Using Pinterest For Your Business By Following The Commanding Rules

images (3)New social networking sites keep coming up every day. One such site which has become quite famous is the Pinterest. On this site, online users keep pinning visual images or content to a virtual pin board. As a business owner, if you have accessed this site and wish to use it for spreading the word of your business, you first need to think and decide whether Pinterest is appropriate for your business. One fact business owners should understand that not all the social media websites are fit for all the natures of business. However, these days, almost all businesses have started using Pinterest for effective marketing thus, benefiting from it.
In order to effectively gain the massive Pinterest user base for referrals for your business, you should follow these ten commanding rules as discussed below:

1.      Plan for yourself first:
Create an account and a pin board for pinning visual content and images related to your business on Pinterest. Develop a blog to regularly pin stuff on it. Internally, try integrating share buttons on Pinterest with other social media platforms.

2.      Be legitimate:
Be compliant to the terms and conditions of Pinterest. Stick to the terms of copyright. Check and recheck the source of pinning and make sure that it is legitimate. To preserve piracy or copying your pinned content, you can also add a watermark.

3.      Use creative strategies for pinning :
Don’t just stick to one board for pinning your content but use several Boards. Your content should be so creative that it should continuously urge the users to follow, pin, re-pin, comment, and like. If you’re using Pinterest to sell your products, do not forget to create a price tag along with product description. Also add hyperlinks for more details on those products.
2-wordle4.      Go social:
Don’t just dump your page with lot of pins for the sake of pinning. Pin relevant content and do not forget to like or comment on other pins too. Also keep tagging users. Don’t forget to thank your followers.

5.      Use creative visual content that is worth pinning:
Make use of various kinds of tools to create attractive images, texts, or videos related to your business for pinning on your blog. Remember, users like creative but sober content and images.

6.      Don’t just publish but also exhibit:
Don’t just keep promoting yourself but also endorse the nature and lifestyle of your business. Become the leader of pinning so that others refer you for successful pinning. Take a look at other brands that are successful in pinning.

7.      Stick to creativity while endorsing:
Use Pinterest creatively for endorsement. Include call of action in your pinned content. Also allow users to post comments and participate in competitions.

8.      Use effective SEO strategies:
Maintain perfect optimization in your content that includes set of keywords. Create a magnetic effect on users to stay on your site by using original images.

9.      Take advantage of user friendly tools:
Make use of Pin it button the browser. Also stay connected with users all the time by downloading the Pinterest App for Mobile phones.

10.  Monitor your steps to scale down the success rate of your pins:
Keep a track on recent activity to see how many have actually followed your pins thus, giving you an idea of your success rate on Pinterest.

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