Content Marketing: An Ultimate Way To Procreate B2B Leads

blogimage_ethicsA company’s livelihood is generally the B2B leads. Unlike B2C buys, most of the B2B products and services need research, though, and purposes before taking a buying decision. That is why; quality leads generation is the key component of B2B marketing. Although, there are several strategies businesses can execute to generate leads, 91% of the B2B marketers utilize content marketing. There are various methods B2B marketers give credit to because of more generation of leads, and undoubtedly some of them have resulted to great success.  Some strategies might work perfectly well for some businesses while for some businesses, they might fail. Here are three content marketing strategies that can be effectively used for B2B lead generation.


Webinars are mostly considered highly valuable and that is why; people do not hesitate to share their contact details and other information in exchange for obtaining training, expert knowledge, and real application and they can attain all this from their desk itself. In order to drive B2B leads via hosting webinars, make sure that you ask lead-eligible questions to scale down the intentions of the registrants for signup. You could even consider asking them about what interests them aout your product/service. While you are hosting webinars, you could consider some points as follows:

  • Topic: Choose a targeted audience-specific topic and make the title catchy that manifests a little about the topic. Allot a slot for FAQs so that your attendees get time to ask questions to the experts.
  • Orator: Pick a charismatic speaker for the webinar that generates interest throughout and holds back the audiences.
  • Survey: Try to do a survey during or after the webinar what your attendees felt about the webinar, find out what they liked and not liked about the presentation, topic, content, etc. You can make use of this information for your next webinar.
  • Recording: Record the entire webinar so that you can use it for reference to modify your next webinar.

130826_content_marketing_sales-02Industry Events:

For content marketing, industry events are like a goldmine. You can not only provide content at the happening events via live updates and speaker presentations but also use content for promoting the event in prior. Some content ideas include carrying out activities for promotion prior to the event, during the event, you can tweet live updates on the blog and even engage your organization to keep posting on the social media, and post event; you can obtain reviews using your various social media platforms. Thorough promotion is utterly necessary because during promotion, you get an opportunity to endorse content related to your product/service and even obtain feedback on the same through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Free Whitepapers and Guides:

It is very effective to use free whitepapers and guides for content marketing. Similar to webinars, recipients usually consider whitepapers and guides of high value thereby, making it easy for them to provide their contact information. When you create whitepapers, make sure your content is specific audience-based so that you get to know what that segment of audience needs.

To conclude, it is very essential for you to identify those tactics that could be executed for content marketing in order to lead B2B leads.

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