Affiliate Marketing – The Better Way To Advertise

images (2)Affiliate Marketing  – The Better Way To Advertise

Affiliate Marketing is a promotional technique to generate traffics to websites in return of some share. revenue that gets generated by the traffic. 

A very effective and growing form of advertising and an integral part of promotional activities is what is called as Affiliate marketing. by displaying advertisements , links, banners, coupon codes and all others supporting forms of affiliate techniques websites get an edge to generate more and more profits by serving with the relevant content and ads to their users. Advertisers make sure that their ads and other affiliate programs reach the target audience while making sure the content and ads remaining faithful to their audiences.
Payments process is generated only if a visitor clicks the link , signup to purchase via the affiliate website program. This ensures that the advertisers effort to affiliate programs has generated and diverted the traffic to the owners website and proportionally the marketers gets paid for subscribes or sales, depending on the revenue scheme. In order to have great and high earnings advertisers also creates and publish only relevant and good content and advertisements.

images (1)Affiliate marketing model is simple yet paying. The most common works using a unique identity no , URL. The URL is generated by the marketer and is hyper linked with the affiliate site and any traffic coming to the merchants/ owners side via the affiliate site ushers the way to potential earning of advertiser for creating a potential hyperlink with affiliate sites. The links are usually either advertisements, banners, coupons, or texts. In most of the affiliate programs just on clicking the link dives you through the owners profile but in many cases visitors are required to complete a small survey, like by signing up to website, or subscribing to the website.

Affiliate programs are sometimes complicated too as when they rely on cookie functionality by the users to keep a track on clicks and identify the original site. The system used by the affiliate marketing program to identify the generation of “clicks” is different for each program. All these details, payment and commission charges, agreed terms and conditions are bounded by the affiliate agreement by both parties, merchant and the marketer at the time of of joining.

NO doubt of internet basic function of hyper link has dominated the affiliate marketing programs, still there are other programs which work on the same principle of affiliate marketing by distribution coupons, codes, online purchases. When a visitor opts for the affiliate programs like coupon , or codes, the affiliate who is the marketer receives some percentage of the revenue generated by his affiliate program. The advertisers agreed to pay to the affiliate some amount of profit sharing or percentage in order to promote their website in an effective way by the innovative affiliate programs offered by the affiliate. Affiliate also gets some amount of the income generated by the customers who drive to the advertisers.


ppc-chart-largeAffiliate marketing programs tend to pay the proportional amount of revenue generated.Pay-per-Click is a pay method which pays the least. This method depends on the no of clicks , be it a banner, ad, text, coupon, code, text click . PPC do not pay for individual clicks, rather they track on total no of clicks and allows the affiliate to cash out all once they have reached the targeted goal. PPS in comparison to PPC pays more as it asks for a sign up or subscription, to complete a survey or to download a file and other like activities by the visitor on merchants website. While PPS tend to pay more to the affiliate, it sometimes get harder to get and make users to follow the website hence no payments get made to the affiliate till the visitor/user completes the survey or the affiliate program. So far the proven and most profitable type of affiliate program is Pay-per-Sale, wherein a coupon code is provided by the affiliate to the users which can be encashed at a particular store or against a particular product. User purchasing an item from the website using the coupon code generated by the affiliate directly gives way to the revenue sharing by the affiliate . Since these programs requires the real purchase by the user these are a bit difficult but most rewarding.

Love It Or Hate It, Facebook Is One Of The Best Social Networking Sites

images (13)While some Facebook users and firmed vowed to give up Facebook, those generally doing so are in the minority. You must try but there is no escaping the giant.

Judging by Facebook first-quarter outcomes, released recently, utilization and revenue continue to hike. Given below are the highlights:

Facebook users are more active than ever

  • Almost 1.28 billion folks utilize Facebook on a monthly basis, up 15% from last year.
  • 802 million folks utilize Facebook each day, an increase of 21% year over year.

Mobile is in the trend

  • 609 million users on average visit Facebook on their mobile devices each day which is an increase of 4 percent over the time.
  • 59 percent of Facebook advertising revenue comes from mobile

images (14)Revenue is up

  • Complete revenue for the first quarter if up by 72% from the 2013 first quarter ($2.5 billion vs. $1.5 billion). Gain rose to $642 million from $219 million last year.
  • With most being produced from the mobile, advertising revenue was $2.27 billion which is up 82 percent from the same quarter last year.

Instagram will remain advertisement free for now

During the earnings call, Sherly Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer told that in terms of Instagram, the firm is very dedicated on consumer growth and it moves steadily and deliberately on monetization. So there is no requirement or the urge to ramp as soon as they can possibly could.

Facebook is one such social media networking site that is following the way of Friendster or MySpace much to Mark Zuckenberg’s surprise. The founder of Facebook told he has actually predicted for a long time that eventually that will level out and it was anticipated that would decrease, but actually it continues to enhance much to their surprise and job.