About Me

sumit dhawan

Who Am I?

Hey. I’m Sumit Dhawan and welcome to my blog. I’m glad you find me here and I ensure you won’t be disappointed with the information and business models I shared through my blog and my free weekly newsletter. I was sixteen when my obsession with entrepreneurs accrued. I stepped into Internet marketing as an affiliate in early 2006, and in the beginning, it was my great learning new things every day and spending sleepless nights to observed all peace of information about internet marketing.

Note – I have written some of these posts 10 years back so can defiantly find excitement in my writing and some amateur post & grammatical errors.

I’m very enthusiastic about traveling exploring different cultures and want to travel the whole world, that’s another good reason I love my business as it is easy to operate from anywhere.

Purpose For My Existence

What “I” believed the purpose of my existence is to share my experience, networking with entrepreneurs, one to one private coaching, and help small businesses to scale up their profit with internet marketing & social media tactic and affiliate marketing. With my 11 years of experience in internet marketing, I learned new things about this industry every day, and the best part is to turn every new thing into huge profits.

  • Networking With Entrepreneur
  • Brainstorming and Strategic Planning
  • Implementing, Optimizing and Scaling

Work Ethic I Follow

It’s all about discipline and how serious about your business, A strong work ethic is vital to any individual achieving its goals, and it’s all with a dedication to continually learning.

My Biggest Inspirations

One of my biggest inspirations was Steve Jobs. I’m glad to share one of his interview with Tribute to Steve Jobs Think Different