Questions You Should Ask Before Outlining A Social-Media Marketing Blueprint?

Before moving on to online branding of your website, it is better to frame a full-fledged Social-Media Marketing strategy so that you don’t lose on your hard-earned money. It is always better that before laying the foundation stone of online promotion, you ask yourself few questions and accordingly takes the necessary steps to yield maximum profits. Let’s quickly catch a glimpse of various factors that can be of real help.

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What do I want out of Social Media?

The first and foremost thing that you should ask yourself is that what is it that you want from online branding of your websites at various social forums. Weather it is for gaining brand identity you are looking for or you want a two-way communication with the audience or promotion of some particular products, you need to decide what is your requirement. After having done this you need to understand your customers’ expectations from you. This will help you to implement only those things that are desired by the online audience and also serve them better.

Who can handle the Social-Media Marketing for me?

Next step would be to allocate someone to handle the entire thing provided he/she should be well-acquainted with Social-Media Marketing and should have participated in various campaigns. In other cases you can also hire a consultant who can get the task done for you.

Does my company really need to have solid presence on all social media platforms?

Having your company presence on all major social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace and much more will not only make your business a recognized brand but will help your products becoming the buzz of the town. Hence, it is advisable to be present on social networks then just one or two.

Which are the best social networks to tread upon?

For all businesses, twitter and Google+ can be really advantageous as these are easy and very nominal to use.  While LinkedIn and Slideshare are very constructive in B2B company, Facebook and Pinterest are best for B2C firms.

How consistently the article, blog and other content postings should be done?

As different users login at different timings to read the various posts, it is important that you post the content atleast 4-5 times a day. Instead of posting all the content at one time, it is best you blow away your posts in a time-frame of 24 hours.

images (13)What content suits which social network?

As we all know one size doesn’t fit all and so is the Social-Media Marketing. When you are posting content on websites like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram, it has to be visually appealing. Various products photos, events and workshops photos can really attract the customers. On Twitter on can tweet about the company products and can also retweet other’s posts.  In a nutshell, a perfect mix of Images, Vidoes, postings, links, tips, questionnaire etc. can be simply worthwhile.

Can Social-Media be used for delivering customer-service?

Social-Media Networking is a great way to interact with the existing as well as the prospective clients. Hence, it is better to use it as a platform to answer customer’s questions, order status queries, complaints and much more.

How can I turn the followers into my customers?

There is no sure-shot moolmantra to generate sales but posting a cheap advertisement on facebook or the cross-platform contest can really make a difference. For instance you can tweet about some context going on your facebook page.

How do I know weather Social-Media Marketing is yielding profits or not?

If you are spending a lot of time, effort and money on promotion of your website at different social platforms, you also need to know, weather you are making anything out of this or not. Social Networks like Facebook and LinkedIn offers you with page analytics where you can know how many people are talking about your posts and this way you can use the data to improve future traffic to your website. Google Analytics is one such mechanism that tells you that how solid is your presence on various social networks.

What should be avoided?

The answer to this is not having a Social-Media Marketing plan. So have one and stick to it with a flexibility to imbibe all the latest changes taking place every now and then. Use the tactics which are working and ditch those that don’t.

Boost Your Brand Name And Ranking Through Twitter Cards

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Today, lots of SEO tactics are applied to gain noteworthy organic rankings in different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN etc but twitter cards has shown an exemplary performance in waxing your brand position. Using different semantic protocols like geotagging webpages and markup and linking your online portals to these business listings can really affect the SEO of your website.

Google Authorship is one such local SEO ploy that is gaining a lot of news now days. The tools enables the proprietor’s photos to be displayed as icons very next to their own rankings in SERPs and this is really beneficial for attracting the users with overall number of clicks increasing considerably. Facebook’s Open Graph can also be put to use as it is useful for better understanding of different domains and webpages by Facebook. This leads to much more efficiency in the way facebook works and shows the various search results.  The same way twitter cards can also make a huge difference your online brand. You can mention various links in the tweets making a remarkable content visible to the online audience. Moreover you can also make promotional content as an integral part of the tweet to gain more visibility on World Wide Web.

Myriad cards like Product Card, Photo Card, Summary Card, Large Image Card and App and Gallery Card are included in the portfolio of twitter cards. Added to this category is Lead Generation Card for promoting selective online brands. But before starting on with these twitter cards, what is really required is that you constantly blog and add quality content to your website. This helps the twitter users to actively participate in link building practices and hence your tweets become the grapevine reaching more readers.

images (12)For small business who cannot afford a fortune for online marketing, twitter cards can be really advantageous. Like other tools that have a noticeable impact on SEO of the website, the enriched tweets embracing the optimized content and a refined look will definitely turn on the online audience compelling them to click through and see what is in there. But in case, you are looking for more profit from your tweets, you can also get your tweet pages indexed by multiple search engines. Yes, it won’t really make a difference to your page rank but their affect on the local citation landscape will be substantial as local citation is also a parameter of Google SEO. You can also gain more visibility by adding extra text and images content; that can really beef up twitter status making it more effective.

For WordPress users, the installation of WordPress SEO Plugin will help them to use Twitter Cards. The plug-in is really a boon as it includes everything from meta-tags descriptions to Open Graph. Since, it is a new technique, much of the online businesses are not aware of the Twitter facts but the underlining fact that they make use of all the SEO basic fundamentals, makes it a rich SEO snippet. Last but certainly not the least, the code is really very simple and can be easily inculcated in the blogs. So what are you waiting for? Avail Twitter Cards and see your brand going viral on Internet.