Tumblr And Its Advantages To Folks

download (3)At times social media can be headache for businesses to navigate. With hundreds of social media networking sites to consider, each one offers it unique flavor and aim, it is simple for brands to be not looking forward to give something innovative and new a try. But innovative content is what social media platforms work on. In this article I would like to throw some light on a social media site which people conveniently forget: Tumblr.

Tumblr is a visually appealing content-stuffed blogging platform that enables folks to “Follow the World’s Creators” Its users are very innovative, fresh and quick adopters of products.  For businesses Tumblr carries its own advantages that are not available on any such social media networking platform. Given below are some highlights:

Freedom of content: Tumblr lends complete freedom to publish any kind of  content be it videos, pictures, text…you name it and you can do it. It is said that visual content like images and videos on Facebook gets roughly 30% more involvement status updates or links hence a page dependent on appealing visuals would be an involvement place for audience. Conversing with customer audience beyond various product updates is a necessary step in the development of brand. It can result in the building of a good connection with customers, creating powerful brand loyalty and brand preference.

images (7)Cool Factor: This is not other method to state it-Tumblr is cool. What makes it stand apart from the crowd is the fact that it prefers more of visual content. Besides it is famous with the young generation something with which often social media networking sites struggle. Reports say that 63% of Tumblr’s audience falls between the age of 15-34. Businesses that support a Tumblr page hold a strong competitive edge in reaching these wanted consumers in one place.

Niche markets: Another advantage of for businesses utilizing Tumblr is that there is no need for you to a industry champion to own an impressive company webpage. One of the remarkable advantages of Tumblr is the wider presence of niche markets. For instance there is a special subculture on Tumblr known as Fitspo which is focused in fitness and dieting, Folks who are a component if this subculture will be looking for pages with same posts. When businesses recognize their aimed audience, Tumblr is the best marketing tool in building a natural way of reaching them.

Highly Shareable content: Simply being able to build content for this social media networking platform is not sufficient for businesses to ensure enhanced traffic. One of the best features of Tumble is that the users get the elasticity to share the content across all other social media networking platforms. This characteristic is very advantageous in generating inbound traffic as well to company site.



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