6 Tips To Make Your Content Go Spreading Like Fire

Viral-StuffDigital and online marketers often focus on creating content that goes viral since it spreads rapidly and helps you build backlinks in a very short span of time with lesser efforts put in. Backlinks not only divert traffic to your site but also list your site higher in the search results helping you to draw even more visitors. However, very little content goes viral over the internet but you can still assess that content which has hit maximum shares to find out what actually had made it so popular. Here is a guide of six tips that could actually be helpful to you to spread your content online like fire.

1.      Be as absurd as you can:

If we take a look at the most popular videos or content, they actually had some absurd characters in it which made it popular. If you too can think on those lines and uniquely create your content or visual content with appealing characters, you will absolutely see the brighter side of using this strategy boosting social shares and online traffic as well thereby increasing your brand recognition. But use this tip carefully without overdoing it. Manipulate it properly or else it might damage your brand on the other hand also.

2.      Use the essence of emerging trends in your content:

You can actually attract enormous attention by publishing fresh, regular, and unique content on the lines of emerging trends. People might actually find it appropriate to share such happening content resulting in the number of backlinks and online traffic to your site. You might also improve your search engine results because of Google’s regards to timely and fresh content.

3.      Think of innovative sound bites:

Think of some videos that had catchy lines and people just could not stop talking about it repeatedly and sharing it with numerous people. Find some catchy line that is relevant to your brand and release such videos that have unique tunes. You never know, sometimes sound bites also could boost your incoming traffic on your site.

Viral-Content-300x2024.      Make use of images and graphics:

The most frequently shared kind of content is the one with visuals and graphics. Long paragraphs are not so appealing but content with relevant images have the power of persuading the users to share it as much as possible. Graphics also develops an interest in the readers thus, making them come back to you for some more interesting visual content.

5.      Get hold of an online influencer:

Building relationship with an online influencer that has a huge fan following can be highly beneficial to you and your brand because his name alone in your content or your content on his blog would draw more visitors to your site. You could request the influencer to share your best content on his social media platforms for obtaining a flood of visitors and in turn, making your content epidemic.

6.      Offer value for time:

Your content would be spread only if it is worthy and has value. Try to provide much more than your competitors. If value is provided, traffic will keep coming to your making their visit and time worthwhile.

How you can get indexed your backlinks in Google and other search engines ?

It is no secret that backlinks are the foundation of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. In addition to unique keyword-rich content and basic on-site SEO such as search engine friendly URLs, highly descriptive title tags and headers, your backlinking structure is the one single metric that will boost your reputation in the eyes of search engines.

More often than not, however, a well spread out backlink structure is not completely discovered by search engines because, well, the internet is really, really big and your links are probably buried in and on pages that are stuffed deep down inside websites far from the top of the index page of the domain.

For this reason, search index engines may or may not know that they even exist, so a little help may be in order. An interesting point about SEO is that it is the science of helping search algorithms determine just what the flavor or subject of a page is about. One webmaster that I respect very much once told me that a search engine should be thought of as a really dumb web surfer that has to be told what subject a website or page is relevant to. This has been my experience also and this is one of the main reasons that descriptive link anchor is extremely important.

In many cases, finding links reveals a very similar situation. In this case, the search algorithm is indexing so much information that correctly cataloging all of it is all but impossible. Therefore, it would be a good idea to tell the search engines where your links are, literally. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make a list all of the individual pages that contain a link to any page on your site.

Next create a free blog or something similar and post this list to it. Make sure that all of the links are “do-follow” so that when a search engine follows this page, it inherently follows all of the links on it.


Then find a really busy forum that allows do follow links in the signature. Do not spam the forum, but contribute to it and in your signature file post a link to the page or blog containing the list of your link pages. Search engines browse forums constantly all day every day, so they will see the link in your signature and follow it very quickly. As far as anchor text goes, do not use anchor text. Just use a period at the end of a sentence in your signature file to make the link to your link listing blog or page.