5 Tips For Using LinkedIn Maximally For Your Business

LinkedIn-LogoLinkedIn is used frequently used by employers or job-seekers to find employment opportunities or provide employment. But LinkedIn can be used beyond this. This social networking site is accessed by millions of people across various countries because this site also offers a great opportunity to find and connect with new customers and even identify leads.

LinkedIn is an awesome tool that is not optimally used by businesses usually. It is a tool that helps in building more relationships with the current customers and it also allows connecting with the existing contacts to find new prospects and connect with them too. There was LinkedIn research conducted and it suggests that LinkedIn users are more likely to become customers of those brands with whom they have interacted with them over LinkedIn and most of the users also say that they would prefer to connect with companies on such platforms.

Here are 5 tips for using LinkedIn in the best possible way for your business:

1.      Create a personal page and a company page:

It is very important for business owners to have a personal LinkedIn and a company account. LinkedIn provides for creating special “Company Pages” that allows LinkedIn users to let users follow you. You definitely can take advantage of this platform wherein you can share all the information about your company and what your company does. You can even share information about your company on your personal page too so that even your personal contacts on LinkedIn know what you and your brand do.

2.      Seek advices:

Using common sense is natural. But sometimes, you might need recommendations and asking for recommendations from your loyal customers is not a bad move. But you need to make sure that your questions or requests do not get backfired you because your customers might think you lack common sense.

images (12)3.      Give a gist of some “behind the scenes” of your company:

Most of the companies have blogs wherein informative content is shared on LinkedIn. If blogging is not your cup of tea, do not run behind it. Instead opt for posting those posts that include your company’s involvement for a social cause or for a charity event. It completely portrays a distinguished image of your company. You can still find new customers on LinkedIn through such tactics.

4.      Frequent posting is must:

If you keep posting frequently, your rankings might improve because Google favors those sites or profiles that are updated on a daily basis. Hence, your search rankings would improve and you would be searched by users frequently thereby, improving your visibility.

5.      Use LinkedIn for identifying new leads:

You can definitely use your personal and LinkedIn company contacts to find new prospects and leads. You can even opt for asking your customers to introduce you to their group contacts or even contact those contacts directly. Reach out to them very politely and they would not be reluctant to convert in no time.

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