StumbleUpon And Its Advantages To Your Business

download (19)StumpleUpon is one of the most famous social bookmarking websites. By StumbleUpon you can share your interests or content of a blog/website with a huge audience. In fact StumbleUpon and Blogging are two sides of the same coin. Recorded below are some of the advantages of StumbleUpon to your business while you utilize it for blogging purposes.

Enhance your blog’s traffic: A blogger is someone who is always tensed about his/her blog’s traffic, particularly when he/she is a fresh blogger. Why do you create a post and publish it on your blog/website? Quite obvious you want that it should attract audience and should be seen by a number of people. Without any traffic your blog/website is similar to a dead plank. StumbleUpon is a great way for achieving this goal. If you can use it in the right way, it will always gladden you with hoards of traffic. StumbleUpon also supports a voting system. More upvotes suggests your post will be reaching more and more people and you will get huge traffic. Other than this, for new bloggers, it is much simpler to generate traffic than other such social bookmarking websites.

Get to know about quality of your posts: You are working with your blog/website but you are not aware of what you are posting has a good quality or bad one. StumbleUpon is something that will aid you in this, if you successfully submit your links there. If according to someone, your post is beneficial and helpful, you will definitely get upvotes. More upvotes suggest that you post quality was really fantastic. If in case quality is bad one, you will receive criticism in comments section and there is huge possibility that you may receive downvote. StumbleUpon members sometimes also post reviews about a certain website/blog by which you can easily make out what other are saying about you and your blog/website. One thing to notice here is that if your download (20)website is not fine, you will easily receive criticism. But you must never be disheartened by this. Always keep yourself ready for negative feedback too and always take it as a challenge. You can also make a comparison between two posts and get to know which one they liked the most.

Give your earnings a sudden boost: To be true if there were no methods of earning through blogs, there would not be hoards of blogs existing online. And to earn more, you require more traffic. By utilizing StumbleUpon, you can simply enhance you blog’s traffic and earn a good amount from your blog’s earning source.

Simple to utilize:  You can share your post with a number of friends with a second. What you require is one mouse click and you reach thousands of people. To further simplify it, you can add StumbleUpon add-ons on your web browser.

It is free of cost: The best thing is that StumbleUpon will be helpful in many things and even though they do not charge a single penny from you.