Invest More In Content Marketing Strategies For The Best Results

images (11)Content marketing” was used just as a term five years before and apparently, this term has always been about marketing content. Some of the known standard forms of content include public relations, advertising, white papers, brochures, research reports, events, and even websites and these all have been used by marketers since decades. Let us take an insight into the world of content marketing and its significance.

Content Marketing has increased the bar significantly:

Since the boom of social channels and its widening scope for distribution of content across various devices, it has become extremely necessary for marketers to think innovatively about their marketing campaigns. The strategy, development, maintenance, optimization, and scaling all these channels altogether means Content Marketing Optimization (CMO) and the CMO practices now does not consider the vast data’s performance on the content.

Run to get good ranking in the Search Engine Results:

It has now been understood by all the organizations that Google has high regards for that content which caters to the users’ needs. SEO is no more about just keywords; it is also about rich and authentic content that users are actually looking for. That is why; this paradigm shift happened especially when Google started encoding searches in 2011 and marketers noted this move of Google and started adapting to the whole new content-oriented pattern with its augmenting scattered keyword referral datum. When Google, in September 2013, incorporated and applied 100%Secure Search”, it even accelerated the shift to an absolutely new pattern. However, in a haste to publish content for the latest marketing channels, several marketers missed out on two important factors: Audience and Scaling.

Audience-focused content is actually publishing that content on the mostly-accessed channels and the content is based upon the nature of the brand offerings and what the users want from the brand. You definitely can find appropriate content and disseminating channels by doing a little research, identifying segments and hire professionals for developing the right message for the identified audiences. But most of the marketers emphasize on developing content based upon keywords searched by searchers and thus, relevant content is not provided to the searchers. Hence, content developers should strongly emphasize on developing the right content for the targeted segments and only then, your website will have more new visitors coming because they find the content much relevant.

social-media-budgets-are-rising-but-marketers-need-to-invest-more-in-fresh-social-content_3333_800517798_0_0_7062490_300Second important factor that is not considered of great value to many marketers is measuring the success rate of the content delivered. These days, there are various smart tools that can be effectively used by marketers to measure the performance of the content published on different distribution channels. In fact, there are separate measuring tools for individual distribution channel. But marketers just don’t use them which lead to their terrible failure.

Had they used scaling tools, they would have optimized their content strategically along with using some effective SEO strategies for content marketing leading to an improvement in the incoming traffic also thus, improving their rankings overall in the search engine results.

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