of just outsourcing the job of managing blog to a single writer, you could assign this task to those employees who are influential and can provide readers with a broader perception of the company. You could even consider rebuilding the purpose of your content and blogs on your website. Many content management frameworks allow administrators to edit and approve before the posts go live so that everything is appropriate- your content, proper spellings and grammar, and proper formatting.

External Publishing of Content: You and your employees not just write content but also participate in guest blog posts to publishers on external sources. In order to establish your influence and authority, newsletters and guest posts on various blogs are the most effective ways. Of course, you will have to spend a lot of time on relationship building for securing opportunities of guest posting.

Go beyond written texts: The emphasis of SEO is written words but you can consider portraying your brand’s or company’s image through video blogs, podcasts, and various visual content. Short videos, custom slideshows, and pins on Pinterest have a great power of attracting heavy traffic. Such multimedia approach for content marketing also helps in improving the search engine rankings. Apart from search engines like Google, publishing videos and slideshows can also improve your content rankings on other sites like YouTube or SlideShare.

As newer social media platforms are coming up, companies need to stay focused by creating and providing rich quality and engrossing content across various platforms. This might lead to sophisticated brand development and greater awareness in addition to increasing website traffic, sales, and leads.

Some Important Questions You Need To Ask For Your Content Strategy

images (14)As an owner of the business, you need to understand that your content strategy has an impact on your social media presence and web traffic. Professional content experts and strategists build various stories for businesses and brands through powerful content and search engine optimization so that the brand image remains consistent across all types of platforms.

Content strategists make sure that appropriate SEO practices are followed and they even recommend new paths to be taken for content, but it is absolutely not necessary to hire someone to take care of your content strategy because it is you who is maximally familiar with your business. In fact, if you manage and design your own content strategy, you can learn a repertoire of skills that will only be beneficial to you as it will greatly improve your decision making in the long run. Here is an insight of some of the basic questions related to content strategy:

Who your readers should be?

Your readership should be surrounded by highly structured content strategy. You are not looking to create a pull effect on a wide audience but only for a market of specific readers. Hence, do not just focus on publishing but on content marketing. You need to keep your content adhering to the topics your readers are looking for so that they can get good information. Besides, you too would be able to attract not only great traffic but also quality traffic. You never know, if you try some unusual ways to plan your content, you could transform an involved reader into your new customer.

What is your brand’s influential power?

You should keep this in mind that your brand’s voice should remain consistent across all the delivery channels you make use of. Your brand should portray your superego along with sophistication. Your content strategy should be informed by your customers’ expectations from you and not by what your company actually is.

images (15)Are you using latest SEO practices?

You should make use of latest SEO basics in order to design your content in such a manner that you attract maximum traffic to your website. You could use a basic SEO strategy of highly searched keyword or even a blog post that has the power of generating social media traffic. Understand and then use the latest SEO practices that experts use.

Do you equally love competition as your industry?

The hardcore resource for keeping up with your own content strategy is to extremely love your work. Before your company’s brains, it is you who is well aware of the vision you are wishing to reflect through your content. You need to dive deep into the competition to find pearls filled with content strategies. You need to study the entire content strategy of your competitors so that you can also come up with unusual strategies.

Content strategy is the essence of designing and publishing content for your readers so that you can attract huge traffic to your website, of course, your second objective of improving the rankings would also be beneficial.

3 Simple Yet Astonishing Ways To Look For New Clients

images (13)For businesses, it has become extremely important to find new clients so that they can be converted in order to generate revenue from them. But finding clients is not as easy as finding shells on the seashore. It is almost like climbing the Mt. Everest. That is why; business owners use various trial and error tactics in order to find new clients. A whole department is employed who continuously keep brainstorming and come up with new strategies for finding new clients who would avail the business offerings. Here are few techniques that could be helpful to connect with new customers.

Approach the customers directly:

It is very necessary for you, as a business owner, to understand that identifying a target market is extremely essential because your product/services would be availed only by those users that are actually in need of your offerings and not all would avail them. Hence, identify a target market for your offering and accordingly reach out to them directly. Stalls can be installed at various places in order to spread the awareness of your offerings and only then, people will come to you and a selected niche group will opt for buying your product/service. Hence, approaching them straightforward is a good move.

Offer never-ending service:

We all have heard and even understand the concept of “after-sales-services”. This concept emphasizes on providing customer assistance to all the customers who have availed your product/service. Well, if you provide customer care services to your customers, it is nothing unusual or new; everybody does that. But if you reach out to those people who are not your customers and you even provide them with unlimited customer care services, they would be highly obliged and even give a thought to become your customers and later, loyal customers. Hence, take this unusual step and reach out to new customers or clients.

Yellow Warning Sign - Customers AheadMake your direct mail distinguishable:

If you think of reaching out to customers and new clients through direct emails, it is a very usual and conventional way. But think of it this way, if you adopt a different way to acquire new customers such as creating banners or hoardings with your business offerings printed on them or even through direct marketing on the roads, you definitely have an opportunity to acquire new clients because you are approaching them where they are. Identify those areas where you could find your maximum number of customers and clients and reach out to them so that they get converted and eventually turn out to be valuable.

The key component to acquire new customers and clients is to continuously keep thinking about them, their needs. Your business offerings should be capable of fulfilling their needs and only then, they would come to you and be with you with a long relationship. The moment you acquire the customers, provide excellent and unconditional services to them and provide support to them in every possible way so that they do not switch at any cost.

5 Tips For Using LinkedIn Maximally For Your Business

LinkedIn-LogoLinkedIn is used frequently used by employers or job-seekers to find employment opportunities or provide employment. But LinkedIn can be used beyond this. This social networking site is accessed by millions of people across various countries because this site also offers a great opportunity to find and connect with new customers and even identify leads.

LinkedIn is an awesome tool that is not optimally used by businesses usually. It is a tool that helps in building more relationships with the current customers and it also allows connecting with the existing contacts to find new prospects and connect with them too. There was LinkedIn research conducted and it suggests that LinkedIn users are more likely to become customers of those brands with whom they have interacted with them over LinkedIn and most of the users also say that they would prefer to connect with companies on such platforms.

Here are 5 tips for using LinkedIn in the best possible way for your business:

1.      Create a personal page and a company page:

It is very important for business owners to have a personal LinkedIn and a company account. LinkedIn provides for creating special “Company Pages” that allows LinkedIn users to let users follow you. You definitely can take advantage of this platform wherein you can share all the information about your company and what your company does. You can even share information about your company on your personal page too so that even your personal contacts on LinkedIn know what you and your brand do.

2.      Seek advices:

Using common sense is natural. But sometimes, you might need recommendations and asking for recommendations from your loyal customers is not a bad move. But you need to make sure that your questions or requests do not get backfired you because your customers might think you lack common sense.

images (12)3.      Give a gist of some “behind the scenes” of your company:

Most of the companies have blogs wherein informative content is shared on LinkedIn. If blogging is not your cup of tea, do not run behind it. Instead opt for posting those posts that include your company’s involvement for a social cause or for a charity event. It completely portrays a distinguished image of your company. You can still find new customers on LinkedIn through such tactics.

4.      Frequent posting is must:

If you keep posting frequently, your rankings might improve because Google favors those sites or profiles that are updated on a daily basis. Hence, your search rankings would improve and you would be searched by users frequently thereby, improving your visibility.

5.      Use LinkedIn for identifying new leads:

You can definitely use your personal and LinkedIn company contacts to find new prospects and leads. You can even opt for asking your customers to introduce you to their group contacts or even contact those contacts directly. Reach out to them very politely and they would not be reluctant to convert in no time.

Should You Really Propagate Your SEO By Means Of Various Layers?

seoThe SEO practices have evolved a lot in due course of time. A decade before, an SEO expert might have spent several hours on keywords, manipulation of content, and title tags. These days, an expert must be equipped with broader set of skills and think creatively and more strategically. This is because there has been a paradigm shift in “layering” or Search Market Integration. This new concept has compelled digital marketers to become champion collaborators who can efficiently use cross-departmental measures to boost the rise in visibility. This concept focuses on adding SEO as an essential review layer on top of all the marketing measures. SEO needs to be integrated with all the aspects of your brand or business in order to conceptualize the working of SEO and this result to great success.  It helps in visualizing all these concepts and coordinating them properly.

In order to become a champion collaborator and achieve maximally out of your hard work, layering helps you penetrate through four important areas by your collaborative efforts:

  1. Interaction: The foremost aspect every digital marketer should consider is to learn to interact with all the departments of the organization. This has to be done on a regular basis that too consistently so as to get the results produced. In order to hunt down the SEO opportunities existing within your organization, communication is the only way to attain it. This essentially includes being a part of the cross-departmental conferences and meetings, formal training sessions and happy hours. If you find it comfortable uncovering the SEO opportunities at the water cooler, do it.
  2. Persuasion: Now that you have unveiled and identified the opportunities through interaction, your next step is to encourage your colleagues to help you attain your goals. The smartest way to achieve this is finding a master within each department. You can explore various tactics to motivate your colleagues. If you can spot a dependable “point-of-contact”, it would be highly beneficial and help you turn your ideas into a proper course of action.
  3. seo-300x225Organization: This is perhaps the most challenging part of championing the skill of cross-department collaborations. If you are not organized from the beginning, you will find yourself in a very struggling state organizing and motivating your colleagues. It is highly recommended that you put the best setup in place from the beginning, right before even you start communicating with people. Digital project management tools such as Basecamp or idea organization tools such as mind maps and collaboration tools such as tracks are highly beneficial tools to aid you in this entire process.
  4. Implementation: The entire implementation process will be different because every new and nature of SEO opportunity will vary. Some opportunities would be very easy to catch while some would require immense amount of effort and time for effective link building. The system that you incorporate should be designed in such a manner that is should be efficient enough in handling all the tasks with great coordination.

The word of search marketing has changed tremendously. Content yet rules and link building is yet chief but collaborating both is the key to success.

A Guide To Choosing Excellent Social Media Platform For Your Brand

Social-Media-300x300As an owner of a business, it is highly crucial for you to choose the most effective social media platforms, at least those that offer the best opportunities for reaching out and endorsing to the potential audiences is considered to be suitable for your business. Most companies and digital marketers might not be too successful on every platform that consumes lot of resources and bandwidth. Instead of having an average or below-average representation on lots of platforms, champion in selected ones. So how do we decide on selecting the platforms that best cater to the needs? Here is a guide of most of the important platforms pertaining to your business requirements.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is extremely accomplished and skilled networking site. Even before “social media” term came into vogue and yet there was social networking, LinkedIn was in existence. It is one of the smartest ways of building corporate networks in the business world and making them productive at the most as and when necessary. It is great if you wish to reach out to people and tell them you are there when they need you. It also comprises of groups and discussion forums wherein you can place an opinion of your interest, manifest your transparency, entreat advice, ask various questions and even answer question, allowing your skills to impress other users. It is a highly apt platform for service providers rather than retailers and manufacturers because it becomes quite easy to talk about your services and the nature of your services.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a content-sharing site that allows its members to post or pin videos, photos, and other content to the pin-boards. This site is dominated by the female audiences and is ideal for brands or businesses that mostly focus on visual imagery form of marketing. It is the best platform to publish photos more often related to your brand, your offerings, and services.  You automatically can see who has commented on your posts or who has liked them and even shared them. Each pin-board is linked to the user’s profile page so that other people can see the pinner, the business, the brand behind the videos or photos.

socialmediaYouTube: YouTube is perhaps the most powerful platform that is visual-driven which fascinates a lot of audiences. It has become very famous because of the company-made videos. It is viewed by audiences worldwide and this is the reason why most of the people post their videos on YouTube in order to spread the fever. The only key to effectively use YouTube is to endorse your product/service in the most unusual and attractive manner because nobody would even care to watch a video that is boring.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the most influential tools in the world because of the size of the users on it. You on your own can choose what you wish to look at and what you wish to share. This is the alone platform that provides with a broad spectrum of opportunities to businesses. It is more about building relationships and directly interacting with the audiences and followers.

Twitter: Twitter is almost like text messaging that includes ongoing conversations. It is one of the best platforms for businesses that wish to reach out to people and expect them to reply. Breaking news, receive opinions, and updates is what you do on Twitter.

The Real Meaning Of Hummingbird Of Google For SEO Strategy

seo_target-300x187In this competitive world of SEO and internet, although latest SEO practices are being used, nothing will remain constant. New strategies would keep popping up in order to beat the rankings through optimization of sites according to the most searched keywords. But when Google launched its Hummingbird, everything just changed because a new benchmark was set.

Hummingbird is Google’s absolutely new algorithm that takes a modern approach for search engine queries in an intelligent manner with the aid of new technology integrally combined with the existing features of algorithms. It is a tiny bird that is notable for its accuracy and speed. It is one of the smartest ways to look up into the search engines for queries. It recognizes voice and the searcher just needs to speak up whatever he/she is searching for instead of typing long words of phrases or sets of keywords. It has broken all the old habits of searching information. In the existing manner, we type in our queries into the search engines and the smart algorithm of the search engine elects words from it sending us on a hen’s chase by providing us with a list of links that have those specific keywords embedded in them instead of providing us those links that are exactly in the context of our query.

Google-HummingbirdWhat SEO Experts need to understand that how to take advantage of Hummingbird for maximum optimization. To increase the brand’s exposure, there are various challenges they encounter such as if keywords have less importance then long keywords are more important, even the capability of answering the queries via content is important and there are links that are yet not that effective. In all such circumstances, if “content” is the crux of solutions, then the brands must definitely make use of Hummingbird. It is only the opportunities that search engines must be given matters greatly. It implies that you, as a business and website owner need to broaden your opportunities by increasing the number of entries of web pages that answer the queries being asked to you with reference to your industry. More number of entrance web pages with unique content will attain several objectives that can stop Hummingbird from wandering.

  • More original pages offer greater number of opportunities to answer the queries punched into the search engines.
  • An extensively vast coverage area of the topic for your expert opinion.
  • An opportunity to debut longer keywords.
  • Accessing the news site for your industry and writing unique content from the existing stories.
  • Videos are still preferred and attractive for those selecting links with answers to their queries.
  • Infographichs are precisely accurate and is one of the greatest ways to answer to the queries in an attractive and creative manner.

Thus, Hummingbird offers for more exposure, especially for small or newly launched websites. The advantage of creating more entrance pages that are as unique and attractive as the large websites is commendable. Since traffic-driven branded keywords have been eliminated via Secure Search, Hummingbird now receives queries, blog content, the ability to widen website, and entrance pages with intent to answer more queries has now become a crucial component of SEO strategy.

Make The Most Out Of Your Brand’s Content For Social Media

social-media-content-strategy-225As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you must realize that there are a minimum of 1,000 ways to involve people by asking them questions, daily offering them tips, or even posting fun facts associated with the nature of your business. It is advisable that you post photos and videos rather than texts or content articles because maximum number of online users shares photos and videos than texts. You could even look forward to organize a contest for people because the idea of being victorious means a lot and when you give away few dollars as prize money, you already would have shared your message.

You need to put content that is helpful, useful, and makes you a relevant resource which is essentially enticing people to take part. So your content needs to be creative, little controversial, clever, and entertaining. To obtain a “wow” response from people coming across something unusual, you need to create a plan that comprises of all the typical forms of content such as photos, videos, conversation, blogs, and some links connecting your website with the platform. In the due course of time, you will realize that your quality content would get exhausted when you start posting on a regular basis. In that case, you definitely need to be backed by a highly creative social media team so that they make rich and relevant content ready whenever you need it.

In order to have fluent and rich content, you need to allot different tasks to different groups of people related to content developing. You can allot few people the work of finding rich sources for finding interesting content, few would be brainstorming about spreading awareness and sharing your brand’s USP while some can be allotted the work of posting only photos and videos on various social media websites. Appropriate distribution of tasks is extremely necessary so that the burden does not come only on one group of people and the quality is maintained consistently otherwise burdening might distort the quality of the content.

social-media-300x163In order to find innovative and unique content, you will constantly need to monitor the news flowing and the influencers in your industry along with compiling a wide range of sources for developing content. Social media strategy deals with utilizing content obtained from various external sources. Most of the established SEO experts and aggregators collect, organize, and offer content from a stock of notable sources and classify them by topics and themes. These websites usually republish the original content and provide a link to get full access although some also focus on providing commentary and interpretation too.

Social media also provides to find content opportunities such as the Google RSS feeds, LinkedIn Today, and Twitter Stories and all these platforms send you notifications throughout the entire day. Of course, for this, you will need to install software in order to receive regular feeds. News stories, current events that are in trend is one of the most remarkable sources of content and it is considered to be smart if you comment on such news feeds that are relevant to the nature of your business.

Make the most out of your social media content strategy to involve most of the audiences out there and gain maximum visibility.