A Comprehensive SEO Approach For Newly Launched Websites

downloadStartups have a lot of things to handle- recruitment, documentation, outreach, development, financing, testing and yet many things. Startups really need to push it too much in their initial phase. Entrepreneurs undoubtedly excel in their own fields but they probably might lack a little knowledge about online marketing and SEO strategies. It utterly does not mean that you hand over the entire task of optimizing your website to an expert only. Even using the best SEO practices in the early phase can even pay remarkably.

For entrepreneurs, it is extremely necessary to get visibility online so that online users know about your existence in the market. This goal can be achieved only by putting up effective SEO strategies in place. Here are few essential SEO steps you could implement your new startup site.

Have a smart setup:

Make it a point to install Google Analytics and link it with Google Webmaster Tools so that you get a better insight of how far your website is appealing to the users.

Conduct a research on the set of keywords:

Compile all your offerings-products/services. Relate them to a few set of keywords or try to analyze to what your business offerings can be associated with. Try to come up with as many combinations of keywords as you can pull off. For advanced assistance, use Google Keyword Planner to get an idea of additional keywords. To check the performance level of your listed keywords, insert them in the Keyword Planner. You will obtain a large volume on few set of keywords which automatically become your target keywords or phrases.

Time for optimization:

After obtaining the target keywords, you can now go ahead and optimize your website accordingly and do include the name of your business. The limit of your title tag should not go beyond 60 characters. Use unique title tags. Make it a point to include a target keyword in the URL of each page. Make your website user-friendly and make sure that all the pages on your site should open up in less than 3 hits.

imagesProvide relevant rich content:

Try to fuse in rich and unique content of at least 300 words. Create a blog on your site so that you receive often comments on your content. Also make sure that you create unique podcasts, videos, illustrations, PDFS so that you go beyond text. Create niche audiences for your offerings and often develop unique content for them. Talk about other related topics and not just about your product so that your audience is interested and keep them coming on your website.

Develop smart links:

Try to identify all the online influencers who have a large number of followers on their social sites or blogs. Follow their online activities to reach out to their followers to present your offerings to them.

SEO is not a big deal these days, only using them at the right time is crucial.

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