Champion SEO Without Google Analytics Through 6 Ways

shutterstock_104881532Last year, when Google had announced that it would encode all the keyword data, webmasters moved with great urgency to find various other alternatives to track searches and some of their alternatives included gathering valuable data from Bing, taking a look at the top landing pages and utilizing AdWords statistics. But at the end of this storm, it came to this that analytic really was not much necessary and they did not govern the Search Engine Organization campaign much. Hence, here is a guide of six ways through which SEO plan can yet be successful without analytic:

Interact with your customers:

The most obvious and the simplest way to eradicate analytics completely are to cut loose the middle men and interact directly with as many loyal customers as you can. You will surely receive a great response from them which will be quite helpful to you to understand the performance rate of your SEO campaign and even identify the loopholes which need to be filled in order to optimize your SEO strategy to draw traffic source. It turns out to be highly beneficial if you hear directly from those people whom you have been able to influence a lot.

Focus more on relevant content:

Rich and relevant content works far better than that content which is analytic-oriented. Analytic-oriented content has always been more about social shares, creating backlinks, bounce rate and many other aspects. But when you create and deliver content that is just up to the expectations of the searchers and aimed at fulfilling their requirements to answer their queries, you have a better impact on the online users thus boosting your rankings in the search results also.

Keep a track of the backlinks to ensure a clear link profile:

There are various tools and programs other than analytic that can be used effectively to ensure your clean link profile. Programs like Majestic SEO and Raven SEO Tools help you boost your organic rankings and these programs also have the capability of monitoring your backlinks so that the negative links in your profile can be avoided from getting removed completely.

not-provided-seo-modelInvolve greatly into social media:

Social shares have a lot of power to boost your performance for internet marketing. Although it takes time for your content to get the maximum shares, make it a point to go as social as possible. A single post is not enough to show social presence, promote as many posts as you can across various social networking sites that you are active on. When you promote the message of your business on various networking sites, it is sure to get shared maximally thus improving the performance of your content.

Analyze your anchor text through an effective tool:

It is not necessary that you always use Google analytic to monitor the anchor text which is being used by online visitors to get to your website; you can even use Cognitive SEO for example.  This strategy is extremely important to make you realize the organic growth of your business. Such tools also give you a bright picture of all those keywords that hook most of the attention so that you can create content that is based upon these keywords.

Stay up-to-date:

A successful SEO campaign also comprises of being up-to-date about your own industry and even the SEO industry. Keep yourself updated about the recent updates also rolled out by Google so that you get a competitive edge over others and ready in advance as compared to your competitors who overlook these trends.

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