Cheapest Godaddy Coupon for buying any extension domain name

Mostly peoples used Godaddy for buying Domain,  because  Godaddy is one of the most reliable & genuine  Domain Registration company on internet. But after reading this post, you can save your good rebate on your domains. because i am going to share my domain buying strategy on Godaddy.

AT which you cost you will get .com Domain ?

Its Only $6.99 USD per year Registration

Now what coupon you need to make your domain price $6.99 USD ?

Just open the and search Godaddy official website, as you can see in the image, you will find first sponsor LINK, this link had Godaddy cheapest Coupon included in it.

Godaddy Coupons

After click on sponsor LINK, you will redirect toward Godaddy website, where on left side top you will see the all time best offer of godaddy.

godaddy cheap coupons

NO one can offer you that price, and this is the all time offer by Godaddy, and its had no expiry date, so you can enjoy domain registration at only 6.99$ only, which of course better then any Godaddy coupons.

You will only see the 6.99$ discount price at Checkout confirmation page ( where usually you entered coupons )

Godaddy free coupons

At last & final you will get charged only $6.99 USD for your domain + 18 CENT ICAN charges. With that you can save lots of $, and i suggest you to Registered an domain for at lest 5 Year, because at the time of renewal you wont get $6.99 USD offer again. thanks

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Start Link Building with Targeted Audience

Hi ,

That my first post at this Blog, so you surly get some useful tips and trick about link building, there is tremendous articles are written on servile forums, blogs which claimed that Link Building play very important role for website success and better ranking in search engines.  So before taking your any more time i will exposed some tips which makes Link Building effective & rapid.

What exactly Link Building Is ?

Link Building is the process in which Webmaster or Web owner will left maximum Back Links ( ) of there Websites on maximum websites. by doing this he expect unique visitors or traffic from the websites where he left his back links.

Some tips which makes Link Building an effective source for long term traffic

  • Targeted Audience : You must need to chooses the correct and targeted websites for back Linking , which are very similar to your category or Niche.
  • Quality Comments : Make sure to that your comment not have any kinda advertising, or more then 1 web Url, sending multiple links on comments comes under spam comments, and author can removed them anytime.
  • Google, Yahoo, MSN News : Search any keywords related to your website in Google, Yahoo or MSN News, and  find out whats current updates about your niche, you will find many articles, news, reports about them. Target them as your Back linking Source
  • One Way back Links : One way back linking is always worth higher, so make sure to do only one way back linking.
  • Catchy Back link Title : With catchy back links tittle i mean Attractive + Post or article  related Comment$ 150 Dell Laptops, Free Dell Coupons, 60% Off on Dell laptops etc.

    always dilivered an unique visitors to your back links.  For Examples the article where you going to comment is related Dell Studio Series, then your bank Link tittle must be like

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