How Can You Build A Great Audience On Facebook-The Biggest Social Media Networking Site Across The Globe?

images (28)Facebook is apparently the biggest social networking site frequently by billions of folks on daily basis across the globe. If you have your business on Facebook that means that you have a great opportunity to reach out hoards of audience via this fantastic medium. But what happens is folks own Facebook accounts but do not know-How to attract audience to their Facebook business page. But you need not worry as I in this article have brought you some tips to build a great audience on Facebook which is coined as today’s largest social media networking sites when compared to rest others.

  1. Create a Facebook Page
  • Add a distinct cover image and utilize you image as a profile image.
  • Create a post so when folks visit your page they can view your latest activity.
  • Ensure to like your Page and share it with your own friends.
  1. Connect to your fans with advertisements.
  • Build a number of advertisement to aid building your audiences for your Facebook Page
  • Utilize the aiming choices to display your advertisements to only the folks you desire to reach.
  • View which audience of your advertisements is best for you.
  1. download (21)Involve your fans with impressive content on your Facebook Page
  • Add a fresh post to your Page at least once a week
  • Pin your most essential posts to the top of your Facebook page
  • Ask queries, share unique views and respond to folks when they post or comment on your page.
  1. Impact the friends of your fans
  • Boost check-ins, participation in contests, events or build an offer to boost more action on your Facebook Page.
  • When folks converse with the content on your Facebook Page, their friends can also seen their activity or doings.
  • When folks perform stuff such as likes, comment or check-in to your Facebook Page, you have the chance to advertise your activities to your friends.

The above given points if followed dedicatedly can pull you hoards of visitors and these visitors have great possibility of converting into customers with time as they will trust you more and would like to hear more from you about your products and services. So if you are new to Facebook advertising or are not aware of the tips that can attract a great audience to your FB platform, it is high time that you should know and use it as a marketing tool.


How Can You Use Images For Online Advertising?

marketAre you having a difficult time doling out articles to advertise your products and services? Does the idea of trying to create a video getting on your nerves? There is yet another method to build great content to advertise your business through online marketing and it is simpler than you may be thinking.

Let’s see how you can use these images for online advertising to aid you create brand awareness, enhance your search traffic and enhance your social following online.

It is no surprise that few of the most frequented websites in the world are focused around searching or sharing pictures. For instance, following given sites constantly show up lists of top sites:

Build an Image marketing strategy

images (26)It is never too persuading someone that one of the famous traffic sources can be a picture based site such as Google Images or Pinterest. But we progress to witness it happen as more businesses are getting innovative and aggressive with their image advertising strategies.

To aid you take benefit of these fabulous traffic referral sources I have mentioned below few important steps build your own effective image advertising strategy.

  • Optimize the pictures on your site/blog
  • Set up accounts on not more than 1-2 image websites that you really utilize
  • Begin with what you already possess
  • Get to know how to operate the profile
  • Blend it well
  • Gain some exposure

Let your pictures speak for you and your business

It has been never been simpler to capture, build and utilize images to obtain your message out to those willing to know. And if your business is such that builds innovative products and offers amazing experiences, they your audience desires to hear from you even more. Pictures as already stated are an impressive way to do just that.

With a good strategy, a little innovation and a lot of dedication images can be utilized very impressively to aid business get more exposure and grow more business. Whether you are already utilizing images for business marketing and require some guidance or you are still considering the option of utilizing images to enhance your business, a lot of article available online will help you take an informed decision.


How Can Business Be Benefited From LinkedIn?

download (20)As opposed to Twitter, Facebook and other famous social networking platforms, LinkedIn is for professional  networking. It has a number of advantages for the business to business firms and also supports unique advantages for business to consumer firms.

Given below are few of the advantages for firms utilizing LinkedIn:

Create your professional network via the strength of social media.

Stuff done via genuine world networking can be developed more swiftly and effectively via an online professional networking atmosphere. It develops an ideal environment for creating your network. By utilizing LinkedIn you can review a supplier’s, accountant’s or lawyer’s references, reviews and expertise before building contact with a fresh connection.

Besides, LinkedIn offers a chance to enhance your network. When you pay a visit to a potential connections profile, LinkedIn will show the levels of separation between you and the connection. For instance, if you were to search for Tiffy Bacon’s LinkedIn profile, you would look that your accountant knows Tiffy’s attorney and the attorney knows Tiffy. Utilizing LinkedIn as a social networking tool, you can view your mutual connections with third parties. This can aid you in creating an introduction to an essential supplier, dealer, strategic partner or future employees.

images (23)Enhance exposure with a LinkedIn firm page for products, services and to pull high-grade employees

Firms can build a LinkedIn Company page that features their firm’s products or services. This will enhance exposure for your firm as there is more space on Internet where potential suppliers, employees, dealers can known regarding your products and services. Besides listing your firm will massively enhance traffic to your site by enabling you to place a suitable link to your website on your profile or company page.

Finally on your firm’s page your firm can post job opportunities. Other LinkedIn users who are searching employment can find jobs via LinkedIn and your firm will have goof opportunity to fill vacant opening with highly talented employees. Besides, potential employees who utilizing LinkedIn compared to typical job searching websites are certainly the kind of creative go-getters that a firm would instead hire.

Enhance trust and attract fresh business opportunities

No matter what the organization is, it can always enhance its trust. LinkedIn provides an impressive opportunity to receive references from past employees, customers etc. There reviews are not made public unless approved by the organization. By requesting references from persons with whom you have worked earlier, you can enhance your trust with prospective business connections. LinkedIn members can too follow firms which lets them stay up to date with essential company information.

By obtaining recommendation and owning followers on LinkedIn, a firm showcases an impressive opportunity to enhance their business. Who wouldn’t desire to work with a organization that has a number of positive reviews and LinkedIn followers?


Instagram And Its Benefits To Small Businesses

download (18)Instagram is one of the favorite hits for the purpose of image-sharing application. You can view how this photo-sharing platform just keeps burgeoning, today it has more than 90 million users. There are many big and famous brands on Instagram platform but this is the most famous app for conversations of small businesses as well. Given below are some of the best advantages of using Instagram for the purpose of small business advertising.

Advertise your products and services in an innovative way

Instagram has got a number of benefits and one of them is the way it shows images. With the given filters and editing choices, you can be as much innovative as you want. Add your style to your images. This will enhance attention of users to your image on Instagram. You will witness hoe innovative these can be and you might just get good positive comments from visitors. Besides they can share it even to other social media networking platforms by liking it.

Posts behind-the-scenes images from your business

images (20)You have the ability to take a click of almost anything and share it on the platform of Instagram. You can also post post behind-the-scene images. Majority of the times these types of posts receives comments and conversations from users. You can click while you are shooting a video or involved in your advertising stuff. Let folks view what you are up to and what all you have got to offer them through Instagram.

Update folks on your latest attractive offers and business promotions

On Instagram you can periodically share image updates regarding your business. Just share the recent activities or events that are taking place in your business-big sales (you can click pictures of products with attractive discounts), fresh collection, Instagram contests etc. Remember to use famous hashtags such as #sale or # contest. It will be simple to search your campaign for users on this fabulous social media network. We recommend you to pay visit to the most famous brand on Instagram. For example Starbucks. It will lend you with a better idea on how innovative and fashionable this app or site can be. Try finding inspiration on famous pages but never copy. Try to be extraordinary and distinct.


Twitter: Why Is Twitter A Must-have For Business Marketing?

images (18)With more than 500 million active users and an average of 5000 to 10000 new folks joining this social media site each day, Twitter is an important social media platform for not only large businesses but also for small businesses as well. This is a platform that your small business must optimize on a regular basis. If you have still not thought about using this great networking site to advertise your products and services, converse with industry champions and introduce your brand to potentially new customers and admirers, you may desire to rethink about your business marketing strategy. If you are dedicated about enhancing your small business online, you must never neglect utilizing the fabulous platform of Twitter for business marketing!

Given below are some interesting statistics to get you motivated about how serious you must be about utilizing Twitter as an important social media marketing tool?

  • Firms that utilize Twitter generate two times more business leads that those businesses who do not use Twitter.
  • More than 600 million search queries are received on Twitter in a single day.
  • Over 75 percent of individuals are more expected to buy from a company brand they follow on the platform of Twitter.
  • About 42 percent of firms that utilize Twitter for advertising have obtained a customer through this platform which is simply great.
  • Firms that have 1000+ Twitter followers receive six times more site traffic than those who do not own such great numbers.
  • About 42 percent of Twitter users utilize the medium of social media networking to research different products and services and this is what makes twitter the first choice for business marketing.

download (15)Above given social media facts and trends suggest only one thing and that is that the majority of the business owners and individuals comprehend the value of social media networking and marketing. Also they now have finally accepted that social media is no more a fantasy world. The brands which everyone is loving now days are making use of social media-specifically Twitter- as an important marketing tool that must be rightly optimized. If you still in a dilemma that you should use Twitter for your business or not or how best you can use this specific network to market products and services, you need not worry! You can get endless material on net and a number of ebooks are released on this topic where you will easily get to know that how you can make the most of Twitter platform as an essential tool for your organization.


What Are The Benefits Of Having A LinkedIn Company Page?

images (14)As the biggest professional network in the world, LinkedIn provides a number of benefits. Similar to many other social media networking platforms, organizations can utilize LinkedIn to not only advertise themselves but develop connections and create relationships. The website has over 120 million active users turning into one of the best platforms for firms to hire cream candidates, display their organizational culture and showcase their expertise.

Attract fresh talent

LinkedIn company pages attract a committed “career” section that enables you to display your employment brand to the LinkedIn users who may be searching for fresh job opportunities. You can not only post job opening under the careers section but it offers you much more. If you get your account upgraded to a silver or gold careers page, you can add videos and other such things which let professionals know more about your organization, its culture and existing employees. The careers section can also be utilized to generate more traffic to your company site and Facebook page that helps job seekers know more about your job openings and what all you have got to offer them.

images (13)A chance to associate with cream prospects

LinkedIn company pages can aid you in attracting fresh talent, but they can also make it simple for you to extend to candidates that might interest you. With a company page, you gain the capability to search more regarding your followers to know what might be perfect fit for your job openings. It is a site that enables you to see the descriptive analytic regarding your followers that includes who they are and what they are currently doing. Besides you can also straightaway message them and build a connection.

Establish trust

Your organization overview on LinkedIn network is your platform to share status updates, blog posts and your Twitter feed to aid followers and audience learn more regarding about what you do and how well you get it done. A company webpage also lends you with the capability to converse with LinkedIn users in other areas of the website embracing groups and the answer section. In groups as well as answers, you get a chance to showcase your organization’s expertise by holding discussions associated with your industry and answering questions from other LinkedIn users.

Enhance marketing

Each and every LinkedIn company page has a committed section for you to advertise your products and services. In this platform you can offer descriptive information regarding your offerings and offer links to your site for more information. To target your visitors in a better way, LinkedIn enables you to build custom campaigns dependent on industry, title, location and other domains. You have the capability to add rotating banners as well as fresh coupons to boost business sales as well.

Twitter: The Top Social Media Networking Platform For Taking Your Business To Next Level

download (8)The need for every company out there to be present on Twitter, the top social media networking platform cannot be overlooked. Being present on Twitter will not only lend your company competitive advantages over other companies that are still considering utilizing Twitter for the promotion of their services.

If you operate a business and still do not have the benefits why your business requires to be present on Twitter, given below are few reasons that will let you know why Twitter is a must have for your business.

It is free of cost:

For those who do not have money to invest on Twitter need not worry as they can advertise and promote their products and services at no cost involved which otherwise would cost them an arm and a leg.

It has a wider reach:

With more than 200 million active Twitter users, this is surely a wider reach to ignore or not to benefit from that. Hence the best idea would be make use of this platform to reach hoards of audience.

It lends you closer to your audience:

Joining Twitter will pull you close to your customers. With this medium you can undoubtedly connect with hundreds or thousands of customers who you have not other method of reaching. With Twitter, you can easily know what others are taking about you. If they are not satisfied regarding your products and services, tell them that you are sorry for the inconvenience and facilitate with the reason to prefer you by enhancing your products and services. If your customers talks well regarding your products and service then strive to keep them happy and keep on enhancing your services.

It enables your audience stay in touch with the recent happenings of your business:

The second a client or any customer interested in your brand follows you on Twitter, whenever you post a fresh tweet related to your business they will view it. Besides what you can do is publish new coupons for your services, lending your business that added boost.

download (9)It enables you keep a check on your opponent:

I do utilize Twitter to spy on your opponent. You can get to know what your business competitors are talking and its customers by going through their tweets. If you come across a loophole in your competitor services as a result of which clients are complaining, you can tweet that particular client. It is best if you follow your opponent in twitter as well.

It aids you in enhancing you business sales:

Just think you brand has a million Twitter followers, tweeting a fresh product or service suggest receiving at least 20 sales from them. Hence with this, I have therefore getting increased number of followers must be one of your business target.


How Is StumbleUpon Beneficial For Business?

Now days, any good marketing campaign will embrace a fusion of the several famous social media networking platforms. But is it essential to remember that with any social media networking platform so as to maximize the return, you require to be an active and regular person in the community.

There is no use of simply signing up for a social media networking service and only posting your advertising content. Those who receive the best value out of social media networking platform are those that involve and interact with other social media visitors.

In addition to this, you desire to position yourself where your present and prospective customers are. Just since a social media website does not suggest that it is correct for your business or that your customers will be there. A number of choices are there in the social media landscape for advertising your brand online these days, so research into your visitors demographic is essential. One of the impressive and most frequented and social media sites you desire to use is StumbleUpon.

What is StumbleUpon?

images (10)StumbleUpon is a kind of social media bookmarking website that enables users to like site and add them to their own profiles. These sites are then shared with their friends and family with the medium of their profile and by utilizing the stumble button which is then added up to a person’s browser toolbar when they register. This button generally sends a user to a randomly picked website, normally once liked by the friend or known. StumbleUpon is a social media networking site that flaunts of over 30 million users. Each and every user is required to fill out a survey of their interests and hence there is surely the potential for your business site to reach a wide and aimed audience.

What are the advantages of StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon asks its users to describe the domains that they find interesting be it action movies or zoology. If your business matches one of the domains as well, your website can receive a number of fresh visitors that are expected to be interested in your company and products.  Moreover you also get steady hoard of audience if you utilize it in a proper way as opposed to meaningless visitors from other promotion services that can destroy your site statistics or crash your servers in a potential way.

images (9)What are the steps to use StumbleUpon?

As stated earlier, if you are not active on StumbleUpon, this social platform may not be a perfect match for your business marketing campaign. In order to get your site stumbled upon, you require be active and generate high rankings than others. If you do not perform anything but only create a profile, submit your website and just do away, there is no use and your site will not be benefited.

Tumblr And Its Advantages To Folks

download (3)At times social media can be headache for businesses to navigate. With hundreds of social media networking sites to consider, each one offers it unique flavor and aim, it is simple for brands to be not looking forward to give something innovative and new a try. But innovative content is what social media platforms work on. In this article I would like to throw some light on a social media site which people conveniently forget: Tumblr.

Tumblr is a visually appealing content-stuffed blogging platform that enables folks to “Follow the World’s Creators” Its users are very innovative, fresh and quick adopters of products.  For businesses Tumblr carries its own advantages that are not available on any such social media networking platform. Given below are some highlights:

Freedom of content: Tumblr lends complete freedom to publish any kind of  content be it videos, pictures, text…you name it and you can do it. It is said that visual content like images and videos on Facebook gets roughly 30% more involvement status updates or links hence a page dependent on appealing visuals would be an involvement place for audience. Conversing with customer audience beyond various product updates is a necessary step in the development of brand. It can result in the building of a good connection with customers, creating powerful brand loyalty and brand preference.

images (7)Cool Factor: This is not other method to state it-Tumblr is cool. What makes it stand apart from the crowd is the fact that it prefers more of visual content. Besides it is famous with the young generation something with which often social media networking sites struggle. Reports say that 63% of Tumblr’s audience falls between the age of 15-34. Businesses that support a Tumblr page hold a strong competitive edge in reaching these wanted consumers in one place.

Niche markets: Another advantage of for businesses utilizing Tumblr is that there is no need for you to a industry champion to own an impressive company webpage. One of the remarkable advantages of Tumblr is the wider presence of niche markets. For instance there is a special subculture on Tumblr known as Fitspo which is focused in fitness and dieting, Folks who are a component if this subculture will be looking for pages with same posts. When businesses recognize their aimed audience, Tumblr is the best marketing tool in building a natural way of reaching them.

Highly Shareable content: Simply being able to build content for this social media networking platform is not sufficient for businesses to ensure enhanced traffic. One of the best features of Tumble is that the users get the elasticity to share the content across all other social media networking platforms. This characteristic is very advantageous in generating inbound traffic as well to company site.



Benefits Of YouTube For Business

download (2)YouTube support an assortment of uses and advantages for business that has the ability to complement those provided by other social media networking platforms.

Displaying products

YouTube lets business display their products and services in action. This especially is meaningful for organizations with restricted physical distribution channels embracing those who majorly sell their products over web. Businesses that utilize YouTube to enable customers to view their products in action before they actually make a decision to buy which embraces toy manufacturers, various theme parks and theater groups.

Building community

Businesses that support a following or are an ingredient of a community can utilize YouTube as a medium to share and involve with customers. For instance, specialty bicycle retailers and many more other stuff like this.

Displaying expertise

Few business owners utilize YouTube to make their reputation as a champion in the domain. This may embrace uploading video tutorials or short-length video tips where they link to other champion’s videos that are linked to their area of interest.

images (6)Saving bandwidth

YouTube also allows you to embed video content in your own site without having the need to enhance your website’s bandwidth. This suggests that you can easily include video in your site without facing the issue of slowing down your audience’s download speeds.

Displaying your brand’s personality

YouTube is an opportunity to add color and movement to your brand image. For instance a coffee provider not only gets the chance to show the video of coffee tasting events and other related video tutorials but they can also share the information that from where the coffee beans were originated. Besides, interviews with different folks who prefer these varieties can also be shown.

Leveraging events and occasions

YouTube also lend you the capability to revisit the successful occasions and events by displaying the video footage of their brand to customers who were not present at the occasion or want to recall what actually took place.

Solving customer’s issues and queries

Few businesses utilize YouTube to offer solutions for their audience. For instance, they post YouTube videos showing how to install their products or screen capture tutorials displaying how to utilize their products.

A video is an impressive way to solve frequently asked questions or aid troubleshoots prevalent issues with your product or services. It is best to be proactive regarding this by acknowledging a problem and displaying customers how to deal with it, instead than allowing the market do it in your place and talk ill of your product in the business.

You can also utilize YouTube to provide solutions to folks who do not have an idea about your product still. Each day folks post queries into search engines asking how to get their issues solved such as “I have dropped ketchup on my holstered furniture, what can I do?”. If your product can solve the particular problem such as this one, posting a video on YouTube displaying it in action is an impressive way to make your product reach to a wider audience who require it.


What Are The Advantages Of Google Plus One In SEO?

images (4)You certainly have come across the term “+one” or “Google+ 1” recently, this utilized to suggest you are attending an occasion and own a guest that stays nameless or is unessential. Google is re-describing the meaning of “plus one” since plus one now suggests this site, page, article and data is essential.

Plus one is like Google’s answer to the Like button or Twitter’s Follow button and it will generally be counted as an up vote when some visitor clicks the +1 Google icon placed next to a search result or in G Mail. But what is the role of Google +1 in search engine optimization and how it is recommended to be utilized in SEO campaigns?

One thing to notice here is that the outcomes from Google +1 are being utilized straightaway in the Google search results algorithm. However how we utilize this data is something we are still in the process of learning. Luckily we make some easy assumption to aid utilize Google+ 1 in an efficient way right away.

To begin with, while we do not presently know what Google’s anti-spam extents are for Googel+1, it is certainly secure to assume they have them in right place. Hence my first suggestion would be Do Not Spam. Yes you can +1 some of your posts but never go overboard; let them build in a natural way. If you own a community, even a small one, you can boost them to +1 your post.

Recently the code for Google +1 buttons was unveiled by Google. You can install them by clicking them for Google +1 code. This will enable you to boost +1 votes in a faster way. Besides it will also increase the chances that organic search visitors will vote up your website like never before.

Google +1 utilizes a Google account, you are more excepted to receive +1 votes than Stumbles, Diggs, Spinns or any other social bookmarking sites available out there. As opposed to a multitude of affordable social bookmarking tools you are too actually receiving a direct SEO advantage.

download (1)When you +1 something it will be seen by your friends and relatives underneath search outcomes so create those Google contacts, it suggest that more folks are more expected to search what you +1.

An amazing fact is that the Google +1 is very much expected to emerge as a permanent addition to Google Adwords ads, hence your friends can view which advertised websites you have liked. This suggests that an impressive campaign promoting a website could take advantage form its Adwords campaign too.

Affiliate Marketing And Its Myriad Advantages

images (45)There are a number of advantages for your business when running an affiliate program, embracing enhanced sales, directing traffic to your website, generating excellent leads, as well as extending the reach of your company and brand.

Hence there are different reasons to run an affiliate program. Finally since you are functioning in a landscape where you are paying for performance you incur considerable reduced costs for your acquisitions. However affiliate marketing is a marketing move which is not for everybody or for any business. A number of questions are there that you need to ask yourself to know whether affiliate marketing is the right marketing move for you and your brand.

Are your products or services presently selling well for you? If your website lately launched, I would recommend you to work on it first as well as work out all the aspects before taking up affiliate marketing.

Besides, have a look at your margins and know if your business will be capable to provide compensation that is competitive with other such affiliate programs running across your vertical. Few companies try to run an affiliate program without preparing a strategy and then realize that their affiliate program was not worth it and therefore it never got off the ground.

Besides, you must also decide if you desire to spend in proper staffing, whether it is an in-house affiliate manager or outsourced to a firm. However never try to operate an affiliate marketing program on auto-pilot mode as it will fail and will not work.

An affiliate program has got a number of advantages. It provides an effective, measurable marketing market. You can create it out as you desire whether it is a score affiliates or more. However you must be never be obsessed with the number of affiliates in your download (28)running affiliate program.

Rather you must give importance on optimizing the performance of affiliates already existing in your affiliate program.

An affiliate program allows you to gather some scalable and predictable information on individual affiliate or the affiliate program as the entire thing. This will be instrumental in forecasting the future success of the affiliate program.

But affiliate programs are comparatively have less risk involved. Few people will try to sell affiliate marketing model as completely risk free but obviously there are few fixed that folks would incur. While an affiliate program is more fiscally influential than other such marketing methods, it would be wrong to say that it is not without risk.

Owning an affiliate program will also convert the focus of supervision more to the long term development and maintenance of connections instead than a soon fix such as a media buy.

Hence always consider as your affiliates as business partners and your affiliate program will be a success.

The secret behind the success of an affiliate program are being active, educating and also recognizing your affiliates by rewarding them.

Hence always be focused in building your affiliates and business into a successful entity.


Need Of YouTube In Promotion Of Your Brand

download (27)Video has today become an essential component of Internet user’s online experience and no website has videos more than YouTube. YouTube boasts of over 3 billion video views in a day turning it into a superb platform for business owners to search for customers. Not only this, YouTube has a global reach, nearly 70% of the YouTube traffic comes outside the superpower, the United States of America making it one of the biggest social media networking platforms across the globe.


YouTube is a social media platform which is recognized as the home of viral videos which suggests that a video put on YouTube spread in no time to hoards of audience on World Wide Web. Business owners can utilize a number of social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to drive audience and customers to YouTube videos as a method of making your videos more famous and catch fire among the crowds of millions. Particularly famous YouTube videos make it to the YouTube home page as a result of which more traffic is generated on a website.


YouTube is a social platform where you can even host your own business channel. This enables you to create an online venue for all kinds of videos associated with your product and services that you are planning to promote. You can build a number of associated videos in this manner. It also enables you to maintain an updated library of different videos. You can update, revise or prepare entirely fresh videos regarding your product or service, while building a platform for the older, connected videos. Business owners have the choice to develop a free user channel, like the other businesses crate or they also have the choice to pay a small amount to host a branded channel which lends business owners more choices and features to enhance their pages.

Measurementimages (43)

One of the greatest strength of YouTube is the manner in which it enables any user to chase that home many YouTube views a particular video has got. There are no intricate searches or evaluations required. Rather the number of visitors or viewers each video is mentioned right beneath the video picture. This enables business owners to judge immediately how widely their YouTube videos are being viewed and how successful they are in generating traffic. You can also keep a track of the number of people who are recommending your videos or also commenting on them.


Other than your business brand channel, this fabulous social media platform also provides other choices for business owners who want to reach the website’s many users. These facilities embrace buying ads on the home page or purchasing advertising that runs besides specific videos. Business owners can also utilize keywords so that when specific search terms are utilized on YouTube, it will push their videos to be visible as a choice for users. Business owners then pay dependent on how many viewers have actually selected to watch their video.