Internet Marketing – The Business Future

imagesInternet marketing is not a new term to the business and has gradually took over the traditional marketing ways but with many saying that there is no future of online marketing as search engines like

Google, yahoo etc are consistently becoming goalposts.

Internet marketing is a roller coaster ride and the showcase of it being in this trough and boom phase has been witnessed over the last decade with its increasing popularity and thoroughfare criticism. Modern media is more negative oriented as if you come across a good online marketing campaign there is less of positive saying and more of negative information that gets broadcaster. But the interesting fact about internet online marketing is , the business minds behind the initiative of using internet marketing as the tool to promote their business knows the tactic and strategies to drive all their campaign towards profitable figures unlike those who merely write and read the content.

Gone are the days when business used to built a site only for online presence with a simple website and traditional software using all kinds of keywords, niche theme, thousands of pages boosting the business and its services and covering each and every aspect with a Google advertisements. Vital keywords used between the content looked like no difference to the readers as search engines earlier were not designed in a way to distinguish between the relevant and trash content and that is why any search used to direct traffic to thousands of sites hampering the profit growth which could have been diverted only to the worth and real business content writers.

images (11)Adsense is a form of content advertising and a visitor visiting website for relevant content but being faced by the trash quickly drives through ad-sense ad in search of more relevant content relating to the search keyword. The owner of such scam sites earn money form search engines sites like google and yahoo each time a visitor clicked on their ads, content, articles, blogs etc and by banging on just hundreds no doubt many such sites make a good money out of it. Google being the master brains tried and controlled the traffic moving to such trash sites in order to save both visitors time and their profit distribution manually till they developed and launched an algorithm which allowed their bots to do the supervision and monitoring automatically which is what we now call as Google lap. Like everything has a disadvantage this algorithm blot too resulted in de-indexing of some genuine sites which questioned future of internet marketing.

This is when the seed of article marketing cropped up which attracted all these website owners to develop and generate articles free of plagiarism to let the visitors believe it is a good content but again all these scammers are always and only interested in getting rich and make a killing out of it.

With all goods and bad Google again was able to bring in something like Google slap in a revised version which filtered the cross fire from genuine sites but again with some major drawbacks. With all ups and downs we all still believe internet marketing is getting better and will dive through all odds with time.


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