Tumblr: One Of The Best Blogging Platforms

download (24)Tumblr happens to be the most famous place for folks who desire to set up blogs. Obviously there has to be a reason behind its popularity. The reason is that it has got a number of advantages over other blogging platforms. Once you get to know these advantages you will definitely be more inclined to use Tumblr as your first option.

The main advantage of Tumblr is that it is truly simple to utilize. It does not need that you have any kind of technical skills in order to begin with blogging. It supports a very simple user interface that most folks figure out in a few minutes and all you require to do is begin writing whatever you desire on your blog. Other than this its main advantage is that unlike other blogging websites they don’t tense too much regarding the length of your posts so if you require to have a post that is few sentences you can post it single-mindedly without any worry.

Another great advantage of utilizing Tumblr is that you can customize is to fulfill your requirements. One of the issues with most blogging websites is that you have no option over how your blog appears. If you are utilizing the blog for business you are going to require it to look same to your site, this is something that you can perform with Tumblr. Even more essentially, you can have a flexible domain on Tumblr which suggest that you are not needed to utilize one of those strange sub-domains that are mostly utilized on major other blogging websites. You can always have a domain that folks will never forget and associate with your firm.

download (25)It also provides the big benefit of owning a built in source of traffic. It is not really a blogging website but is an entire community. That suggests that folks will go to their home page and utilize it as a method to search blogs that they look forward to. This will truly be instrumental in bringing a lot of traffic that otherwise will not be generated. Besides as all the links that will point at your blog from the other pages on Tumblr, the results would be that your blog will get a better ranking in the search engines thereby directing more traffic.

Last but certainly not the least Tumblr is fully free of cost. While this should not be the biggest concern if you are utilizing it for your business it is something that you must consider. A number of companies when they begin online marketing find that they require dozens of different websites and the expense truly begins to add up. Being able to grab a presence on a website that receives a lot of traffic and not having to pay for it is certainly advantageous for big businesses.


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