Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Most Famous Blogging Platforms

images (34)Blogger

A famous option, Blogger is simple to utilize and get started with. It is completely free of cost. Google owns Blogger and thus the incorporation of Adsense is natural. Despite it has its own benefit, major business blogs are must more apt for WordPress or Typepad. Blogger is the best choice when it comes to personal blogging.


Unluckily, Livejournal is a platform that has not changed over the years. Not only this, it is not much beneficial other than personal blogging. Yes it has the advantage of having an incorporated social network, but is not a platform for serious blogging.

Movable Type

Another famous choice, Movable Type has been able to build a name as a noteworthy competitor in the blogging space. It offers free as well as enterprise level solutions.


It has an easy mission: to have the shortest and effortless set up and the simplest updating procedure of any blogging platform. For those who are not techno savvy or do not prefer a time consuming process, it is best for them.

download (22)Squarespace

It is one of the leading platforms that begin as $12 a month. Squarespace blogs are very professional in their approach and a good option for those who appreciate the functionality of a blog but the appearance of a traditional site. It has a big selection of interesting themes, a number of which will integrate social media networking sites.


Although categorized as a micro blogging platform, it is an impressive option for a blog. If you are thinking about utilizing Tumblr, I recommend continuing with caution. It is very simple to set up but you may find it hard to design the way you desire it to be. Few of the free themes look amazing but a number of them are very limited. It is a great choice for those who are engaged in creative businesses like photographers, clothing designers and more.


If done in a proper way, a Typepad blog can appear professional as any other blogging platform. They do superb when it comes to search engines. They provide a free trial and hence involve a monthly expense based on how many blogs you desire to use.


WordPress blog is recommended more frequently than any other blogging platform. These blogs have more of professional appearance and have turned out to be the industry’s standard for blogging. It is free and very simple to set up. It needs that the user offers hosting. To everyone’s dismay, a WordPress blog leaves much to be wished but thanks to the wonderful themes that it provides to its users. While few are simple to utilize once installed, other take require some basic html skill to get started. There are a number of free themes but the impressive ones would cost around $20-$100.